Paint the Sky Purple

Paint the Sky Purple

by Vanessa Womack


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ISBN-13: 9780557486465
Publication date: 07/14/2010
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

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Paint the Sky Purple 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Prophecy of Time Chapter Two I wake up in a hospital bed with a killer headache and a severe case of confusion. "She's awake!" Someone yells. That someone stands at my bedside. He looks about fifteen, like me. His longish dark brown hair is messy, and he has bright blue-green eyes. He looks like a skater; cute, but like a "bad kid," as a teacher would think. A troublemaker. "Hi." The boy says. He extends a hand. "I'm Jake." I shake his hand. "Silena. I go by Riley, though." "Cool. So... I bet you're confused, right?" He says. "Well, I was attacked by a teddy bear monster, saved by a knight in shining armor who turned out to be a teenage girl, and kicked in the face by the knight. Confused doesn't really cover it." He smiles slightly. "I'll leave the explaining to Angie. How do you feel?" I return his smile, because he doesn't seem bad at all. I get the feeling HE wouldn't have kicked me in the face. "Well, I guess confused times ten million. And sore." "Okay. Hey, Zeke, can she have some painkiller or something?" Jake calls. A dark-haired boy comes in. He presses a cool cloth to my forehead and whispers, "Apollo, stop this demigod's suffering. Make it end." Zeke nods to us and leaves. Dread creeps inside me. "Make it end?" I say softly. "Don't kill me." I stare accusingly at Jake. "You're all caring and funny just to kill me?" "No! We're not gonna kill you! He prayed to his father to heal you. Apollo? Greek god of medicine and music?" Jake pauses. "Wait. You think I'm caring and funny?" I blush. "Just an observation." He looks embarressed, but he smiles again. Just then, Lenny bursts in. "Silena! I'm so glad you're okay!" He stops. His eyes fly to Jake, who sits on the edge of my bed. I'm sitting up, so we're pretty close. "Oh. I'll let you and your boyfriend have some privacy." Jake says. "Boyfriend!?" I nearly barf. "Boyfriend?" By Lenny's face, he's a happy little goat boy. Wait—goat boy!? He has... horns... and goat legs... "You're a faun?" I manage. "Satyr." Jake corrects, looking at me with newfound caution. "That's the Roman term. Satyrs are Greek." "Roman... Greek... satyr... faun... demigod... Apollo..." I mutter, looking at Jake for an answer. "I'll explain as best I can. Okay, so the gods are still here. Most of them have a Greek and Roman form. They fall in love with mortals and have children with them. Those children are demigods. Monsters come back from the dead to kill us, because that's how they are." All the pieces slowly come together. "So I'm a demigod. And you're demigods—" "No. Just Jake." Lenny says. "Satyrs are the protectors of demigods." "I'm a son of Zeus." Jake says. "Like, the big dude? With lightning and thunder and gold hair and a white toga?" I ask. "Well, he wears a pinstriped suit, has gray hair, and likes Chinese food. Other than that? Exactly the same." "Awesome." I realize the pain in my head is gone. "Whoa!" "I told you we didn't need the brains!" Jake says, grinning, to Lenny. "I got this!" He offers me a hand and helps me up. "Let's get you changed, first." He hands me an orange Camp Half-Blood shirts and a pair of denim short-shorts. "The shirt's mine, I got the shorts from the Aphrodite cabin. All you girls seem to wear them." He says. Jake turns away so I can change. I leave on my undergarments, because... well, they're clean, and mine. When I'm dressed, I put back on my Converses and tap his shoulder. "I'm ready." He glances at me, smiles, and heads out. I follow him into Camp Half-Blood.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a beautiful love story. It is an easy read.