Paradigms from Luke-Acts for Multicultural Communities

Paradigms from Luke-Acts for Multicultural Communities

by Richard B. Harms


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ISBN-13: 9780820452098
Publisher: Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers
Publication date: 11/05/2001
Series: American University Studies Series: Series 7: Theology and Religion , #216
Pages: 214
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.06(h) x (d)

About the Author

The Author: Richard B. Harms is an Episcopal priest who has served Hispanic communities in Puerto Rico, Texas, and California. He is a former Archdeacon of San Diego and is currently part of a team ministry with Latinos/Latinas in the San Diego area.

Table of Contents

Part ISurvey of Latino Episcopal Churches in California (1978-1998)1
Chapter 1Dioceses Founded in the Nineteenth Century7
Diocese of California7
Diocese of Northern California12
Diocese of Los Angeles15
Chapter 2Dioceses Founded in the Twentieth Century23
Diocese of San Joaquin23
Diocese of San Diego27
Diocese of El Camino Real31
Part IITo Serve and to Save: The Lukan Missionary Paradigm39
Chapter 3Good News to the Poor (Luke 4:18)45
Luke's Missionary Paradigms45
Biblical Foundations for Mission and Paradigm Theory48
The Sermon at Nazareth49
Chapter 4To Every Nation Under Heaven (Acts 2:5)59
Spirit and Mission59
Salvation to the Ends of the Earth61
Other Elements in the Lukan Paradigm65
The Lukan Paradigm in Summary69
Part IIILukan Missionary Paradigms in the Context of Latino Episcopal Churches77
Chapter 5Homogeneous and Heterogeneous83
Role of Anglo (Euro)-Americans83
Joint and Separate Church Facilities84
Multicultural and Multicongregational86
Chapter 6Holistic Mission and Holistic Evangelism97
Evangelistic and Cultural Mandate97
Liberation and Evangelical Theology104
The Catholic Connection108
Part IVParadigm Shifts in Cross-Cultural Mission117
Chapter 7Preparing for Cross-Cultural Ministry123
Incarnational Missiology123
Community and Congregational Context127
Experiencing the Culture131
Chapter 8Planting Churches Cross-Culturally141
Applying the Paradigm141
Planting Churches in Peasant Populations142
Planting Churches in Urban Populations148
The Lukan Paradigm Revisited153
Epilogue: The Congregation as Missionary Community159
Appendix ISurvey Instrument191
Appendix IICalifornia Demographics195
Appendix IIICongregaciones de la Diocesis del Sureste Mexico197
Index of Scriptural References201
Index of Persons205
Index of Subjects209

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