Paradise Understood: New Philosophical Essays about Heaven

Paradise Understood: New Philosophical Essays about Heaven


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ISBN-13: 9780198794301
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: 05/23/2017
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

T. Ryan Byerly is a Lecturer in Philosophy of Religion at the University of Sheffield. His primary research interests are in Philosophy of Religion, Epistemology, and Virtue Ethics. He is the author of The Mechanics of Divine Foreknowledge and Providence: A Time-Ordering Account (Bloomsbury, 2014).

Eric J. Silverman is an Assistant Professor at Christopher Newport University. His research interests include Medieval philosophy, ethics, philosophy of religion, history of philosophy, and popular culture and philosophy.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors
Introduction, T. Ryan Byerly and Eric J. Silverman
Part I: The Basic Nature of Paradise
1. Conceiving Heaven as a Dynamic Rather than Static Existence, Eric J. Silverman
2. Anselmian Mediations on Heaven, Katherin Rogers
Part II: The Epistemology of Paradise
3. Will there be Skeptics in Heaven?, Ted Poston
4. The Cognitive Dimension of Heavenly Bliss, Jonathan L. Kvanvig
Part III: Virtue in Paradise
5. The Virtues in Heaven, Rachel Lu
6. Paradise and Growing in Virtue, Timothy Pawl and Kevin Timpe
Part IV: Paradise and Responding to Evil
7. Heavenly Sadness: On the Value of Negative Emotions in Paradise, Adam C. Pelser
8. Virtues of Repair in Paradise, T. Ryan Byerly
Part V: The Social and Political Philosophy of Paradise
9. In Defense of Animal Universalism, Shawn Graves, Blake Hereth, and Tyler M. John
10. Personhood, Embodiment, and Survival: Speculations on Life after (Biological) Death, Robert Audi
Part VI: Resurrection in Paradise
11. Composition and the Will of God: Reconsidering Resurrection by Reassembly, Eric T. Yang and Stephen T. Davis
12. Some Advantages for a Thomistic Solution to the Problem of Personal Identity Beyond Death, Christopher M. Brown
13. The Resurrection and Hypertime, Hud Hudson
Part VII: Freedom in Paradise
14. Resting on Your Laurels: Deserting Desert in Paradise?, Brian P. Boeninger and Robert Garcia
15. The Possibility and Scope of Significant Heavenly Freedom, Richard Tamburro
VIII: The Desirability of Paradise
16. Hume, Happiness, Heaven, and Home, Jerry L. Walls
17. Why the Life of Heaven is Supremely Worth Living, Richard Swinburne

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