Over 40 and Gettin' Stronger: An Easy-to-Learn Strength Training Workout for Adults

Over 40 and Gettin' Stronger: An Easy-to-Learn Strength Training Workout for Adults

by Phyllis Rogers



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ISBN-13: 9780974925202
Publisher: Fitness Press
Publication date: 05/28/2004
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 7.96(w) x 11.36(h) x 0.24(d)

Table of Contents

Part I
Chapter 1What is strength training?13
Chapter 2Benefits of strength training15
Chapter 3How can I keep myself motivated?29
Chapter 4Fundamentals of strength training35
Chapter 5Assessment before you begin45
Chapter 6Posture51
Chapter 7How Do I Get Started?55
Part II
Chapter 8Exercise instructions63
Chapter 9Workout warm-up67
Chapter 10Exercises for Workout #100173
E-1Squats - for legs and buttocks74
E-2Overhead press - arms, shoulders, upper back76
E-3Ballet squat - inner thigh, buttocks78
E-4Two-arm upright row - upper back, arms, shoulders80
E-5Sidekick - hip abductor muscles, hip joints82
E-6Biceps curl - upper arm84
E-7Mule kick - hip extensor/back of legs/buttocks86
E-8Windshield wiper (triceps overhead extension) - upper arms88
B-1Surfboard balance exercise (tandem balance)90
E-9Tummy toner - abdominal muscles92
E-10Butterfly - for chest, back, shoulders94
Chapter 11
S-1Stretches for Workout 100197
Chapter 12QiGong103
Chapter 13Exercises for Workout 2001111
B-2Flamingo - one-leg balance stand112
E-11Chest press - pectorals113
E-12Astronaut exercise - abdomen114
Chapter 14
S-2Stretches for Workout 2001115
Chapter 15Optional Exercises121
E-13Lateral & front raise combo122
E-14Waist twister123
E-15Triceps kickback123
E-16Side bends124
E-17Advanced ab sculptor125
E-18One-legged squat125
E-19Standing knee lift126
B-3Hip-Hop Balance126
Chapter 16Working with frail older adults127
Progress and Assessment Charts133
About the Author143

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