Palabras del Silencio: Un Ano Despues

Palabras del Silencio: Un Ano Despues

by Luis Fonsi


On his sixth album, Palabras del Silencio, Luis Fonsi continues to establish himself as one of Latin pop's most accomplished vocalists, one who is not only popular but creative. In several ways, his previous album, Paso a Paso (2005), was a breakthrough effort. With the exception of the English-language crossover album Fight the Feeling (2002), all of his prior albums were commercially successful, beginning with his debut album, Comenzaré (1998). It wasn't until Paso a Paso, however, that Fonsi took creative control of his music. On that album he co-wrote all of the songs except three, collaborated with producer Sebastián Krys, and spiced up his music with electric guitars and other unexpected sounds. The resulting album not only spawned a series of hit singles ("Nada Es Para Siempre," "Estoy Perdido," "Por Una Mujer," "Vivo Muriendo," "Paso a Paso") and led to a greatest-hits release, Exitos: 98:06 (2006); it was also critically acclaimed and established Fonsi as one of Latin pop's most accomplished vocalists. Palabras del Silencio is essentially a continuation of all that Fonsi accomplished with Paso a Paso: he is credited with co-writing all of the 13 songs, he collaborates once again with Sebastián Krys (plus producers Armando Ávila and Jacobo Calderón), and he adopts unexpected musical styles (e.g., the ranchera accents of lead single "No Me Doy por Vencido"). Also like Paso a Paso, Palabras del Silencio includes a bounty of potential hit singles. The aforementioned lead single, "No Me Doy por Vencido," is a clear highlight, its soaring chorus almost breathtaking. Other highlights include "Quien Le Va Decir," "Llueve por Dentro," "Aunque Estés con El," and "La Mentira" -- in other words, the first half of the album is full of standouts. While the second half of the album isn't as stellar, it includes plenty of notable songs, particularly "Todo Vuelve a Empezar," a duet between Fonsi and multilingual Italian superstar Laura Pausini that is a true collaboration -- written as well as sung together by the two -- and there's also "Aqui Estoy Yo," which features a quartet of international all-stars -- Fonsi (Puerto Rico), Aleks Syntek (Mexico), David Bisbal (Spain), and Noel Schajris (Argentina) -- and "Tienes Razon," a ballad that closes the album on a beautiful note. [An expanded edition with alternate versions of "No Me Doy Por Vencido," "Aguí Estoy" and "Llueve Por Dentro," as well as a DVD of music videos, was released in 2009.]

Product Details

Release Date: 09/08/2009
Label: Universal Latino
UPC: 0602527135410
catalogNumber: 001324200

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Luis Fonsi   Primary Artist,Soloist
Geoff Dugmore   Percussion,Bateria
John Giblin   Piano,Keyboards
Lee Levin   Bateria
Rafael Perez   Violin
Francisco Serrano   Electric Guitar
Sebastián Krys   Mezcla
Dan Warner   Guitar
Bruce White   Viola
Ron Taylor   Hammond Organ,Hammond B3
Pablo Martinez   Violin
David Daniels [cello]   Cello
Yanira Torres   Coros
Armando Ávila   Guitar,Piano,Keyboards,Hammond Organ,Mellotron,Coros,Hammond B3
Davi Graton   Violin
Marcelo Jaffé   Viola
Betina Stegman   Violin
Ludovico Vagnone   Guitar,Hammond Organ,Hammond B3
Alfonso Perez   Piano,Keyboards
Laura Martinez   Violin
Ricardo Calderon   Didjeridu
Aarón Jiménez   Violin
Perry Mason   Violin
Gustavo Parrilla   Coros
Jesus Jimenez   Violin
Carlos Benítez   Bateria
Jacobo Calderón   Keyboards
José Juan Melo   Violin
Georvis Pico   Bateria
Javier Barrera   Bateria
Bratislava Symphony Orchestra   Cello
Andres Saavedra   Mezcla
Rey Nieves   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Eric Sanchez   Violin
Nelson Antonio S. Rios   Violin
Ivan Santiago   Bajo Sexto
Emily Singleton   Violin
David Marrero   Percussion
Enriqueta Arrellanes   Violin
Nancy Cortez   Violin
Jacob Groten   Piano,Keyboards
Abimanuel Hernández   Coros
Rodolfo Lota   Violin
Jorge Mejia   Trumpet
Judith Perez   Viola
Karina Petry   Violin
Robert Suetholz Cuerdas   Cello
Joyce Torres   Viola
Miguel Urbieta   Violin
Nelson Rios   Violin
Betina Stegmann   Violin
Marcelo Jaffe   Viola
Roberto Suetholz   Cello

Technical Credits

Lee Levin   Engineer
Francisco Serrano   Director
Laura Pausini   Duet
Sebastián Krys   Producer,Engineer
Dan Warner   Arranger,Engineer
Niall Acott   Engineer
Homero Patron   Producer
Pablo Manavello   Composer
Armando Ávila   Producer,Engineer
Václav Frkal   Engineer
Oscar Vinader   Engineer
Luis Fonsi   Composer,Producer
Ricardo Calderon   Graphic Design
Tony Mojena   Management
John Falcone   Arranger
Jacobo Calderón   Arranger,Programming,Producer
David Hernando   Director
Andres Saavedra   Engineer
Orlando Vitto   Engineer
Martin Roller   Engineer
Michkin Boyzo   Direcccion de Cuerdas
Emilio Ávila   Executive Producer
Juan Carlos Moguel   Engineer
Otávio DeMoraes   Arranger
Enrique Paván   Producer
Jose Luis De La Pena   Producer
Luis Alfonso Rodríguez   Engineer
Álvaro Mato   Engineer
C. Brant   Composer
F. Osorio   Composer

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