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by Melvins Melvins


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With Black in on bass and the band relocated to San Francisco, the Melvins started, in a subtle way, exploring and developing their already-trademark sound further. The genre-dipping and out-of-nowhere efforts of later years were still some distance off, to be sure, but moments like the vocal/drum-only part on "Oven" and the needle-thin feedback treatment punctuating "Revulsion/We Reach" (along with occasional chimes) show more chances already being taken. Osbourne's tribute to Ozzy reaches new heights throughout -- opening track "Vile" in particular blends that and the running Gene Simmons fascination into a twisted monster, insistent, unnerving, and threatening all at once. "Green Honey" is another great, one of the quicker songs (at least comparatively speaking) going off as a slightly echo-shrouded Osbourne fires off a few quick rambles. Crover once again is the band's not secret weapon, as the clattering start of "Agonizer" and the subtle but spot-on tempo shifts on "Claude" make clear. Black's bass playing is steady-as-it-goes enough not to get in the way of anything, and she and Crover make enough bedrock thump for Osbourne to let loose with both his pipes and his guitar. Whether it's the creepily calm start of "Let God Be Your Gardener," plucking rather than bulldozing forward for once, or the grinding do-not-pass-go attack of "Raise a Paw," Ozma is out for blood and gets it. Killer song titles this time out include "Ever Since My Accident" and "Cranky Messiah." The random what-the-hell moment is right at the end, though -- "Candy-O," a cover of the Cars song that shouldn't work but actually does the business. Also fun -- consider the lead-guitar melody of "Love Thing" and how it oddly resembles Pearl Jam's breakthrough hit "Alive" from a few years later.

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Release Date: 03/01/1992
Label: Boner Records
UPC: 0038161001628
catalogNumber: 16
Rank: 37620


  1. Vile
  2. Oven
  3. At a Glance
  4. Let God Be Your Gardener
  5. Creepy Smell
  6. Kool Legged
  7. Green Honey
  8. Agonizer
  9. Raise a Paw
  10. Love Thing
  11. Ever Since My Accident
  12. Revulsion/We Reach
  13. Dead Dressed
  14. Cranky Messiah
  15. Claude
  16. My Small Percent Shows Most
  17. Candy-O
  18. Eye Flys
  19. Echo Head/Don't Piece Me
  20. Heater Moves and Eyes
  21. Steve Instant Newman
  22. Influence of Atmosphere
  23. Exact Paperbacks
  24. Happy Grey or Black
  25. Leeech
  26. Glow God
  27. Big as a Mountain
  28. Heaviness of the Load
  29. Flex With You
  30. Bitten into Sympathy
  31. Gluey Porch Treatments
  32. Clipping Roses
  33. As Was It/Over from Under the Excrement

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