Owl Be Home for Christmas (Meg Langslow Series #26)

Owl Be Home for Christmas (Meg Langslow Series #26)

by Donna Andrews


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New York Times bestselling author Donna Andrews returns with another Meg Langslow mystery written "firmly in the grand tradition of Agatha Christie's Christmas books" (Toronto Globe and Mail).

The 26th book and the sixth Christmas mystery in the Meg Lansglow series, Owl Be Home for Christmas is yet another wonderfully merry and funny book from New York Times bestselling author Donna Andrews.

It's a few days before Christmas, and Meg's grandfather is hosting a scientific conference on owls at the Caerphilly Inn. Most of the family are there, helping out in one capacity or another, including Meg's grandmother, Cordelia—invited by Grandfather in rare gesture of peace-making, to share her expertise on rehabilitating large birds, including owls. An unexpectedly severe snow storm traps the conference-goers in the hotel, and one of the visiting ornithologists is murdered. Even if Caerphilly is able to clear the roads in time, Chief Burke doesn't want the various suspects to scatter to half a dozen continents before he identifies the killer, so there's a very real possibility that none of them will make it home for Christmas . . . at least not unless Meg comes to the rescue.

Full of intrigue and snow, this Christmas mystery will take readers home to Caerphilly for Christmas.

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ISBN-13: 9781250305312
Publisher: St. Martin''s Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/15/2019
Series: Meg Langslow Series , #26
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 12,586
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

DONNA ANDREWS is a winner of the Agatha, Anthony, and Barry Awards, a Romantic Times Award for best first novel, and four Lefty and two Toby Bromberg awards for funniest mystery. She is a member of MWA, Sisters in Crime, and the Private Investigators and Security Association. Andrews lives in Reston, Virginia. Owl Be Home for Christmas is the 26th book and sixth Christmas mystery in the Meg Lansglow series.

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Owl Be Home for Christmas 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
suesue62 22 days ago
I always enjoy a good cozy mystery and Holiday books are a weakness so, combining the two is a sure thing in my book ;) Stranded in a blizzard at a hotel conference for ornithologists with the focus on owls when one of the attendees is murdered. Meg and her grandfather work to find the murderer despite their weather limited resources. A fun "hoo" done it to kick off the holiday reading season ")
Cozy Cat Reviews 28 days ago
This is the "26th" book and the sixth Christmas mystery in the Meg Lansglow series by author Donna Andrews. This series is a favorite of mine and I have read most of the series. This is a cozy mystery series I highly recommend for your reading enjoyment. This series is always humorous and fun with great charcters and wonderful bird education in each book. In this 26th book our favorite protagonist Meg and her Grandfather are snowed in at a local Inn. They were there to attend "Owl Fest" with other bird fanciers and a acclaimed zoologist. The fun begins when a murder occurs and all 200 of the attendees are suspect and unable to leave. The suspects are many and soon Meg and her family are involved in a sleuth that is proving quite convoluted to solve. I loved this next in series. All the favorite charcters are here as well as some new ones. The writing is fast paced and the sleuth delightful to the surprising conclusion. Very well done to the author !
TarynLee 3 months ago
In this 26th book of the series everything has gone to the owls! Let's grandfather is the most of A science conference and the subject is owls. Things are going well with the exception of the weather but even that isn't stopping the group from talking about everything that has to do with owls. When one of the visiting bird experts is murdered and a freak storm traps them in the Inn Meg worries about what will happen next. She knows she.must put her detective hat on and figure out who the killer is because the police aren't able to help out in this situation. As the weather begins to subside and the roads get cleared everyone worries that a murderer will get away. Follow along as Meg asks questions, keeps the conference going, and does her best to come to the rescue. This was a fun holiday mystery that will get you in the mood for Christmas and have you seeing owls!!!
LizardBrain 3 months ago
Thanks to NetGalley for providing an electronic ARC in exchange for an honest review. The only thing better than a Meg Langslow cozy is a Christmas-themed Meg Langslow cozy. This one finds Meg, once again, holding everything together in her organized way while chaos reigns around her. She is managing Grandfather's first annual Owl Conference at the Caerphilly Inn (Trevor is on vacation), but it's a few days before Christmas and there's a massive blizzard happening! As you might expect, there is one exceptionally awful character (well, two actually), and he meets his maker. In a conference of 200 ornithologists who all despise this individual, who is the killer? Andrews does a good job of introducing new characters (and providing some nice representation that one normally doesn't see in cozies - yay!) while bringing in all the old faves. Mother decorates the Inn (naturally); Horace turns up, slightly frostbitten; Michael & the boys are in residence, digging snow tunnels. This title doesn't give you any surprises, but it's warm and comfortable: a perfect palate-cleanser from reading whatever high-minded lit your Book Club just made you digest.
MysteryluvrOK 3 months ago
When a snow storm traps Meg and all those she holds dear, a group of rowdy ornithologists studying owls and a murderer - in a luxury inn - chaos, comedy and murder reign! Days before Christmas Eve finds Meg and her family helping her Grandfather conduct a scientific convention on owl habitats and rehabilitation. However, when a snarky professor is murdered, there are too many suspects and almost not enough Lanslow's and extended family to help! I always enjoy a Meg Lanslow mystery because the mystery keeps you guessing, humor, family and wonderfully written descriptions of the settiing of the story. All the characters I enjoy played a role in the story - Rose Noire, Horace, Chief Burke, Meg's mother, father, grandfather and Spike! Grab a hot drink, warm blanket and enjoy the latest Lanslow family Christmas mystery! I received an ARC from NetGalley for a fair and honest review of this book.
diane92345 4 months ago
Meg is helping her Grandfather run Owl Fest 2019 at the Caerphilly Inn at Christmas. When its 200 ornithologist guests are stranded by a snowstorm, one of the most cantankerous and least-loved professors is killed. Time for Meg to step in, with help of her extensive family, to solve the mystery in Owl Be Home for Christmas, the twenty-sixth entry in the Meg Langslow cozy mystery series. I absolutely love this series. While this entry doesn’t involve the nuclear family dynamic as much as earlier entries, I still love returning to visit Meg’s crazy extended family. The new characters from ornithology were interesting. Each had a real personality and fit well into Meg’s humorous world. The mystery was solid and I enjoyed the twist at the end. Overall, Owl Be Home for Christmas is one of my personal favorites. 5 stars! Thanks to Minotaur Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
KateT74 4 months ago
I have never read a Meg Langslow mystery and after reading book 26, I’ll be reading more! I loved the characters, the storyline was entertaining, and I learned a lot about owls which is always an added bonus when reading a cozy. I also loved that while this is book number 26, the story was still fresh and it sounds like there is still more to know about Meg and her family. Excited to start from the beginning and a I’ll be reading more books in this series.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Owl Be Home for Christmas is a great fun addition to the Meg Lanslow series. Meg is running an owl conference for her grandfather right before Christmas. The ornithologists are a feisty, passionate group, but fun...except for Dr. Frogmore and his assistant. Literally no one likes Frogmore, who is self-centered, rude, and obnoxious. A blizzard isolates the hotel, so when a murder occurs, the police chief coordinates the investigation from offsite, with help from Meg, her dad, and her cousin Horace. Meanwhile, Meg’s mom helps boost morale by organizing holiday activities and a special meal. I love this series and the characters. A well-written mystery , it keeps you guessing and still leaves you with a warm holiday glow.
wordsandbooksandthings 4 months ago
It’s been a rough year for Meg Langslow and her family. After a disastrous summer cruise (told in great detail in Terns of Endearment, the 25th book in Donna Andrews bestselling mystery series), now Meg is helping run her grandfather’s Owl Festival at Christmas time. And as if that’s not enough, there’s the giant blizzard that has everyone, festival attendees and not, stuck at the Caerphilly Inn for an indefinite amount of time. The good news is that most of her family is also at the Inn, either assisting Meg with the festival (that would be her cousin Rose Noire, who has caught the eye of one of the ornithologists), or helping decorate the inn for the holidays (that would be her mother), or adding some entertainment for the academic conference by finding a group of people crazy enough to dress like owls and sing modified Christmas carols (that would be her father). And with her husband and their twin sons in a nearby cottage, Meg can breathe easy that her family is safe and together. The bad news is that the group of ornithologists who came to the festival to share opinions and scientific findings about their favorite owls have trouble keeping the decibels down in the best of times. This blizzard is not the best of times. With the temperatures so low as to threaten frostbite within 30 minutes, the local snowplows trapped in snow drifts, cell phone service down, and no end in sight to the flakes falling from the sky, Meg and Ekaterina, the manager of the inn, are concerned about supplies, keeping the peace, and now, investigating a suspicious death. At the festival banquet, constant complainer Dr. Frogmore suddenly turned bright red and dropped to the floor. Meg’s father was close by, and as a medical doctor, he knew what to do immediately to try to save the man’s life. However, it was too late, and Dr. Langslow’s instincts (and his avid reading of murder mysteries) made him wonder if there was something in what the ornithologist had been eating or drinking that could have caused such a reaction. With the help of cousin Horace, a local EMT and crime scene investigator, he starts immediately ti investigate as if a crime had been committed. As Meg tries to put people’s minds at ease, she also grans tidbits of intel on the other guests at the inn. Some gossip about a colleague here, some drama from a graduate student there, and soon Meg is putting together the pieces of the puzzle herself. But will she be able to figure out what happened in time to save Christmas for her family, as well as herself? Donna Andrews’ 26th book in the popular Meg Langslow series, Owl Be Home for Christmas, is just as entertaining as her first. Or her 8th (which is still my favorite, after all these years). I love that Donna Andrews can continually come up with a fresh take on the cozy mystery, with tight plotting and innovative settings, but more than anything I adore Meg and the whole zany Langslow clan. Every time I read one of these books, I want them to adopt me, even though it means being around the no-longer-living (spending time with Meg and her family means the chances of someone ending up murdered is just slightly less than if you go to a dinner party with Jessica Fletcher). So I can’t stop reading these. Give me more birds, more Meg, and more Langslows, and owl’s right with the world! Galleys for Owl Be Home for Christmas were provided by St. Martin’s Press (Minotaur) through NetGalley, with many, many thanks.
BeagleGirl123 4 months ago
Donna Andrews' 26th Meg Langslow mystery (and 6th Christmas book!) finds half of Caerphilly and an entire contingent of owl enthusiasts snowed in at the inn when the biggest snowstorm in recent history arrives right before the holidays. After a pompous professor is murdered at the banquet, Meg and her cousin, Horace, must discover whoooo the murderer is. A very nice cozy mystery with lots of holiday spirit along with several twists and turns, Owl Be Home for Christmas was a delight to read! A+++