Outwitting Housework: Tips, Tricks, and Advice

Outwitting Housework: Tips, Tricks, and Advice

Paperback(First edition)


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ISBN-13: 9781592283491
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 06/01/2004
Series: Outwitting
Edition description: First edition
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 5.52(w) x 8.32(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

Nancy Rosenberg, author of Outwitting Stress, has written more than two hundred magazine articles and appears regularly on radio and television. Rosenberg and her family live outside Seattle, Washington.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Just the Basics: A Housekeeping Primer1
5 Basic Principles for Outwitting Housework2
Where to Begin? Getting in the Right Frame of Mind4
Baking or Barbecuing?5
Make Time for Yourself6
4 Ways to Add Hours to Your Day9
The 80/20 Rule10
Realizing Your Value11
Getting Organized12
Advice from the Pros14
Enlisting the Troops15
To Hire or Not to Hire Help17
Make Your Home a Haven19
Chapter 2Clutter Control25
What's Your Clutter Style?26
Reduction Strategies for Prudent Possessors33
Determining Your Clutter Ratio37
The Essential Bookshelf37
Training Your Eye to Spot Clutter38
Know Your Weaknesses39
Fighting a Compulsion to Collect40
Clean, Empty Boxes Are Signs from the Universe41
Fling Shui42
Picture This43
The Ultimate Clutter-Busting Strategy: Have a Garage Sale44
Chapter 3Start in the Kitchen47
Realize the Potential48
Easy Kitchen Decor48
Clean as You Go51
Preemptive Menu Planning52
Develop Good Cleaning Habits53
A Zen Approach to Dishwashing57
10 Tips for an Uncluttered Kitchen60
10 Tips for a Sparkling Kitchen61
Your Secret Weapon: Baking Soda62
Lemon Aid65
Extend the Life of Fresh Produce65
Clean-Out-the-Refrigerator Recipes66
Cool Tips for a Clean Refrigerator68
The Perfect Pantry69
Chapter 4How to Keep Bathrooms Shiny and Clean73
Bathroom Clutter Busters74
Keep an Eye on Bathroom Hot Spots77
Using Space Wisely78
More Storage Solutions80
Keeping It Clean81
Products to Make Your Bathroom Sparkle83
Let These Products Do the Heavy Lifting85
Tips for Bathroom Maintenance86
Carmen, the Bathroom Master89
Simplify with Easy-Clean Bathroom Decor91
Chapter 5Bedroom and Laundry93
The Restful Room94
Appraising Your Decor94
Developing Neat Bedroom Habits95
Clutter-Busting Your Bedroom97
Dust-Busting Your Bedroom99
What Do We Have Here, Under the Bed?100
Sickrooms and Messy Patients101
Closets: Making the Most of the Space You Have102
Culling a Full Closet103
Laundry Cycle, Start to Finish106
Clean Clothes Syndrome108
Seasonal Laundry Tips110
20 Stain-Busting Secrets111
Chapter 6Common Living Areas115
Stay on Top of It116
A Place for Everything117
Too Much Stuff?121
Start Smart with Forgiving Furnishings121
How to (Easily) Clean the Living Room125
How to Dust: The Basics126
Fast Fireplace Fixes128
Scents and Scentsabilities129
Chapter 7Fantastic Floors131
Outwitting Filthy Floor Surfaces131
Choosing Floor Surfaces Wisely134
Rug Mania136
Vacuum Cleaner Basics138
A Lesson from the Japanese: Take Off Your Shoes!141
Hardwood Floors: A Primer142
How Often Do Floors Need to Be Cleaned?144
Chapter 8Order Out of Chaos: The Home Office147
Admitting the Problem149
The Essential Filing System150
The Family Notebook152
Making Your Home Office Work for You155
Make Your Office a Haven158
Chapter 9An Entire Chapter Devoted to--You Guessed It--Kids161
Babies and Their Stuff162
Toddler Tips166
Mother's Helper (4 to 8)170
Babysitter Know-How174
'Tweens (9 to 12)175
Teenagers (13+)176
Motivating Kids to Help178
Should You Pay Your Kids to Do Housework?180
Chapter 10Pets, Vehicles, and Other Mobile Messes183
Cats and Dogs and Birds, Oh My!184
Fur and Feathers Running Amok185
Tips for Keeping Your Car a Clean Machine189
30 Ways to Keep Your Vehicle Looking Great190
Chapter 11The Great Outdoors195
Perennially Pleasing196
Be Prepared197
Zone Defense198
Time-Saving Tips for a Healthy Lawn199
Hire a Teen199
Spring Cleaning 101201
Summer Solutions202
What You Need to Know about Swimming Pools204
Sand Solutions207
Easy Outdoor Furniture Maintenance207
Get Those Windows Clean208
Deck Maintenance Tips211
Autumn Checklist211
Chapter 12Garage, Basement, Attic, Shed213
If You're Not Using It, Throw It Away214
Everything Needs a Place216
Keeping It Clean218
7 Home Repairs You Can't Ignore219
Chapter 13Entertaining with Ease221
Plan Ahead223
Different Types of Entertaining223
15 Tips for a Great Party Menu229
Keeping Holiday Decor Simple230
Adopt a Realistic Holiday Strategy233
Common Holiday Stains and How to Remove Them234
Less Is More235
A Few Final Thoughts236
Chapter 14Source Guide239

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