Painting Flowers the Van Wyk Way

Painting Flowers the Van Wyk Way


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ISBN-13: 9780929552026
Publisher: Art Instruction Associates
Publication date: 01/01/1985
Pages: 120

Table of Contents

The Tuesday Ladies--A Comment and Tribute7
Chapter 1The Nature of Painting and How It Relates to Painting Flowers12
Chapter 2The Seven Components of Pictorial Expression14
Chapter 3Painting Materials20
Chapter 4A Palette, Paints and a Palette of Colors32
Chapter 5Flower Arranging for Flower Painting43
Chapter 6How Motivation Influences Pictorial Expression49
Chapter 7Composition51
Chapter 8The Five Tone Values61
Chapter 9The Three Factors of Drawing64
Chapter 10Color in Light and Color in Shade72
Chapter 11Found-and-Lost Line76
Chapter 12Rhythm of Application80
Introduction to Painting Sessions84
Painting Session 1Placing the Subject86
Painting Session 2A Basic Approach89
Painting Session 3Seeing the Subject in Mass Tones92
Painting Session 4The Importance of Overlapping94
Painting Session 5Glazing Over a Monochrome100
Painting Session 6Underpainting to Regulate Thickness and Thinness of Paint104
Painting Session 7Color and Complement in Practice108
Painting Session 8Flowers--Alla Prima111
Painting Session 9Lilacs--Their Color and Petals114
Painting Session 10"What Do I Mix to Get..."117
Paintings by Helen Van Wyk129

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