Paekche's Principle - The Great Secret Of Asia

Paekche's Principle - The Great Secret Of Asia

by Bayemy Biyick


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You have in hands the most fascinating and advanced scientific research on Asia history!

Century by century, the clever forgery of Asia history is being unveiled....

Since 2014, the Paekche's Principle has revolutionized the historiography of Asia, then appearing as the largest crime scene of all time.

By unifying the history of Asia into a coherent and rational whole, the Paekche's principle decisively answers all questions and the many riddles that mark the stories of China, the two Koreas, and Japan.

Today, it is essential reading for understanding the driving forces of Asia history.

This historical and operative law is currently the theoretical working tool essential for all Asian states and the U.S. involved in the resolution of the Korean peninsula tensions.

The Paekche's Principle emphasizes the imperative need to recognize these multiple genocides for the purpose of a definitive settlement of these geopolitical and military tensions between Japan, China, the North and South Koreas.

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Publication date: 09/14/2018
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