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Own Any Occasion: Mastering the Art of Speaking and Presenting

Own Any Occasion: Mastering the Art of Speaking and Presenting

by Erik Palmer


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The world is your stage. Own it. Great speaking does not come easy. But even the wallflowers among us can’t avoid speaking forever. In Own Any Occasion, speaker and educator Erik Palmer taps into his vast experience to simplify the process of extraordinary speaking, whether you’re giving a wedding toast or preparing for a one-on-one sales call. His approach is equal parts preparation and delivery: Never speak unless you have something worth saying, and never let a poor performance diminish a good message. In 11 steps, Palmer shows readers how to craft the perfect message and captivate audiences with exceptional delivery, no matter the circumstance. He demonstrates that the steps to impress when you meet your in-laws for the first time are the same ones that will help you succeed in front of an auditorium full of executives. Whether your audience is large or small, your message personal or professional, Palmer’s easy system will help you become the best speaker you can be in any situation. Own Any Occasion is for anyone who wants to master the art of speaking well, from first-time presenters to seasoned pros looking for a new process. Give yourself the tools to impress every listener and develop a more confident you.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781562866853
Publisher: Association for Talent Development
Publication date: 10/07/2017
Pages: 184
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Erik Palmer is an educational consultant and internationally acclaimed educational speaker. He has given keynotes and led trainings for educators across the United States and around the world. Palmer’s articles have appeared in national publications, and he is the author of five books, including Well-Spoken: Teaching Speaking to All Students, Teaching the Core Skills of Listening & Speaking, and Good Thinking: Teaching Argument, Persuasion, and Reasoning.

As a consultant, Palmer focuses on sharing practical, engaging ways to develop oral communication skills. He works with individuals seeking to become better speakers as well as with Fortune 500 companies. Whether training staff directly or developing courses for companies that want to improve employee communication skills, Palmer’s framework for understanding and mastering oral communication leads to improved speaking skills in all speaking situations: formal or informal, small audience or large, in-person or digital.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Palmer had a successful career in the commodity brokerage business and then spent 21 years teaching English, math, science, and civics. Palmer has a BA from Oberlin College and an MA from the University of Colorado. He lives in Aurora, Colorado.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:

PART ONE Building a Talk
Introduction The Blueprint for Building Effective Messages
Step 1 Audience: Understanding the Listeners
Step 2 Content: Making the Message Valuable
Step 3 Organization: Putting the Words Into a Powerful Form
Step 4 Looks: Dressing for the Occasion
Step 5 Visual Aids: Enhancing the Words
Postscript Tips for Mastering VOCAL preparation

PART TWO Performing a Talk
Introduction The Blueprint for Powerful Delivery
Step 6 Poise: Appearing Calm and Confident
Step 7 Voice: Making Every Word Heard
Step 8 Life: Putting Passion Into the Voice
Step 9 Eye Contact: Visually Connecting
Step 10 Gestures: Making Motions Match the Words
Step 11 Speed: Adjusting Pace for Maximum Impact
Postscript Tips for Mastering PVLEGS

PART THREE Using the Blueprints
Section 1 Workplace Training and Staff Development
Section 2 Workplace Managing
Section 3 Personal Workplace
Section 4 Using Digital Tools
Section 5 Workplace Occasions
Section 6 Non-workplace Occasions

PART FOUR Resources

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