Over It: The Kiss Off 2

Over It: The Kiss Off 2

by Sarah Billington


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Warning: Sexual references, occasional coarse language.

Teen YouTube song writing sensation Poppy Douglas's lead singer boyfriend Ty's been criss-crossing the country and living it up on tour for months while Poppy has been stuck in the boring suburbs, finishing out the school year.

But it's Summer now, and the best thing just happened: Poppy's royalties for writing the hit song The Kiss Off just came in. She's minted, and she knows just what she's going to blow it on.

Ty's band Academy of Lies are headlining a summer music festival, and Poppy is taking her girlfriends along for the best weekend of their lives. It's all organized: the weekend is going to be full of camping under the stars, backstage passes, VIP rooms and partying like rock stars, not to mention some long awaited one-on-one time with America's favorite front man.

Except, when someone drops out of the trip and Poppy takes the opportunity to mend a broken friendship, it doesn't quite go according to plan. And when she meets her boyfriend's BFF from another band, the paparazzi form their own totally wrong conclusions. There's also the matter of Ty's 'super fan' stalker, but the less said about her the better.

The biggest test of all comes in the form of an opportunity too good to pass up. But will insecurities and jealousy stand in Poppy's way? Can Poppy and Ty's relationship even survive it?

Life is about to get much more complicated for Poppy Douglas, but what can you expect when your boyfriend is a rock star?

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ISBN-13: 9781484047941
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/29/2013
Pages: 276
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.58(d)

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Over It: The Kiss Off 2 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
Poppy misses Ty as he is touring and she hasn't got to see him. She has just got a royalty check for her song Kiss Off and is planning on going to a music festival to celebrate with the girls and see Ty. The trip begins to go south in a hurry as two of her friends can't get along and she has a chaperon. Once there she has to be on her best behavior as everything she does ends up for the world to see. When she and one of Ty's friends hang out the paparazzi take it the wrong way. She isn't getting to see Ty much and he has a stalker. This trip has it's ups and downs and she and Ty may be on there way out of a relationship. Poppy has an interesting life and she cares deeply for Ty. She has matured some from the first book as she tries to mend some friendships she has. You also see how young she is when she doesn't understand the concept of why she should watch her money. She gets some big surprises in this book. Ty I have to say I still love but I didn't like him as much as I did in the first book. He seems to want Poppy to be all about him and is jealous of her at times. He is still down to earth for a rock star. I love how much Poppy gets into. She wants a normal life but that isn't going to happen to her. If she has one little mishap someone is standing by to take a picture. She tries her best to be a good friend in this book and I love how understanding she is most of the time. I will say this book is better than the first in some ways. You really see more of Poppy and how she acts. It's not about boys or anything but her. She has big decisions to make for such a young girl and i think she handles them well. I hated in some ways how the book ended, when you read it you will see why. I know what I hope to see happen to her relationship wise in the next book but I doubt it will happen. This book really leaves you wanting the next book now and I can't wait for it to release to see what happens next. If you love books you can laugh at or just flat out enjoy pick this series up.
majibookshelf More than 1 year ago
I read The Kiss almost a year and a half ago and I was dying to get my hands on the sequel (which I didn't know existed initially). I was dying to read more of Ty and Poppy. They were such a great couple, imperfect yet perfectly normal. However what we find out in this book is Ty and his band are currently at the top star status (think One Direction to little teen girls). Poppy hasn't seen Ty other than through Skype for several months and when the chance to see him at a nearby music festival arises, she takes it.Of course I knew there will be trouble in paradise. There wouldn't be a plot if the relationship wasn't tested or shaken up for us. However I became really impatient and frustrated with both Ty and Poppy's behavior. I just couldn't understand their feelings or the way they acted based on said feelings. I wished we had more scenes with the two of them but both being famous (him crazy famous while her famous by association as well as the writer of The Kiss Off) made it almost impossible for them to hang out without being interrupted. I think what comes down to it is not my enjoyment level, because I really did like Over It (not as much as The Kiss Off but pretty close) but my problem was with the ending. When I reached the last page, I couldn't believe it and even flipped to the next page thinking there is still something. I was about to cry until I found that there is a third book in the series, then I breathed a sigh of relief but still.. I can't wait that long!Aside from the problems with Ty and Poppy, I really liked Poppy's cousin and his situation with both of Poppy's friends. A ton of hilarious scenes are a result of these three people. Of course I can't not love Ty's band mates. I have a soft spot for them, especially how much they seem to like Poppy! I definitely recommend this contemporary series because I personally think it's different from the usual contemporaries. I personally can't wait for the third book!