Paradigm Shift & Zero To Hero: 2 books in 1

Paradigm Shift & Zero To Hero: 2 books in 1

by Yvan Byeajee


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We all want consistent trading results, but how many of us have actually prepared for this? Trading is one of the most challenging endeavors where the learning curve is known to be steep, yet the masses keep getting their hopes high that they can engineer an overnight success without much preparation.

The very nature of financial markets makes them uncertain and hard to predict on a trade-by-trade basis. Hence, people who are unprepared are the ones who experience the most frustration because they are expecting a kind of certainty that the markets and their methodology just cannot provide.

In today's market environments, we are required more than ever to adapt and evolve in a manner that is quick and effortless if we ever want to engineer consistent results for ourselves. "Paradigm Shift" and "Zero To Hero" target the new generation of online traders who have an unquenchable desire and, in essence, who are willing to do the work necessary to achieve such a goal. These two books (in a 2 in 1 format) was written for beginning and intermediate level traders by a professional trader who's paid his dues -- in terms of repeated failures over the years. Professionals will also find value in the content as it can help them refresh their already acquired skills.

At the end of the day, whether you win or you lose the real battle is won when you can remain calm, balanced, and confident in the face of market uncertainty and vicissitudes, and it is my hope that these books will help you advance a step (or two) closer to that ideal mindset.

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