Paleo Cookies: Gluten-Free Paleo Cookie Recipes for a Paleo Diet

Paleo Cookies: Gluten-Free Paleo Cookie Recipes for a Paleo Diet

by John Chatham
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Paleo Cookies: Gluten-Free Paleo Cookie Recipes for a Paleo Diet 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
AMSmith1 More than 1 year ago
Whether you are new to Paleo or a long-time follower, this cookbook will certainly wow you with its tantalizing desserts.  More than just a cookbook with recipes, you can use this book as a guidebook to the Paleo Diet and eating healthier.  The second half of the book covers the history and practices of the Paleo Diet and provides a list of alternative baking ingredients and locations to purchase them.  The cookbook teaches you how to make scrumptious desserts, such as pumpkin pecan bars and brownie bites, while using healthy nut and fruit based ingredients instead of the more commonly used processed ones.  For those of you who have been on the search for a cookbook to satisfy your sweet tooth on a healthy, gluten-free diet, this is the cookbook for you!
ReadalotJLC More than 1 year ago
Not everyone has the time to come up with natural, healthy recipes for breakfast and/or dessert.  With Paleo Cookies tantalizing recipes such as green-tea shortbread, pumpkin-pecan bars, vanilla-almond biscotti, and paleo brownie bites your mouth will be watering to try these treats and your body will delight in the nutrient rich ingredients!   The secret to Paleo Cookies is that each recipe has only high-quality natural ingredients and no refined, artificial, or processed ingredients.   Making the switch from traditional recipes to Paleo Cookies will mean a new you, a healthier you! 
BCohen More than 1 year ago
The ingredients in most of these cookies are heavy, so I was a little skeptical about getting a light and fluffy brownie bite. I have tried other gluten free brownie recipes with dismal results. I liked this book because it has all the traditional cookie recipes in it; chocolate chip, oatmeal. Then it has some unique treats that I look forward to attempting. There was even a recipe for Pumpkin ice cream sandwich cookies! I’ve found that since almond flour and coconut is often involved the cookies taste pretty rich and you feel satisfied with a smaller portion.
aenaithia More than 1 year ago
Paleo Cookies is chock full of recipes any paleo could enjoy. Some of them could even be easily adapted to be vegan, for entertaining a mixed group. Everything in the book only needs about fifteen to twenty ingredients total to make, a lot of which you probably already have if you are paleo or gluten free. The assortment of holiday recipes is especially interesting and useful for convincing friends and family that going paleo doesn't have to mean no more sweet treats. The end of the book features a lot of introductory material on going paleo and gluten free, with research and advice. This book would make a great gift for a skeptical baker you'd like to convert to the caveman lifestyle.
BlueJMcFae More than 1 year ago
Thanks to John Chatham, I have reunited with my long-lost love: cookies. This book is the perfect complement to any low-carb/whole foods diet plan. The first three quarters of the book is filled with mouth-watering recipes for all kinds of cookie delights, using gluten-free ingredients and avoiding refined sugars. The wide variety of tasty desserts you can make is astounding. The last quarter of the book is devoted to the rationale behind the Paleo diet; laying out the positive effects of taking on this lifestyle change. Chatham is not an extremist. He takes a moderate path when it comes to eating on this particular plan, but is sure to lay out the positive results one can see after embarking on this healthy voyage. To that, I raise my cookie and say: “Hip, hip, hooray!”
SylviaF More than 1 year ago
My partner and I went paleo several months ago. With so many new gluten-free products on the market, it has been a cinch to cut out wheat (and I feel so much healthier as a result). But because of my relentless sweet tooth, giving up refined sugars has been really tough for me. Paleo Cookies has proven to me that it’s possible to work my cravings for chocolate chip cookies and brownies into a healthy, paleo diet. There is even a chapter devoted to nut cookies, a fantastic paleo option. These recipes are foolproof and totally delicious. They integrate everything that is good about the paleo diet without sacrificing taste. This cookbook has convinced me that it’s possible to commit to the paleo lifestyle without giving up the good stuff.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I recently went Paleo, and have really enjoyed it so far, but sometimes I still really want to have some processed carbs and refined sugar. This recipe book has made it possible for me to satisfy those cravings, and still adhere to the paleo lifestyle! Tonight, I made classic chocolate chip cookies with almond flour and maple syrup instead of white flour and sugar… and they were delicious. I was able to make them in less than half an hour with ingredients I already had on hand, thanks to this book. I’m really looking forward to trying another recipe!