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Over the Knee by Ashe Barker, Lily Harlem, Katy Swann

'In the Eyes of the Law' by Ashe Barker

A criminal conviction could cause her to lose her job. How much worse could this get? Libby soon knows the answer to that question when the head of security at the mall shows up. She hasn't seen her estranged husband for years, and now she discovers Josh has a strict policy on how best to deal with shoplifters. He was her husband and her Dom. Will he turn her over to the police, or would a hard, bare-bottom spanking be sufficient redress for her misdemeanor?

'Spicing it Up' by Lily Harlem

Cassandra lives by a set of rules that both thrill and complete her. Having Master Raif attend her every need in and out of the bedroom is perfection. She trusts him absolutely, and he wields his power over her with a great sense of responsibility. But when he announces an erotic new way to spice up their after-dinner party she can't help having a few nerves. Really? That? There? And would it feel good?

'Kneel for You' by Katy Swann

When journalist Kirsten Anderson is told by her boss to write an article about BDSM she's extremely reluctant. When her friend Chloe sees how stressed Kirsten is about the article she offers to take her to a BDSM club to find some inspiration. Kirsten agrees, but doesn't mention that she used to go to this particular club regularly until a bad experience made her turn her back on the kinky lifestyle three years earlier.

'Silk and Decadence' by Wendi Zwaduk

Sadie has never claimed to be a good girl. She loves to be at Push, a local dance and BDSM club, but she longs for more-especially with Master E. The blond-haired man with the sparkling brown eyes is everything she wants in a Dom. Too bad he's also her boss at Delight Tonight. When they finally get together, their chemistry in the club is off the charts. Will that same passion translate into the real world or are they destined to crash and burn?

'Properly, or Not at All' by Lucy Felthouse

Tristan and Jayme are not only devoted husband and wife, they are also Dominant and submissive, with a particular penchant for spanking. They've been playing delicious kinky games for the fifteen years they've been together and couldn't be happier. However, when Tristan develops a health issue that means he can't redden his wife's backside for a while, it puts both of them under a lot of strain. It's a big part of their sex life and one they'll miss badly.

'A Private Education' by Dolly Watt

When archivist Emma Willoughby is invited to assess the private library of Lord Leopold Denby-Peel, Ninth Earl of Folchester, she isn't expecting to find Victorian spanking diaries in his leather-bound collection. Nor is she expecting the earl to be quite so young and handsome. As she explores the pages of his nineteenth-century erotica, Emma finds herself craving to receive chastisements comparable to those depicted.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781784308483
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Limited
Publication date: 10/20/2015
Pages: 308
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.69(d)

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Over the Knee 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Maudmama More than 1 year ago
A spankingly awesome anthology! In the Eyes of the Law by Ashe Barker - Distracted by a phone call whilst shopping leads Libby fearing a shop lifting charge. When the head of security turns up she knows she is in trouble - it's her estranged husband, the Dom she walked away from and she knows his unique forms of punishment. Spicing it Up by Lily Harlem - Cassandra and Raif are husband and wife and Dom/sub. Raif decides it is time to spice things up a bit and introduces Ginger to their play. This book left me squirming on the sofa and now I cannot decide if I can ever look at a piece of ginger root again! Loved it! Kneel For You - Katy Swann - A new author for me and one I would happily read again. Journo Kristen writes a popular article on pepping up your sex life and her boss wants her to take it a step further and include BDSM in the next one. Not wanting anyone to know of her kinky past she pretends to not know a thing. On a visit to a club she meets up with a colleague who she has been attracted to for months - he in turn sees straight through her lies and knows she is a natural sub and offers to help her out with her 'research'. Silk and Decadence by Wendi Zwaduk - I liked the idea of this story boss/worker meet outside work etc but the story was lacking for me. Properly, Or Not at All by Lucy Felthouse - What do you do when you are under doctors orders and you cannot indulge in your favourite playtime pastime? You improvise of course - and Lucy has one hell of an imagination! A Private Education by Dolly Watt - another newbie for me and a story I really enjoyed. Sent by her work to assess the local manor's private library Emma quickly realises that they cannot possibly take the private erotic collection - but that does not stop her reading and quickly realising his punishments are just what she desires. Then comes confession time. Even though I did not enjoy all the stories in the anthology it is a clear YES please from me. Copy was received from one of the authors.