Owain Glyndwr: A Casebook

Owain Glyndwr: A Casebook


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This book presents the original text and English translations of the medieval and post-medieval records, documents, poems and chronicles relating to Owain Glyndwr (1357?-1415, revolutionary and the last native Welshman to hold the title Prince of Wales), his career and his legacy. In addition, textual notes and essays on the historical, social and literary context of these documents will provide up-to-date perspectives and commentary on the man and his times. For the first time, historians, literary scholars, students and the general reader will be able to view a wide range of materials collected in a single volume and will be able to assess for themselves the significance of Glyndwr in Welsh, English and European history from the late Middle Ages into the Renaissance - and to redress the imbalance of historical accounts past and present.

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ISBN-13: 9780859898836
Publisher: Liverpool University Press
Publication date: 08/15/2013
Series: University of Exeter Press - Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies Series
Pages: 640
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.50(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Michael Livingston is an Associate Professor at The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina. He is the editor of 'The Battle of Brunanburh: A Casebook' (2011), along with scholarly editions of 'Siege of Jerusalem' (2004),' In Praise of Peace' (2005), and 'The Middle English Metrical Paraphrase of the Old Testament' (2011). John K. Bollard is a Medieval Welsh scholar, editor, and lexicographer. He has published extensively on 'The Mabinogi' and other early Welsh works, including popular translations of 'The Mabinogi' (2006), 'Companion Tales to The Mabinogi' (2007), and 'Tales of Arthur' (2010).

Table of Contents

Texts and Translations Notes
1. Prophecy of Six Kings
2. Iolo Goch, Conversation Between the Soul and Body
3. Gruffudd Llwyd, Owain's Exploits in Scotland
4. Iolo Goch, Owain's Exploits in Scotland
5. Gruffudd Llwyd, I Know No Greater Lord
6. Iolo Goch, Owain Glyndwr's Lineage
7. Scrope-Grosvenor Trial Report
8. Iolo Goch, Owain Glyndwr's Court
9. Owain Glyndwr, Grant of Lands
10. Henry IV, Confiscation of Owain's Lands
11. De Oweino Glendworedy
12. Henry IV, Protection for Submitting Rebels
13. Rolls of Parliament, 1401
14. Henry IV, Pardon for Welsh Rebels
15. Adam of Usk, Chronicle, part 1
16. Henry IV, Commission: Threat of Owain
17. John Charlton, Battle with Owain
18. Hotspur, Battle at Cader Idris
19. Henry IV, Proclamation against Owain
20. Owain at a Funeral
21. Henry Percy, Owain's Parley
22. Adam of Usk, Chronicle, part 2
23. Henry IV, Battle of Bryn Glas
24. Henry Percy, Owain Denies Genocide
25. Rolls of Parliament, 140
26. Edmund Mortimer, Defection to Owain 70
27. Iolo Goch, When His Authority Was Greatest
28. Historia vitae
29. Terror in Shropshire
30. Prince Henry, Razing of Owain's Homes
31. Owain Glyndwr, Letter to Henry Dwn
32. John Scudamore, Plea for Aid
33. Jankyn Havard, Plea for Aid
34. Richard Kingston, Plea for Aid
35. Jankyn Havard, Plea for Aid
36. Burgesses of Caerleon, Owain and the Prophet
37. Richard Kingston, Plea for Aid
38. William Venables, Owain Threatens Harlech
39. William Venables, Owain Attacks Caernarfon
40. Rolls of Parliament, 1404
41. Henry Scarisbrec, Harlech Near Surrender
42. Chronicle of Dieulacres Abbey
43. Owain Glyndwr, Authorizing Ambassadors to France
44. Prince Henry, Defending the March
45. Louis of Bourbon, Letter to Henry III of Castile
46. Confederation between Wales and France
47. Tripartite Indenture
48. Prince Henry, Battle of Grosmont
49. John Stanley, Harlech Parliament
50. Henry IV, Resisting the French Invasion
51. Owain Glyndwr, Pennal Letter I
52. Owain Glyndwr, Pennal Letter II
53. Madog ap Gronw Gethin, Praise of the River Dee
54. Llywelyn ab y Moel, Battle of Waun Gaseg
55. Llywelyn ab y Moel, Praise of the Rebels' Lair
56. Rolls of Parliament, 1407
57. Gruffudd ap Dafydd, Defying Lord Grey of Ruthin
58. Lord Grey of Ruthin, Welsh Outlawry
59. Rolls of Parliament, 1411
60. Henry IV, General Amnesty to Rebels
61. Henry IV, Licence to Treat with Owain
62. Adam of Usk, Chronicle, part 3
63. Rolls of Parliament, 1414
64. Henry V, Licence to Treat with Owain
65. Henry V, Licence to Treat with Owain's Son
66. Michel Pintoin, Chronicle of Charles VI
67. Adam of Usk, Chronicle, part 4
68. Thomas Walsingham, St. Albans Chronicle
69. Pierre Cochon, Normandy Chronicle 172
70. Chronicle of Owain Glyndwr 172
71. Prose Brut (Common Version to 1419) 174
72. Continuation of the Eulogium historiarum
73. Prose Brut (Peculiar Version to 1437)
74. Wigmore Chronicle
75. London Chronicle of Harley 565
76. Glyndwr
77. Jean Juvenal des Ursins, History of Charles VI
78. Polychronicon Continuation
79. Walter Bower, Scotichronicon
80. Enguerrand de Monstrelet, Chronicle
81. John Capgrave, Liber de Illustribus Henricis
82. Jehan de Waurin, Collection of Chronicles
83. John Hardyng, Chronicle
84. Gutun Owain, History of the Kings of the English
85. Gregory's Chronicle
86. Out of an Old Chronicle 1471
87. John Rous, Historia regum Angliae
88. Rhys Pennardd, Glyndwr's War
89. Beauchamp Pageant
90. A Poem of Warning to Owain Glyndwr
91. The Wart on Owain Glyndwr's Head
92. On the First Plague and Owain's Birth
93. Middle English Vita Henrici Quinti
94. John Leland, Itinerary in Wales
95. Edward Hall, Chronicle
96. Elis Gruffudd, Chronicle
97. Polydore Vergil, Historia Anglica
98. William Baldwin, Mirror for Magistrates
99. Robert Glover, Glyndwr's Pedigree
100. Raphael Holinshed, Chronicles
101. William Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part 1
Owain Glyndwr, Princeps Wallie - John K. Bollard
Owain Glyndwr: The Name - Gruffydd Aled Williams
Owain Glyndwr's Way of War - Kelly DeVries
The Battle of Bryn Glas, 1402 - Michael Livingston
Owain Glyndwr and the Prophetic Tradition - Helen Fulton
An "Amazing" Claim: The Tripartite Indenture - Michael Livingston
Owain Glyndwr and the Poets - John K. Bollard
The Later Welsh Poetry Referencing Owain - Gruffydd Aled Williams
A Narrative Approach to Chronicles - Alicia Marchant
What Did Shakespeare Make of Owain Glyndwr? - William Oram
Owain Glyndwr in Folklore and the Popular Imagination - Elissa R. Henken

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