The Panic Zone

The Panic Zone

by Rick Mofina
4.7 16

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Panic Zone (Jack Gannon Series #2) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Madderly-Review More than 1 year ago
Rick Mofina's characters and plot lines rival the top authors of his genre. From page one through the last page, Panic Zone never disappoints. The book takes us from Wyoming, where Emma Lane is thrown from her car and watches her husband die and her child disappear, to a cafe in South America where a bomb explodes and kills several people. The third subplot involves Jack Gannon, a previous Mofina hero. As a reporter for World Press Alliance, Jack is sent to South America to follow the story. Mofino makes you want to follow Jack as he goes from one predicament to another. Granted, Jack's ability to get out of a situation stretches credibility, but isn't that half the fun in these kinds of books? Panic Zone deserves to be in hard cover, sitting next to (maybe in front of) James Patterson and Dan Brown.
Tregjm More than 1 year ago
Panic Zone by Rick Mofina The story is the 2nd in the series with Jack Gannon as the protagonist. He is a reporter for the World Press Alliance in New York. He is new and not well respected by his fellow reporters, but there is a bombing in South America that includes two of the WPA reporters as fatalities. Jack is sent down there to see what he can do to help and to find out what happened. This leads to lots of questions and more complications than you think will ever be resolved, but Jack follows one lead to another and it takes him to Morocco, to Wyoming, to the Bahamas and a story that gets more and more involved. Meanwhile we follow Emma Lane from Wyoming, who was in a car accident with her husband and baby. Her husband dies and she sees someone take her son, just before the car explodes. She survives but the doctors and police all try to convince her that her son died in the explosion. She follows leads to try and track down her son. This is an amazing thriller that never lets up until the very end. Very well done and very hard to put down. I highly recommend this book!
harstan More than 1 year ago
After his serial killer reporting for the Buffalo Sentinel (see Vengeance Road), Melody Lyons hires Jack Gannon to work for The World Press Alliance. His peers at the Manhattan office feel strongly he is not their equal and needs to shuffle back to Buffalo. However, Melody believes they don't know Jack. She sends him to Rio to determine whether a WPA journalist and photographer, who died in a bombing, were the intended victims and if so why. In Big Cloud, Wyoming, Emma Lane survives a fiery car crash when she was thrown from the vehicle in which her spouse died and investigators assume their baby did too though she swears she saw her infant rescued; neither assertion re the child can be proven. On a Caribbean cruse, forty years old Roger Tippert dies horribly; the medical examiner is unable to find the cause so forwards the findings to the CDC. As Jack works the Brazilian case, he rules out a drug gang as the police and the fuming local WPA insist and seeks nebulous ties to the Caribbean and Wyoming incidents that places him in trouble with a dangerous person; making him wonder if his colleagues are right about a shuffle to Buffalo. This action-packed international thriller hooks the reader from the opening gamut until the final confrontation. The story line is fast-paced while the audience wonders what if anything connects the dots so seemingly apart. Jack is terrific as he tries to solve the case and prove his worthiness, but learns a valuable lesson about being alone as he investigates. As with his first thriller (see Vengeance Road), Jack's second journalistic investigation is a an exciting novel. Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JudeTX More than 1 year ago
I've become such a Rick Mofina fan, I've purchased two of his books. He reminds me a bit of Baldacci but I like Mofina's style of writing better. Lots of action. It will keep you reading.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Igor Pyanin More than 1 year ago
Amazing novel! Great read for every single one of readers!
lynnsreadingcorner More than 1 year ago
A fast paced thriller from the first page to the last page! I will admit I was drawn to this book based on a simple review on the cover by Dean Koontz, one of my favorite authors. If he liked it, I was bound to! The story begins with a bombing in a Brazilian café, killing an informant and two news media personnel. We are quickly moved to Wyoming, where a woman, her husband and child are involved in a hit and run accident. Her husband dies but she is sure that she has seen someone take her child from the scene. Her belief is so strong that she continues on her own investigation to prove her child is still alive. Jack Gannon is assigned to find out why the café in Brazil was bombed and who was involved. Through the investigations of both these characters we meet a brilliant, rogue scientist who has stolen intelligence from a US biochemical project she was assigned to. Her past and growing madness lead her to develop experiments leading to the ability to control who lives and dies. She will go to any means necessary to succeed, to conceal her experiments and expunge those who get too close to the truth.
Skyewrit More than 1 year ago
Rick Mofina has written a great book! I like the characters. You don't go real deep with any of them, but you have a good understanding of quite a few. I somehow missed the first book in the Jack Gannon Series, but am going back to read it next. You can read this book without having read the first and not feel like you have missed a whole bunch. The book keeps the plot moving and even though you know all the players, you get taken down different paths. I found it to be original and a book I didn't want to put down. It has a fast pace and even though Jack Gannon is the main guy, from chpter to chapter you move between characters. I will definitely read more in this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CherylKayeTardif More than 1 year ago
Gripping and mesmerizing from the very first chapter, Rick Mofina's latest thriller explores a chilling conspiracy that is guaranteed to get your heart pounding. A car crash in Wyoming, involving a young couple and their baby, sets The Panic Zone into rapid motion. The next day, a reporter in Brazil gets a call to meet an unidentified woman at a café; the woman claims to have a news story, and the documents to back it up. The reporter and her photographer friend have no idea what they're walking into, and the resulting chaos sends World Press Alliance reporter Jack Gannon across the globe in search of the truth. But the truth is more shocking than anyone could fathom. A twisted scientist gathers a secret group of conspirators and puts into action a horrific plot that threatens the very existence of mankind, proving once again that science can be a deadly plaything if it falls into the wrong hands. From human experimentation without consent, to a killer virus constructed from some of the world's deadliest toxins and a unique delivery system that will chill you to the bone, The Panic Zone will keep you turning the pages. With a storytelling talent comparative to Michael Crichton and Robert Ludlum, Mofina expertly weaves the plot with intricate, terrifying and believable details. The Panic Zone is excellently researched and the clearly defined chapters show alternating points of view as only a master writer could achieve. Another Mofina masterpiece?one I can't recommend enough. Cheryl Kaye Tardif, bestselling author of The River