Pacific Basin Capital Markets Research

Pacific Basin Capital Markets Research

by S. Ghon Rhee, R. P. Chang



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ISBN-13: 9780444884596
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books
Publication date: 01/28/1990
Pages: 592

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Keynote Addresses. Financial Liberalization in the Republic of China (C.-C. Chang). Liberalization of the Financial Market in Taiwan in the 1980's (S.W.Y. Kuo). The Crash of 1987: Bubble or Fundamental? (M.H. Miller). Inflation and Finance (F. Modigliani). One or Two Cheers for the Invisible Hand (J. Tobin). Changing World and Asian Financial Markets (J.C. Van Horne). Overview of International Equity Markets. (Contributors: S. Ghon Rhee, R.P. Chang, R. Ageloff; J.R. Calderón-Rossell). Empirical Studies of Pacific-Basin Capital Markets. (Contributors: A. Saunders, J. Lim; W. Bailey, R.M. Stulz, S. Yen; R. Chiang, K.C. John Wei, S. Wu; R.H. Pettway, N.W. Sicherman, T. Yamada; H.-G. Fung, C.-J. Lie; A.K. Makhija, R. Nachtmann). Event Studies of Pacific-Basin Capital Markets. (Contributors: K. Duncan, A. Etebari; E. Han Kim, Y. Ki Lee; M. Kunimura, A.K. Severn; H. Kang). Market Anomalies in Pacific-Basin Capital Markets.(Contributors: S-R. Chou, K.H. Johnson; T. Ma, T.Y. Shaw; R. Aggarwal, R.P. Rao, T. Hiraki). Stock Index and Futures Markets in Pacific-Basin Countries. (Contributors: J. Yau, T. Schneeweis, K. Yung; W.T. Ziemba; A.F. Freris). Regulation of Financial Markets in Pacific-Basin Countries. (Contributors: M.S. Rozeff; C.-W. Jevons Lee). Issues in International Finance. (Contributors: B. Solnik; J.S. Ang, T.-Y. Lai; J.E. Hodder, L.W. Senbet; C. Kao, C. Wu). Return, Risk and Valuation. (Contributors: S.L. Lummer, J.J. McConnell; W. Beranek; M.P. de Lange). Author Index.

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