Oxygen Transport to Tissue VIII

Oxygen Transport to Tissue VIII

by Ian S. Longmuir (Editor)

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1986)

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In this volume the policy of review by anonymous referees and minor correction by the editor has been continued, but perhaps should not be extended without an agreed policy statement by the Society. Our choice is minimal revision with rapid publication or proper review with some delay in publication. The editor wishes to express his gratitude to Ann Richardson, Joann Fish, Lance Johnson, and Philip Weinbrecht for their invaluable help in the preparation of this volume. Ian S. Longmuir v BRIEF HISTORY OF ISOTT The Society endured a long gestation period. During the 1960s its formation was discussed at a number of international meetings devoted to oxygen in biological systems. Prominent among a great number of such gatherings were those held at the Institute of Diseases of the Chest, London 1960; Bedford College, London 1963; Queen Elizabeth College, London 1963; and the Seventh Bad Oeynhausen Conference, 1967. At first, reservations were expressed about the desirability of forming a highly specialized society which might not achieve the "critical mass" necessary for its continued existence. However, the 1971 meeting in the Max Planck Institut fur Arbeitsphysiologie, Dortmund, answered these doubts, and Dr. Melvin Knisely commenced planning a very successful inaugural meeting in South Carolina. At this meeting in 1973 in Charleston and Clemson, the Society was formed with the customary remit of the promotion of scientific exchanges.

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ISBN-13: 9781468451900
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 04/04/2012
Series: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology , #200
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1986
Pages: 653
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.05(d)

Table of Contents

Oxygen Delivery Systems.- Videodensitometric Determination of Oxyhemoglobin Saturation (SO2) in Muscle Capillaries.- The Solubility of Oxygen in Erythrocyte Ghosts and the Flux of Oxygen Across the Red Cell Membrane.- Respiratory Gas Exchange in Ascidans: An Almost Diffusion Limited Animal with a Cardiovascular System.- Relation between the Contact Time and Venous and Alveolar $${{\text{P}}_{{\text{C}}{{\text{O}}_{\text{2}}}}}$$ at Rest.- Oxygen Transport Studies of Normal and Sickle Erythrocyte Suspensions in Artificial Capillaries.- The End-Points of the Oxygen Path: Transport Resistance in Red Cells and Mitochondria.- Washout of Small Boluses of Oxygenated or Deoxygenated Fluorocarbons From Canine Hindlimb.- Regional Cerebral Blood Flow in Normal Blood Circulated and Perfluorocarbon Transfused Rats.- Can Central-Venous Replace Mixed-Venous Oxygen Saturation Measurements During Anesthesia?.- In Line Monitoring of Carbon Dioxide Via a Gas Permeable Window.- Percolation and Transit in Microvascular Networks.- Fetal Oxygen Supply.- Oxygen Diffusion Coefficient of Cell Membranes.- Methods and Mathematical Models.- P NMR Evaluation of Hypoxic Stress in Brain of Animal Models.- Delivery and Use of Oxygen in the Hepatic Tissue Assessed by Organ-Reflectance Spectrophotometry.- Estimation of Concentration Ratios and The Redox States of the Cytochromes from Noisy Reflection Spectra Using Multicomponent Analysis Methods.- Improved Quantitative Analysis of Reflection Spectra Obtained from the Surface of the Isolated Perfused Guinea Pig Heart.- Influence of PaO2 on Cerebral Macro- and Microcirculation as Observed by Light Reflection: Time Course ofChanges.- O2 Optodes for Analyzing Micro Blood Samples Using Thin Sensor Layers with Small O2 Capacities and Special Reflection Properties for Optical Decoupling of Sensor and Sample.- Standardization of a Device for Continuous Observation of Local Flow in Tissue.- Interpretation of Oxygen Disappearance Curves Measured in Blood Perfused Tissues.- Membrane Transport: A Mathematical Investigation.- A Multicomponent, Random Walk Model of Transport and Metabolism Inside a Neuron.- A Mathematical Model Applying the Random-Walk Method to the Environment of a Neuron.- A New Method for Measuring Oxygen Concentration in Biological Systems.- Central Nervous System and Its Circulation.- Microcirculation and Mitochondrial Function in Focal Brain Ischemia.- Cerebral Blood Volume and Hemoglobin Oxygen Saturation Monitoring in Neonatal Brain by Near IR Spectroscopy.- Effects of Carotid Artery Compression Test on Regional Cerebral Blood Volume, Hemoglobin Oxygen Saturation and Cytochrome-C-Oxidase Redox Level in Cerebrovascular Patients.- The Influence of Hemorrhagic Hypotension on Spinal Cord Tissue Oxygen Tension.- Ocular Oxygenation: The Effect of Phenylephrine on Anterior Chamber Oxygen Tension.- Calcium Entry Blockers Protect Brain Energy Metabolism Against Ischemic Damage.- Determination of Intracellular pH by Color Film Histophotometry of Frozen In Situ Rat Brain.- Metabolic, Ionic and Electrical Responses to Oxygen Deficiency in the Newborn Dog In Vivo.- A Micro-System for Measuring Oxygen Kinetic Parameters of Biopterin Linked Hydroxylations: L-Dopa Synthesis and Parkinson’s Disease.- The Influence of Moderate Hypothermia on Cerebral Cortex Tissue Oxygen Tension.- Two Cytochrome Oxygen Consumption Model and Mechanism for Carotid Body Chemoreception.- Extracellular K+, Microflow and NAD/NADH Changes in Focal Cerebral Ischemia in Cats.- Oxygen Transport in the Fetal Brain During Painful Stress.- Phenomena Dependent on O2 Transport Waiting for ISOTT Input.- Thoracic Organs.- A Role of Prostaglandin 12 in Hypoxia-Induced Increase in Coronary Flow in the Perfused Rat Heart.- Effects of Low Hemoglobin Affinity on Coronary Blood Flow in the Isolated Rat Heart.- The Effects of Acute Ischaemiaon Intramyocardial Oxygen Tensions.- Changes in Intramyocardial Oxygen Tensions During Hypothermia in Pigs.- Capillary Density of the Cardiomyopathic Syrian Hamster.- Oxygen Pressure Measurements on Moving Organ Surfaces by Fluorescence Sensor Membranes Using Contactless Signal Transmission Via Fluorescence Sensor Radiation.- Sensitivity of Rabbit Aorta to Altered Oxygen Tension.- Kinetic Analysis of Cardiac B-Receptors in Perfused Working Rabbit Hearts.- Control of the Heterogeneity of O2 Saturation in Small Myocardial Veins.- Abdominal Organs.- Effect of Norepinephrine and Angiotensin II on Intrarenal Oxygen Availability.- Control of O2 Supply to the Pancreas During a Cholecystokinin-Induced Increase in Metabolism.- Control of O2 Supply to the Pancreas During a Vasopressin-Induced Vasoconstriction.- Effect of Hypoxia on the Endoplasmic Reticulum of Mouse Liver.- Tissue P02 in Isometrically Contracting Skeletal Muscle of Rats with Portacaval Anastomosis (PCA).- In Vivo Effects of PAF-Acether and Arterial Thrombosis.- Gut and Whole Body O2 Deficit During and Excess Uptake After Hypoxia.- Oxygen Tension in the Pre-Ovulatory and Non-Ovulating Ovarium Follicle of the Rat.- Influence of Liver Cirrhosis and Spontaneous Portasystemic Shunting on Muscle $${{\text{P}}_{{{\text{O}}_{\text{2}}}}}$$ at Rest and Work.- Relationship Between Oxygen Tension and Oxygen Uptake in the Perfused Rat Liver.- Hepatic Microcirculation in Zucker Fatty Rats.- Lowered Oxygen Supply and Calcium (Ca) Accumulation in Rabbit Proximal Tubules.- Mitochondria and Skeletal Muscle.- Shallow Intracellular O2 Gradients and Absence of Perimitochondrial O2 “Wells” in Heavily Working Red Muscle.- Theoretical Analysis of Oxygen Supply to Contracted Skeletal Muscle.- Correlation Between Mitochondrial Respiratory Dysfunction and Na+-Reabsorption in the Reoxygenated Rat Kidney.- Near Infrared Optical Monitoring of Cat Skeletal Muscle During Hypercapnia.- Optical Monitoring of Mitochondrial Membrane Potential in Intact Myocardium and its Application to the Development of Tissue Injury Caused by Calcium Readmission to the Isolated Perfused Heart.- Does Contracting Muscle Restore its Energy Balance Following Severe Hypoxia?.- Mitochondrial Redox Changes During Rest-Work Transition in Dog Gracilis Muscle.- Tumor.- The Possible Linkage Between Tumor Cell Metabolism and Tumor Cell Growth in Multicellular Spheroids.- Role of Cellular Non-Protein Thiols in Oxygen Consumption and Peroxide Reduction.- Use of the Oxidase Electrode to Determine Tumor Cell Metabolism of Peroxide.- Effect of Calcium Channel Blocking Drugs on Tumor Cell Oxygen Utilization.- Cellular Oxygen Utilization and Hypoxia: Interaction of Dithiols with Cellular Electron Transfer Systems.- The Influence of Hemoglobin Level on Radiobiological Hypoxia in Tumors.- Concurrent Measurements of O2 Partial Pressures and Ph Values in Human Mammary Carcinoma Xenotransplants.- Tetrachlorodecaoxide Improves the Oxygenation Status of Multicellular Tumor Spheroids.- Cell Line and Growth Site as Relevant Parameters Governing Tumor Tissue Oxygenation.- Verapamil Inhibits the Respiration Rate of Cancer Cells.- Author index.

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