Palace of the Three Crosses

Palace of the Three Crosses

by Christina Weigand

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Brandan and Joachim have returned from the brink of Hell, but everyone questions if they are truly healed and one with Asha.

As each prince tries to readjust to life, they must face the funeral of their father and their missing mother.

They each take on the responsibility of ruling a country with new wives by their sides, but can they and the countries survive the trials that will ensue because of their choices?

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BN ID: 2940045264068
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
Publication date: 09/20/2013
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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Age Range: 13 Years

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Palace of the Three Crosses 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
WolfFaerie17 More than 1 year ago
Joachim and Brandan have been tested to their limits yet more trying times are ahead for these Princes and their kingdoms. Joachim has taken his trials to heart and continues to learn from them. Whereas Brandan has become increasingly angry with his trials because no one seems to believe his changed for the better. Much frustrates Brandan because he believes himself the better brother and Prince for the kingdoms. Joachim and Brandan are to be wed to gain their respective kingdoms. Will marriage change Joachim and Brandan? Your answers await you in Palace of the Three Crosses. This sequel had many interesting twists I didn't expect but worth it in the end. The story and characters were unique, rich, bold, complicated, mysterious, raw, and flawed. I look forward to more from this author in the future.
TWJ_Magazine More than 1 year ago
Christina Weigand’s Palace of the Three Crosses picks up where the previous book in the trilogy, Palace of the Twelve Pillars, left readers hanging in suspense. In it, we are reunited with Joachim and Brandon, the twin princes of Crato. Having gone through many trials and tribulations, have they each been truly healed and has their relationship been fully mended? Can they trust each other? Now faced with a missing mother and a kingless country, the princes must make many hard, adult decisions. In Palace of the Three Crosses, both physical and spiritual battles take place for the kingdoms in the land of Ramajadin, and for the hearts of the princes of Crato. When Joachim is chosen as the new king of Crato, his brother becomes wrought with jealousy and turns back to the evil ways of Sidramah. As much as Brandon makes poor choices, he is a character with which many readers will be able to relate. Brandon betrays his brother, he falls in love with the wrong girl, and yet, through it all, the reader roots for him. Much like the humans of this world, he messes up time and time again, falls for Sidramah’s lies countless times, and yet, Asha still fights for him. Palace of the Three Crosses is full of love and loss, hope and despair, but as dark as the prince’s situation becomes, there is always the light that hope brings shining like a beacon in the dark. I’m very much looking forward to how Christina wraps up Brandon and Joachim’s stories in Sanctuary of the Nine Dragons,which will be coming out in February! (TWJ Magazine strives to guide readers to books of personal interest, with the understanding and respect that what appeals to some may not appeal to others. Therefore we attempt to keep our reviews focused on content, genre and style. The rating is necessary to make use of Goodreads, B&N, and Amazon. It reflects the reviewer’s own level of enjoyment, but the review is intended to be informative for the benefit of all readers.)
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Stefan Vucak for Readers' Favorite Returning from the Battle of Harable Valley, princes Brandan and Joachim of the kingdom of Caro, arrive home to attend the funeral of their father. One would be crowned the king of Caro and marry princess Maeve of Kningrad, and the other would be crowned king of Mahorg. When it is announced that prince Joachim would marry Maeve, Brandan protests, saying he is the Anointed One. This sets into motion suspicion and rivalry between the two brothers, helped with a strong dose of magic to confuse things. Seeking to destroy Caro and Mahorg, the king of Mantion orders his shape-shifting daughter to take on human form, beguile Brandan, and marry him. Steps were taken to befuddle Joachim, leading to the downfall of both. The Mantions would then rule the human kingdoms. Attacking Caro, Brandan’s Mantion wife reveals to him her true self, promising destruction on him and his brother. In Mahorg, evil spells haunting his castle, a sage reveals to Joachim the rise of the Chosen One, who would free the kingdoms of evil. With Palace of the Three Crosses, Christina Weigand takes the reader into lands of magic, dragons, palace intrigues, and evil forces. It is a well-written book, but readers will find the proliferation of kingdoms, characters and sub-plots difficult to unravel if they have not read Book 1, and you will need to read book 3 to get the full story. Nevertheless, for lovers of magical fantasy, Palace of the Three Crosses is an entertaining read.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Jean Hall for Readers' Favorite This lush, medieval fantasy world is both good and evil, beautiful and grotesque. Twin princes Joachim and Brandan vie for the hand of the lovely princess Maeve. Christina Wiegand in Palace Of The Three Crosses continues this thoughtful, young adult Christian series. The setting of this book has wild, deep forests and grand palaces where the kingdoms are ruled. There are sword battles and dragon rides, and even a bit of magic. Joachim and Brandan are like two sides of the same coin. But Brandan falls under a magical spell and he becomes a threat to the kingdom which they have both fought to protect. But Princess Maeve is the true heart of this fantasy world. Christina Wiegand has created a wonderful fantasy world to immerse yourself in when you want an entertaining escape from the ordinary. There are some religious overtones but the characters and the plot can stand alone. Palace Of The Three Crosses by Christina Wiegand gives imagination flight with strong characters and ghostly haunts.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Bil Howard for Readers' Favorite Palace of the Three Crosses, by Christina Weigand is a dark fantasy involving deep conflicts between three different species as they struggle for control of the land. Twins Brandan and Joachim return from being held captive by a darkness that has left them deeply scarred. Upon their return, they are forced to continue on following the death of their father and separation from their mother, while attempting to heal from the damage that was done deep inside them. As each of them struggles to find their bearings, and healing and restoration with Asha, they are forced into ruling the kingdom. With new wives, each is being drawn into a different direction by the woman at their side and the churning turmoil inside of themselves. The forces of Sidramah are leading Brandan further away from Asha through his wife, Magda (of the Mation species), while the forces of Asha are trying to restore and keep Joachim from being overtaken as his wife, Maeve (of the Kningrad species,) fights by his side to keep him from again falling into Sidramah’s darkness. Their kingdoms stand in the balance as the inner battles affect those around them. Christina Weigand does a wonderful job of painting a portrait of the darkness that surrounds evil and, the often times, dim hope that sometimes is all that is left of goodness. Through this story of two brothers struggling to be restored to the goodness that once was theirs, the author examines deeper issues that often overwhelm those who can only see goodness dimly lit. Those around them become essential in helping them to find their destiny and true goodness. The character development and plot will have the reader hooked and turning pages with eager anticipation for the next fatal twist. Suspense and intrigue are thick throughout this novel, but always lingering about the surface is a feeling that goodness and hope will certainly win out.