Owl and the Japanese Circus

Owl and the Japanese Circus

by Kristi Charish

Paperback(Canadian Origin)

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The first in an exciting series featuring the unforgettable antiquities thief Owl—a modern-day “Indiana Jane” who reluctantly navigates the hidden supernatural world—from the pen of rising urban fantasy star Kristi Charish. For fans of Kim Harrison, Jim Butcher, Jennifer Estep, Jenn Bennett, and the like. The series also includes Owl and the City of Angels and Owl and the Electric Samurai.

Ex-archaeology grad student turned international antiquities thief, Alix—better known now as Owl—has one rule. No supernatural jobs. Ever. Until she crosses paths with Mr. Kurosawa, a red dragon who owns and runs the Japanese Circus Casino in Las Vegas. He insists Owl retrieve an artifact stolen three thousand years ago, and makes her an offer she can’t refuse: he’ll get rid of a pack of vampires that want her dead. A dragon is about the only entity on the planet that can deliver on Owl’s vampire problem—and let’s face it, dragons are known to eat the odd thief.

Owl retraces the steps of Mr. Kurosawa’s ancient thief from Japan to Bali with the help of her best friend, Nadya, and an attractive mercenary. As it turns out though, finding the scroll is the least of her worries. When she figures out one of Mr. Kurosawa’s trusted advisors is orchestrating a plan to use a weapon powerful enough to wipe out a city, things go to hell in a hand basket fast…and Owl has to pick sides.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781476794990
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication date: 01/13/2015
Series: Owl Series , #1
Edition description: Canadian Origin
Pages: 432
Sales rank: 504,907
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Kristi Charish is a scientist and science fiction/fantasy writer who resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her spousal unit, Steve, and two cats named Captain Flash and Alaska. She received her BSc and MSc from Simon Fraser University in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, and her PhD in Zoology from the University of British Columbia. Kristi writes what she loves: adventure heavy stories featuring strong, savvy female protagonists. Visit her at KristiCharish.com or follow her on Twitter @KristiCharish.

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Owl and the Japanese Circus 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Bibliotropic More than 1 year ago
I do have to admire a book where the main character is an archaeology student turned “treasure hunter,” getting wrapped up in a supernatural plot which, as it turns out, is way more commonly found in archaeology than one might at first think. Add to this the fact that the main character is a rather socially awkward woman who enjoys a good MMORPG and has a loyal pet cat, and you have a good combination for a character that can win me over with little effort. Fortunately, Owl wasn’t one of those Bella-esque women who supposedly are so socially awkward and self-declared as unattractive but still manage to get together with the hottest guy around. Neither was she one of those super-hot women that every guy flocks to because she’s just that awesome. Charish managed to walk that fine line that keeps a female character from become someone who readers just roll their eyes over, managed to keep her strong and interesting and relatively unique. I liked that. She’s smart, she’s a bit of a gaming geek, she prefers her own company for various reasons, and I can relate to that. Her works involves as much research as it does crawling around old tombs, and I like that too. One major drawback to her character, though, is that she manages to pull off some truly exceptional physical feats without much sign of a training regimen. The most practice she seems to get at keeping her body in good enough shape to dodge charging nagas and escape hordes of vampires is when those things are actually happening. I suppose it’s implied that she exercises between scenes, but really, when Corona beers get a mention about every 20 pages and how she stays in shape is just supposed to be assumed, there’s a bit of an oversight when you’re dealing with a dungeon-raiding adventurer. The story itself is actually quite an interesting one, full of twists and turns that keep you guessing as the story progresses. Owl is hired by Mr. Kurosawa to find and return an artifact, one which he will pay handsomely for and one that Owl eventually learns isn’t so much an artifact as a large-scale weapon. She faces opposition from an old colleague-turned-vampire and her vampire minions, as well as a leak from within Mr. Kurosawa’s organization, all attempting to stop her from accomplishing her task and hopefully killing Owl in the process. There are a lot of mysteries to be solves, some large, some small, but all of them designed to keep you turning pages. And I have to say, as someone who isn’t typically that fond of urban fantasy, I think Owl and the Japanese Circus manages this quite well. Ultimately, I think this book is a good fluff piece. Entertaining without making you work too hard for the story, engaging without needing to look beyond the surface of what’s being told to you. It’s got action, it’s got some cultural and historical interest, and it’s got the fun premise of using an antiquities thief as a main character. Even with the problems I had, I still found it to be a fun read. It has some interesting takes on bits and pieces of various mythologies, snappy dialogue, and a cast of interesting characters, most of whom aren’t human. I liked it pretty well, and I suspect those who are fans of the urban fantasy genre will appreciate it all the more. Especially if errors in language don’t bother them the way they bother me. It’s good enough for me to be curious about a sequel, anyway.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed reading this book. Had adventure and a good twist on rhe supernatural world. Showed can read about love without going into explicit detail..leaves more to imagination..such a nice change..looking forward to reading next book.
anneb10 More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book.  Owl, our main character, is a tomb raider, discredited by the International Archaeology Association for not toeing the line on the supernatural when she tried to do the right thing in the past.  She's a bit of a loud-mouth with poor people skills, but basically a good person (as long as $$ isn't involved, anyway).  Blackmailed and bullied into doing a job for Mr. Kurosawa, the owner of the Las Vegas casino Japanese Circus - and a red dragon - she still gives it everything she's got. Owl really does not like supernaturals, yet she seems to trip over them all the time.  She sticks her neck out, often when she shouldn't, to give certain people a fair shake.  Be warned though, betraying her will cost you.  This book has lots of plot twists and turns, and kept me turning pages.   There is really only one thing wrong with this book...I have to wait until January 2016 for the next book in the series.  Hurrah for a great debut!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A little hectic, not quite enough time spent building characters but overall a good read, I will definitely keep an eye out for new books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excellent world and character building. A rollercoaster ride from start to finish. I am hooked on this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fast paced.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Absolutely loved it. Great premise, storyline, and main character- with all the flaws that make her normal. Including a vampire hunting Mau cat.
Adriyanna More than 1 year ago
Owl and the Japanese Circus was a fantastic read from start to finish! I was really impressed with Charish's debut novel and she immediately became an auto buy author after reading this. The main character, Alix aka Owl was very entertaining and I loved that she wasn't meant to be completely likeable. I also loved her cat Captain and how big a role he played in the book - basically Owl's sidekick, I thought that was a great and unique addition. The plot was never dull and the book was action-packed. Perfect for fans of The Mummy and Indiana Jones. I loved The Mummy and seriously thought this book was written for me.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed! Pre-ordered 3rd in series. Have book 2 on wish list. Can't manage $12.99, so will have to wait?
jcsbookhaven More than 1 year ago
I was very pleasantly surprised by this gem. Alix, or Owl, is a purveyor of antiquities and as such gets on the bad side of a bunch of people. She happened across some vampires in a previous job and has to go on the run. Enter the dragon that whisks her away for a job and the story starts. Again I say, dragon. He's mostly in a human form, but that doesn't make him any less scary. Since Owl has sworn off having anything to do with the supernatural, she's not thrilled to find herself thrown smack dab in the middle of it for the rest of the story. I was drawn to Owl. She's absolutely flawed. She's judgmental and sees what she wants to see. She's got a lot of walls built up and I'm not sure that she truly trusts anyone. Her friends in this story were some of my favorites. Nadya was both the quintessential best friend, yet she had no trouble standing up for herself when Owl is in the wrong. Rynn was charming and patient and most often the voice of reason. Captain is Owl's vampire hunting cat. Yes, he's incredibly intelligent, and yes, he is obsessed with eating vampires. He was quite fun. My ABSOLUTE favorite thing about the story though was all the supernatural critters Charish gave us, and this is only the first one! There were vampires and incubus as well as lesser known creatures like naga. But the kicker was that there were some I hadn't heard of before, which was amazing! I loved the take on these creatures that Charish provides as well as this fresh look at magical beings I hadn't heard of yet. The setting is a lot of fun as well. Owl jumps all over the place from her Winnebago in the beginning to a Las Vegas casino and many points around the globe like Bali and Tokyo. The Bad My main gripe is something that others will probably quite love. Owl is an online gamer and one of the characters in the books is someone she knows strictly through that gaming. Therefore, this gave the reader a way to meet this character. However, the game was brought into the story quite often and I became bored with these parts. The Romance Like I said, Owl is not the most trusting, so dating would require her to take down quite a few of those walls. She does get rather close to Rynn which was fun, he's a character that I love, but this will be a hard relationship with quite a few ups and downs. I'm interested to see where this goes. Conclusion Owl and the Japanese Circus is a fantastic start to this series. It's got fun, adventure, great characters, supernaturals galore, and a vampire killing cat. I will definitely be continuing with the series. Recommended. “I have a strict policy. No magic, no monsters, no supernatural clients. Ever.”
InvestedIvana More than 1 year ago
Owl and the Japanese Circus appears to be the start of a fun new urban fantasy series. I’m looking forward to the next installment! What I liked: The first book of Owl and her friends is a fun read. Charish says she wrote Owl in the spirit of adventure movies like Indiana Jones and The Mummy. I like the mix of urban fantasy characters, especially the Japanese characters used in this book. I like that the characters are rarely what they seem, either; it kept me guessing. I had five different guesses for the plot before I was done with the book. What I didn’t like: Owl gets in trouble with her friends because she goes off and does stupid things that could likely get her and other people killed. Even though her friends tell her not to--sometimes beg her not to--she just keeps doing stupid things. Even I got tired of her doing stupid things. I know that accepting the fact that she does stupid things is supposedly part of her friends’ acceptance of her, but I think she goes too far. She’s reckless and constantly ignoring those people she calls friends in this book, and I don’t think I could have put up with her. Conclusion: Worth checking out for sure. I can see this becoming a favorite series if the stories stay good, so I'm giving it a 3.5. I’m looking forward to the next adventure, but I hope Owl starts listening to her friends, or they won’t be her friends for much longer. Purchased. Review courtesy of onebooktwo.com | one book, two reviews.
MaraBlaise More than 1 year ago
This is the first book (of many I hope) about Owl and a very good first book. I liked Owl from the beginning. She’s a smart mouth thief with a knack for finding trouble and a faithful companion by her side; Captain a vampire hating cat. Owl has been laying low for months now hiding from vampires after a deal gone sour. So an offer from a dragon to get rid of her problem is perfect even though she usually tries to stay the hell away from supernaturals. Beside Owl and the Captain we also get to meet Nadya, her best friend, Rynn, bartender and also the guy she’s been shunning since he kissed her. Oricho and Lady Siyu that works for Mr. Kurosawa and are the ones that Owl has to report to.But the guy I liked the most is actually the one that we hardly get to met, Carpe, Owls online gaming partner. Yeah Owl likes to play an online game called World Quest when she’s not out stealing…eh I mean retrieving artifacts. Of course old enemies show up, like Alexander a vampires that really don’t like her. Of course finding the artifact isn’t a piece of cake and soon Owl, Nadya and Rynn is in deep trouble and they have to fight vampires, Nagas and other creatures along the way. I liked the book for its adventure, its action and its humor. It was a fun and a pleasant read and I truly recommend this book to anyone that likes adventure books with a strong female character. Owl is great, she’s not perfect. For instance she has a tendency to talk when she should keep her mouth shut. I even liked the relationship between Owl and Ryan and I’m extremely picky when it comes to romance. Now I'm just looking forward to the next book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well written. I liked the characters and look forward to the sequel.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excellent read, So glad I stumbled onto it. New twists on age old things.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I did enjoy reading this, I want to see what happens next, likeable characters and interesting world building.
dfuf More than 1 year ago
An archaeology student turned thief manages to offend just about everyone (humans and supernaturals) yet stay alive ... so far. Would read a sequel.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
No text was provided for this review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Softfur -_- <p> Looks: White fur, grey eyes. One big scar on his right hindleg. <p> Personality: Kind, but willing to hurt others to save his loved ones. Hates to be made fun of because or his name. (His fur is very soft though. Ask to touch it sometime XD)