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Not your usual percussion music. Sometimes studies of a single sound...a bullroarer (Africa, Australia) in "Bullroarer" and a metal ball rolled about a waterfilled tuned oil drum producing beautiful harmonics in "Waterball.".. and assemblies of metals from life...a bathtub, metal snake and two temple bells in "Precious Metals.".. to the bright emotion of steel pan solos in "Red Dance," "The Big Wind" and "Stix "exploring closely placed tones moving on a steady rhythm figure, like some guitar picking, Bach Prelude or African marimba music.

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Release Date: 09/18/1993
Label: Lovely Music
UPC: 0745295209126
catalogNumber: 2091


  1. Pomp and Circumstance
  2. Craftmatic
  3. Rollerball
  4. The Dreamstate
  5. Red Dance
  6. Precious Metals
  7. Harpo
  8. The Big Wind
  9. Waterball
  10. Crusader in the Groove
  11. Stix
  12. Flip Flop
  13. The Bullroarers

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