Pages of White Sky

Pages of White Sky

Pages of White Sky

Pages of White Sky


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"It's refreshing to read a poet who seems to have missed the postmodern memo about serial randomness being the mind's great roadtrip. Instead, what we get is a boots-on-the-ground empathy from a real wanderer who has Richard Hugo's eye for out-of-the-way topics and towns, a sincerity that doesn't take selfies, a heart that can brake for a blue dress or blueberry patch. With a disarming candor, Sherry's poems examine small moments which can ramify into large questions, humor, self-scrutiny, guilt, love, or praise. In the end, what the reader gets to examine is the 'archaeology of a life dedicated to the world.' This book will remind you why you love poetry."

-Joseph Powell, author of The Slow Subtraction: ALS

"In 'A David Hockney Landscape Poem,' when Tim Sherry says, 'It is about the same, same thing-an effort to find a place to find meaning,' he could as well be describing the rest of the poems in Pages of White Sky. Many of them are set in specific locations-the Chihuly Garden and Glass Collections Cafe, the Ephesus archaeological site, a farm truck hauling grain in in North Dakota, The Crescent City Lighthouse, a little britches rodeo in Halfway, Oregon-but the real terrain of this collection is always the landscape of the human spirit. These poems are windows left open to it, letting its meaning in."

-Joe Green, founder of The Peasandcues Press and author of What Water Does at a Time Like This

"Approaching like ponies fresh from summer fields, Tim Sherry's poems, skittish and a little wild, transcend their domestication. His forte is deft renditions of the singular daily moments that make up a life. In a poem like 'I Am Not a Gary Soto,' he redeems his admission of a strict religious upbringing by reminding us that the poetic moment is not necessarily dramatic, that sometimes the subtle implications of a father's 'gray flannel suit' is enough. Though they have fed on star shine and moon-brushed grasses, these works have been bred to carry us fast and far, and do so with grace."

-Chris Dahl, author of Mrs. Dahl in the Season of Cub Scouts

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ISBN-13: 9781936657520
Publisher: Concrete Wolf
Publication date: 11/11/2020
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.32(d)

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