The Paradise Prophecy

The Paradise Prophecy

by Robert Browne


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A spectacular thriller inspired by John Milton's Paradise Lost in which the final chapter of the War in Heaven is about to play out on Earth, with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance. The Myth

When God cast the archangel Satan into Hell, ending the War in Heaven, peace prevailed on Earth. Until the fallen angels took revenge in the Garden of Eden. Ever since, mankind has been in a struggle between good and evil, paradise and apocalypse: the fall of Rome, The Crusades, World Wars, nuclear proliferation, the Middle East Crisis... The War in Heaven never really ended-it just changed venues. For millennia, God's angels have been fighting Satan's demons on Earth, all in hopes of bringing about Satan's greatest ambition, the Apocalypse.

The Reality

Satan has never been closer to his goal than right now.

Agent Bernadette Callahan is a talented investigator at a shadowy government organization known only as Section, on the trail of a serial killer with nearly supernatural abilities. Sebastian "Batty" LaLaurie is a religious historian who knows far too much about the other side- and that hard-earned knowledge is exactly what Callahan needs. This unlikely duo pair up for a race across the globe, decoding clues left in ancient texts from the Bible to Paradise Lost and beyond. In the process they stumble upon a vast conspiracy-one beyond the scope of mankind's darkest imagination.

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ISBN-13: 9780525952237
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
Publication date: 07/21/2011
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 6.38(w) x 9.12(h) x 1.30(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Robert Browne is an award-winning screenwriter with a keen interest in angels, demons, and the history of the afterlife. He lives in California, where he is at work on the sequel to The Paradise Prophecy.

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The Paradise Prophecy 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
harstan More than 1 year ago
At Trinity Baptist College in Harrison, Louisiana, Professor Sebastian "Batty" LaLaurie teaches Religious Studies and Rhetoric, but is on administrative leave due to a lecture that condemns God. A widower, he suffers from nightmares and has turned to alcohol to abate the pain of his wife Rebecca's death while acknowledging his beliefs were shattered when she died. The State Department Section unit sends agent Bernadette Callahan to Sao Paulo, Brazil to investigate the burning death of Christian singer Gabriela Zuada. The locals swear the devil murdered Gabriela, but the American thinks a serial killer added her to the list of the dead. Needing expertise into the occult and Milton, Bernadette contacts Batty whose nightmares come from surviving a trek beyond. She shows him Gabriela's picture and he reacts stunned as she stars in his dark dreams with her death mirroring that of his late wife. The professor and the agent follow the homicides to Istanbul, but the potential Armageddon is in Los Angeles where Michael the Archangel walks the earth hunting down rogue angels harming the offspring of Adam and Eve, and Beliel and her three Fallen teammates meet. With nods to Milton's Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained, and to the Walken Prophecy movies, The Paradise Prophecy is a superb rendition of good and evil as the agents of God and Satan battle for the souls of mankind. Action-packed from the onset, Batty the "fallen" Milton scholar and Bernadette the pragmatic doubter make a delightful pairing as they argue over the clues starting with the toasted corpses that he insists come from agents of Hell and she insists the one doing the killing is a psychopath. Fans will appreciate Robert Browne's excellent thriller. Harriet Klausner
LowlyScribe More than 1 year ago
I confess! I read all of Dan Brown's books. I was traveling through Europe and found them to be page turners, even though the writing sometimes made me wince. If you liked ANGELS AND DEMONS, or DAVINCI CODE, you will love THE PARADISE PROPHECY. And if you didn't like those, you might still want to read this book because the writing is so much better. Browne knows how to write smart, three dimensional female characters. He knows how to have the twists and turns so you're never sure what is coming next. But his forte is making the supernatural plausible. And that makes for a great ride. His great, visual writing style makes the book play across your mind like an exciting movie adventure. Hold on and enjoy!
MeteorFlower More than 1 year ago
Agent Bernadette Callahan is investigating a series of murders done by a killer with almost supernatural abilities. The government organization she works for known only as Section has teamed her up with Sebastian "Batty" LaLaurie, a religious historian who learned about the "other side" the hard way. Together, they race across the globe, using clues left in ancient texts from the Bible to Paradise Lost in hopes of catching the killer. Instead, they find a conspiracy beyond the scope of human imagination. Satan has never been closer to his goal of bringing about the Apocalypse than he is right now. If there is one book that should be at the top of your TBR list this summer, it's The Paradise Prophecy. Robert Browne has written an epic! There is no gradually easing you into the action here. You are dropped right into the middle of it and it builds and builds and builds until the end where your heart starts racing as everything comes together and you wonder if anything will be able to stop the conspiracy from not only unfolding but winning! When it was over, it left me in that place between awe and wanting more! With this book, Robert Browne has a blockbuster summer read that I'm definitely going to read again! Thank you to Robert Browne for the advanced review copy. It in no way influenced my review.
JD_Rhoades74 More than 1 year ago
A tough and savvy female intelligence operative teams up with a brilliant but burned-out academic to investigate the unexplained fiery death of an international pop star. They discover a plot by a crew of fallen angels who are scheming to open the gates of Hell itself and bring on the end of the world. The key to mankind's survival lies in the seven missing pages of a book known as the Devil's Bible--and in a mysterious entity known as the Telum. In lesser hands, this could have been a really silly book. But Rob Browne keeps the story moving at a rip-roaring pace as his protagonists chase the mystery around the globe and beyond, up to a final climax that goes about as big as you can imagine. There is, by the way, a rather interesting cosmology here. It's not quite what you may have learned in Sunday school, but I have to admit, it fits the available data. This is one of those books that hooks you and pulls you along with it right to the end. Think The DaVinci Code, except with good writing and characters who act and talk like actual people. I highly recommend it.
BookSakeBlogspot More than 1 year ago
If you are a fan of thrillers that involve secret societies, the bible and Milton's Paradise Lost, then this novel is perfect for you. While I have enjoyed similar fiction by Dan Brown, The Paradise Prophecy takes it one step beyond planting the question for the reader to ponder and crosses into a more sci-fi or religious fantasy realm. I wasn't familiar with the fallen Angels that this story centers around, but the two main characters were entertaining enough to keep me reading until the end. I wasn't a fan of the "Section" element, a secret black ops government unit, and thought that it didn't do anything for the book as Callahan could have come from any intelligence agency and her character wouldn't have changed much. The professor character is one you relate to, and his added visions help move the story along. Overall it was a good mix of fantasy and action, and the references to Paradise Lost brought the whole plot together nicely. Reviewed by Gabi for Book Sake.
PickyReaderMB More than 1 year ago
Robert Browne's newest book, The Paradise Prophecy, is a true 'paradise' for readers who enjoy crisply written dialogue and a story line that is sure to keep you reading long into t he night. His writing has a delightfully lyrical cadence not often found in today's literary market offerings. It's a must read for anyone who is looking for something new and different on the bookshelf.
LifeofBooks More than 1 year ago
Robert Browne has created an intelligent, supernatural thriller that pulls you in and won't let you go. With unforgettable characters, use of historical events and our shared mythos Browne weaves a story that races toward an apocalyptic climax. But the book is more than a great read, it is a thriller with a soul. With amazing deftness Browne leads the reader to question the concepts of free will, the nature and source of evil and mankind's place in the universe all without losing a beat in the story. In the end you will not only be entertained, but will want to discuss this book and the issues it raises with others.
PatriciaRosemoor More than 1 year ago
Thrilling take on fallen angels and those determined to keep them from destroying the world. Read fast and get to the big finish--it won't disappoint. A fresh take on the supernatural thriller.
filipslady More than 1 year ago
A God who has turned his back on mankind. Five fallen angels. A betrayer amongst them. Warriors willing to die for that which they protect. Turmoil such as the world has never before seen. A battle of right and wrong. Good and evil. Freedom and enslavement. Who shall prevail? And what is the "key" which guarantees success? Find the answers to these clues and much more in The Paradise Prophecy By Robert Browne. A prophecy penned by a monk centuries ago and inserted in a most unlikely tome. The pages containing these prophetic words were long ago taken from their original text and secreted away. The knowledge they contain could change the world of mankind and all of creation forever. Two individuals, a sleep deprived and skeptical black operations agent and a troubled religious scholar are thrust into a conspiracy larger than and with deadlier consequences than any scheme man has ever contrived. From seventeenth century Florence to modern day Sao Paulo, Istanbul, and London, follow these two unlikely heroes as they unravel the clues to discover The Paradise Prophecy. A fast paced mystical thriller. With believable characters, naturally flowing dialogue, and a dash of wit Robert Browne's words grab hold of you and don't let go until the very last sentence. The icing on the cake: hauntingly beautiful Gustave Dore illustrations. A beautiful book. An amazing read.
Criches6 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The Paradise Prophecy is well written and suspenseful. On a personal note, I was offended by the claim that God had abandoned the Earth, leaving only Michael to try to save it alone, with the help of some special people. I had a hard time putting that aside to see the fictional story apart from the distortion of the Truth. Once I finally stuck through the book long enough to finish it I could appreciate it as a work of fiction, and its always a good thing when good conquers evil.
SamSattler on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is not meant as some kind of backhanded complement, but in comparison to many other books in the supernatural/horror/conspiracy theory thriller genre, Robert Browne¿s The Paradise Prophecy is well written. The genre has gotten so formulaic (probably due to Dan Brown¿s huge success in exploiting the ever more weary formula) that what most distinguishes the books from one another these days is the quality of the writing. In that sense, Robert Browne excels with this one even if his plot execution (particularly the book¿s ending) is predictable. I realize that it is probably too much to expect an author to write one of these books where the ¿bad guys¿ actually win, and that has become my problem with thrillers. In this case, knowing that good would find a way to win over evil, I found myself racing through the final chapter of The Paradise Prophecy only to see how the ¿good guys¿ would pull their chestnuts out of the fire at the last second ¿ not to learn who would actually win the book¿s final battle. I say this with no fear of spoiling the book¿s ending for other readers; after all, how else would they expect it to end?The Paradise Prophecy is an epic battle of good vs. evil, perhaps even the final such battle. Since God seems to have lost interest in the world, a small group of dark angels (Belial, Moloch, Mamman, and Beelzebub) are hoping to use the opportunity to take over and open the gates of hell to free Lucifer for his return to Earth. Michael, a fallen angel who has not embraced the dark side, with his own small team of exceptional humans, is all that stands between the demons and their plot to destroy the world we know. The ¿prophecy¿ in question is believed to have been written on the seven pages missing for centuries from what has become known as ¿the Devil¿s bible.¿ What these pages have to say is so powerful that it can change the universe forever ¿ for better or worse. The pages are thought to be somehow connected to John Milton¿s Paradise Lost and several of Michael¿s human cohorts are, when the book begins, busy trying to crack the code and clues they believe Milton has buried in his manuscript.The most interesting part of The Paradise Prophecy does, in fact, involve the research and detective work accomplished by the book¿s two main characters: Louisiana professor ¿Batty¿ LaLaurie and a special agent of the State Department, Bernadette Callahan. Callahan and LaLaurie, working as a team, travel the world in search of clues but, because they are always one step behind the murderous dark angels, the bodies begin to pile up. Callahan, at first a skeptic of anything supernatural, is only slowly convinced by LaLaurie¿s explanation of the evidence they uncover that she is dealing with something otherworldly. All of this, of course, leads to the final confrontation between good and evil in which the fate of mankind will be determined.Rated at: 3.0
filipslady on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
A God who has turned his back on mankind.Five fallen angels. A betrayer amongst them.Warriors willing to die for that which they protect.Turmoil such as the world has never before seen.A battle of right and wrong. Good and evil. Freedom and enslavement.Who shall prevail? And what is the ¿key¿ which guarantees success?Find the answers to these clues and much more in The Paradise Prophecy By Robert Browne.
eheinlen on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book reminded me of The DaVinci Code, only better. I loved how intricate and detailed the storyline was and how it just melted into the historical setting. The characters were well-rounded and compelling and I enjoyed traveling with them on their journey. As a bonus touch, the drawings were really neat! If you like the National Treasure movies or similar books or religious mysteries, then this book is for you!
treegenus More than 1 year ago
Paradise Prophecy is an exceptionally well written and great story! I didn't want it to end and when I looked for other books by this author, at B&N there weren't any in Nook but Amazon had an entire list. Guess my next upgrade will be a Kindle. Hope to see this as a film. It would be fantastic!
eheinlen More than 1 year ago
This book reminded me of The DaVinci Code, only better. I loved how intricate and detailed the storyline was and how it just melted into the historical setting. The characters were well-rounded and compelling and I enjoyed traveling with them on their journey. As a bonus touch, the drawings were really neat! If you like the National Treasure movies or similar books or religious mysteries, then this book is for you!
miss_dobie More than 1 year ago
Everything about this book is special - from beginning to end. They say "don't judge a book but its cover," but with this one you must. As beautiful, captivating and intriguing as the cover design is - so is every page inside. The story is gripping, entertaining, exciting and holds you from beginning to end. But it is also a story that is timeless. I have read everything by this author and, without a doubt, this is by far his finest work to date. No matter what your genre taste, this is a book for everyone - for all time. I have no doubt this is destined to be a classic and around for a very long time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tracy_From_OGBDA More than 1 year ago
~* 4.5 Stars *~ As a sleek supernatural thriller the book is a blockbuster, with complex, often bedraggled characters who inspire sympathy and a quest that is flawlessly contained to prevent it from slipping the author's control, but is huge enough to be truly epic on its own merits. I have a big soft spot for anti-heroes in the books I read, so Batty and Callahan were appealing independently, and working together they were positively inspired. I loved how Browne managed their relationship, and thoroughly appreciated their individuality. I loved Batty's sarcasm and his often gloomy view of the world, and adored the strength and intelligence, not to mention the flexibility of thought and motion, that was encapsulated by Callahan. I was especially fond of the roles they had, in which the male lead was the bookish font of all knowledge esoteric...and more than a little nerdy with it, and Callahan was the no-nonsense female lead who dealt with issues by force instead of emotion. Browne not only tells a wicked tale, but he crafts the telling very well, pacing the plot threads with careful consideration and an eye for the big picture, revealing tidbits of information as it goes along. It kept me on the edge of my seat throughout, hungry for the next big reveal, dying to find out how each piece connected. The prose was fluid and dialogue natural, and despite the weighty topic and worldly locations, I never felt I was in over my head with the languages or wealth of information. Neither did I feel like I was being spoon fed a 'Milton For Dummies' retrospective. Browne writes with intelligence, his work literally vibrates with it, but it's the sort that embraces and draws you in, instead of slamming into you and demeaning in bites. While it's hard to view such a fantastic and entertaining story with a critical eye, there were a few points that left me a tiny bit less satisfied. I was a little put off by the way sex was used in the story, as nothing but a tool or method of corruption. With nothing to balance that, it gave the impression of being a condemnation against sex in general. I also thought there was a time or two when Batty's gift came in a little too handy and some very esoteric information fell into his and Callahan's lap a little too conveniently as a result. That led to an instance or two where information came out in larger info dumps, instead of in bits and pieces as a natural consequence of actions taken or mysteries revealed. Those issues, however, were minor and didn't detract much from my sheer, unadulterated enjoyment. And enjoy it I did. Very much, in fact. It's so smoothly written, the supernatural elements so perfectly blended with the mystery, thriller, and action adventure elements, that the story unfolds with unusually sharp clarity. I admired every nuanced crevice and appreciated each bit of tone. It all played out like a major motion picture in my head and would be extremely well suited to the big screen. I hope I see it there, and in the meantime, I plan to see what other efforts Browne has published. The Paradise Prophecy may have been my first experience with him as an author but I can guarantee it won't be my last. Disclosure: This book was provided to me for the purpose on an honest review. The rating, review, and all thoughts and comments therein are my own. ~*~*~*~ The entirety of my review can be read on my blog: One Good Book Deserves Another.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Haven't finished - found it hard to follow and with so many good books available to read, don't want to "waste" time on something confusing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Too Hollywood!