Outwitting the Duke

Outwitting the Duke

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When the Duke of Danby comes to London for the Season, anything can happen!

Outwitting the Duke contains...

Because an unmarried Earl must be in want of a bride . . . Every debutante in the ton wants to be the Countess of Hartford--and mistress of Hartsworth Castle. Never mind that Hart has no interest in marrying just yet, the young ladies hunt him as ruthlessly as a pack of hounds after the elusive fox. What he needs is a hired bride--one who will give him some room to breathe, but is guaranteed to call it off at the end of the Season.

Because a girl with no prospects will do what she must to help her family . . . Miss Emily Spencer must do something. Her mother's health is failing and the notorious Duke of Danby is growing dangerously close. Why not hide in plain sight and pretend to be the Earl of Hartford's betrothed? And getting paid for her troubles? It's just what she needs to make her family comfortable again.

Because love comes when you least expect it . . . Sparks fly when the two put their plan in motion--and deeper emotions grow. But how can they be together when the path they've forged only leads to their inevitable break up?

Lord Giles Graves would rather spend his evenings in the House of Commons than circulating amongst the ton. Then his grandmother sends him on a fool's errand requiring him to gain entry into her former home. Now he needs an invitation to call on the new owners, Mr. and Mrs. Minnet.
Miss Tabitha Minnet isn't particular about titles and income, as long as her future husband is kind, honest and an excellent kisser. The one she's particularly interested in happens to be the brother-in-law of her dearest friend. Lord Giles is quite the catch!

While pretending to be enamored with Miss Minnet, Giles avoid the poor, innocent young lady his great-uncle Danby has chosen as Giles' bride. At least that part is going as planned--until Miss Minnet appears to be falling in love.
Giles cannot wait until the Season is over and his life will return to normal.

Lord Richard Carew has just returned from his last ocean voyage with more cargo than expected – a fortune to call his own and a child entrusted to his care. Unsure if he should settle down or heed the call of the sea once more, he enlists the help of governess Laura Stephens to raise his young ward. As Laura quietly turns his house into a home and his ward into family, Richard wonders if perhaps his existence as a wandering rake is as appealing as it used to be.

Miss Laura Stephens has nothing to call her own – raised a penniless orphan, she must make her way in the world. Thanks to Captain Carew, she has a roof over her head and some measure of independence – as long as she doesn't do anything so foolish as to fall in love.

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BN ID: 2940157630157
Publisher: Night Shift Publishing
Publication date: 05/24/2016
Series: When the Duke Comes to Town , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 193,849
File size: 1 MB

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Outwitting the Duke 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
skelley55 More than 1 year ago
These stories are so entertaining. I enjoyed each author's take on outwitting the Duke of Danby. Plus the added bonus is being introduced to authors I have not read before - a winning combination
dfosterbooks More than 1 year ago
The Earl’s Hired Bride by Deb Marlowe Born on the wrong side of the tracks, but with aristocratic connections, Emily Spencer is struggling to keeping her mother & herself alive. As if surviving wasn’t enough now her aristocratic great uncle is making a nuisance of himself & she is spending extra energy trying to avoid him. An opportunity presents itself to allow her to hide in plain sight and earn a badly needed income. The females of the ton are going to great lengths to trap Cole “Hart” Herrington, Earl of Hartford, into marriage. Such desperate acts require desperate measures–employing Hetsia Wright to hire a lady willing to pose as his fiancée while he’s in town. Having a faux fiancée gives Hart the freedom to pursue his own interests & manage his estates without fear of being accosted. The perfect plan. With the help of a spiteful, desperate lady & a little help from an unexpected source Emily & Hart soon learn that even well thought out plans can go awry. I absolutely adored this tale of love between classes by Deb Marlowe. Emily has a strength and determination with a conscience that is to be admired, & Hart’s belief that his plan can go off without a hitch is so comically male. His Unsuspecting Heart by Aileen Fish As the second son, Lord Giles Graves has no need to marry; at least anytime soon. Ergo he doesn’t need, nor does he want, to attend the ton’s society events. But sometimes needs & wants do not matter, especially when an impassioned plea from a grandmother necessitates doing just that. There is one upside to attending the events-a friend of his sister's will be in attendance. Miss Tabitha “Tabby” Minett is enamored of her best friend’s brother. Upon hearing that an item he’s looking for is believed to be in her home, Tabby agrees to help search for it; after all this will allow her to spend time in his company. This may not be such a good idea especially when Giles proposes they pretend to be interested in each other to avoid his great uncle’s matrimonial plans. A great-uncle, sister, sister-in-law, an annoyingly simple prospective bride, & a sizzling kiss may prove to be more than Giles can handle. A sweet, well written tale by Aileen Fish. While the reader can feel Tabby’s frustration & heartbreak they need to be prepared for when Tabby’s determination makes an appearance. My favorite part–when Tabby confronts Giles, I won’t say anymore as I don’t want to give anything away but I couldn’t help but cheer. The Captain Takes a Bride by Lily George Miss Laura Stephens is desperate to escape the orphanage & school in which she was raised. Desperate enough to ignore her shaking hands& knocking knees as she appears at the door of a lord in need of a governess. However, she’s not prepared for what she finds when the door opens. Laura soon comes to love her charge but she’s not the only one Laura loses her heart to. Lord Richard Carew, a second son, wants nothing more than to live life as his own with no interference from his meddling family–definitely not his great uncle-& return to the sea he so loves. Which is precisely what he plans on doing once he sees his ward settled. When his circumstances change Richard finds himself torn between the sea & the enchanting governess who has turned his townhouse into a home. Threats, illness, meddling relatives, & differences in birth are only a few of the things that stand in Richard & Laura's way of happily ever after? An enchanting tale by Lily George that draws the reader in.