Paper, Scissors, Rock

Paper, Scissors, Rock

by Ann Decter


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ISBN-13: 9780889740402
Publisher: McGilligan Books
Publication date: 10/08/1992
Series: NFS Canada Series
Pages: 1
Product dimensions: 5.99(w) x 8.93(h) x 0.53(d)

What People are Saying About This

Wendy Waring

"With a steady sense of the storyteller's in language bordering on poetry, Ann Decter brings us a narrator who works her way through a tangle of personal reminiscences and public narratives: a 1919 General Strike and Irish Republicanism are peopled with Baba Ebith and granny grace Berry O'Connell; conflict between over her father's lingering death threats to impersonal radio reports of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry; her parents' difficult marriage counterpoints, her love for a distant woman. 'Paper, Scissors, Rock' is a great novel."

Beth Brant

"'Paper, Sissors, Rock' is a powerful first novel. It's fresh and lilting words and Ann Decter conveys a family's history and a history of place - the prairies of recent memory and of the past. ......death, anti-sumitism, racism, homophobia, Decter makes new his affirmation and truth is the only history that women and Canadians can afford to wrap ourselves in."

Lillian Allen

"Ann Becter is a writer who carves out a political location and does it impeccably. In 'Paper, Sissors, Rock' - a refreshing and innovative first novel - quiet prose stumbles and sparkles as it weaves a landscape of longing, memory and history. Challenging and exciting!"

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