Paradisi Escape: Paradisi Chronicles

Paradisi Escape: Paradisi Chronicles

by Cheri Lasota
3.1 10

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Paradisi Escape: Paradisi Chronicles 3.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous 8 months ago
There's a lot of action and some back and forth banter that sometimes makes sense and sometimes it's like an inside joke that you aren't in on. The real bummer is it ends on a cliff hanger. There is absolutely no resolution to anything...not on issue is resolved. Other then that it is a 118 page story that has a ton of potential if the other books in the series were all compressed into one and gave resolution to what was going on.
Julie_R_Evans-Artist 6 months ago
This excellent Paradisi adventure takes you to the Reachers' story. What happened after 75 years of spaceship building when they are readying themselves (the ship builders) to join the wealthy Founders (who already left Earth before it became toxic and nuked into an unlivable state they foresaw coming). It is exciting, interesting, and moves along. It is part of a three-book series. It ends at a reasonable place, but definitely as a hook to read the conclusion of this series in the next books. Chief Solomon Reach is a smart engineer, suddenly thrust into a new position of leadership that only he is fit to take. He must enforce an old contract providing that the Reachers' group be passengers on this final ship and not replaced by Founder family members slated to be left behind. A power play takes place in secret and he has to do whatever it takes to save his 3,000 crew members. Will he get taken out of commission, will he accomplish this newly assumed task, he is no hero (or is he?). There is a surprising ally! Maybe after years of being too busy to date he is finding a possible love interest in what could be his final hours. Hmm? What is not to like!
Anonymous 20 days ago
Boring. Did not finish.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Good story. Exciting. G8
Anonymous 4 months ago
It's a good story line but it's only over 100 pages and it cuts off mid-story. I'm just glad it was free or I would have been really annoyed
Anonymous 4 months ago
The story starts out with very little explanation and no detail of the preceeding 11 years that were spent building the ship that is the setting for both books 1 and 2. The 1st book is ridiculously short as is the second. Books 1and 2 should have been the middle and end of a single book with the 1st 3rd of the story nowhere to be found. My guess is the publisher broke one book into two and threw out the beginning of the story. 50/50 chance there will not be another book in a story idea that deserved a better author.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Anonymous 6 months ago
A really good read but i gave it three stars instead of four because this was clearly not intended to be an actual, full book. I suspect this is just the first part of the actual book, which was then chopped up to sell each. Thats how it ended as well. Not cool. DMB
Anonymous 6 months ago
Anonymous 10 months ago
Non stop action!