Oxidative Stress in Skeletal Muscle

Oxidative Stress in Skeletal Muscle

by A. Z. Reznick, L. Packer, C. K. Sen

Hardcover(New Edition)


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ISBN-13: 9783764358204
Publisher: Birkhauser Basel
Publication date: 07/28/1998
Series: Molecular and Cell Biology Updates Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 500
Product dimensions: 6.60(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

List of contributors
Free radicals and oxidative damage in biology and medicine: An introduction
B. Halliwell
Oxidative metabolism in skeletal muscle
O. Hanninen, M. Atalay
Strategies to assess oxidative stress
A. Z. Reznick, L. Packer, C. K. Sen
The course of exercise-induced skeletal muscle fibre injury
J. Komulainen, V. Vihko
Free radical mechanisms in exercise-related muscle damage
M. J. Jackson
The effects of exercise, ageing and caloric restriction on protein oxidation and DNA damage in skeletal muscle
Z. Radak, S. Goto
Antioxidant enzyme response to exercise and training in the skeletal muscle
L. L. Ji
Glutathione: A key role in skeletal muscle metabolism
C. K. Sen
Vitamin E and its effect on skeletal muscle
M. Meydani, R. Fielding, K. R. Martin
Differential susceptibility of skeletal muscle proteins to free radical-induced oxidative damage in vitro
J. W. Haycock, G. Falkous, D. Mantle
Oxidative stress and Ca(superscript 2+) transport in skeletal and cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum
V. E. Kagan, V. B. Ritov, N. V. Gorbunov, (et al.)
Oxidative stress in skeletal muscle atrophy induced by immobilization
H. Kondo
Effect of growth hormone on oxidative stress in immobilized muscles of old animals
I. Roisman, N. Zarzhevsky, A. Z. Reznick
The diaphragm and oxidative stress
S. K. Powers, J. M. Lawler, H. K. Vincent
Oxidative damage after ischemia/reperfusion in skeletal muscle
A. Hochman
Oxidative damage in rat skeletal muscle after excessive L-tryptophan and atherogenic diets
E. Livne, N. Ronen, S. Mokady, (et al.)
Oxidative stress and muscle wasting of cachexia
M. Buck, M. Chojkier
Free radicals and antioxidants in the pathogenesis of alcoholic myopathy
V. R. Preedy, M. E. Reilly, D. Mantle, (et al.)
Drug-induced muscle damage
G. A. Brazeau
Free radicals and diseases of animal muscle
J. R. Arthur
Therapeutic trials of antioxidants in muscle diseases
M. J. Jackson, R. H. T. Edwards
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