Paradox: Developing Your Influence Through Surrender

Paradox: Developing Your Influence Through Surrender

by Jason Bachman

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What’s worse—watching potential remain inactive while purpose waits to be filled or seeing construction workers out-number the needs of a job? In both scenarios, people are disengaged from bringing a solution to a situation. But we don’t always see missing potential like we see an overabundance of workers. I am convinced that everything this world needs to become more like God’s kingdom lies dormant in places where purpose needs to be fulfilled. The perception that the job is already being done blocks the fulfillment of purpose. Something is missing. The world-changers have become disengaged from perspective and mission while being distracted by seemingly good activities. This book may change that. Key to any movement is a strong leader. There is always one person with an idea who can communicate it from thought to action. The key leader in a movement of transformation is the Holy Spirit. He is the ultimate leader, coach, director, and friend. My aim is to present a picture of what a movement led by the Holy Spirit could look like and make it plain so you can run with it. Today God uses people who are connected to his Spirit to live strong lives, be inspirations to others, and humbly acknowledge God’s greater work within them. They are people who have fought for dependence and won. Surrender isn’t passive. Resisted surrender means saying, “Well, I guess I’ve tried everything; now I’ll let God try something.” Aggressive surrender is an intentional effort to depend completely and totally upon God for all that is needed to live and to be earthen vessels that the Holy Spirit flows through. Jesus gave an example of dependence upon God when he did nothing except what he saw the Father do: first surrender; second, minister. God is looking for touch points on this earth to bring freedom, hope, healing. God touches the earth through people who willingly work with Him to accomplish eternal purposes. God chooses to work through you and me. Given our pasts and propensity for screwing things up, it’s amazing we hold credibility in God’s eyes. God’s work through us is not based on us; it’s based on the Holy Spirit and His ability to equip, empower, restore, and transform. Therefore, we need to redirect our efforts from trying to impress a holy God with our abilities and sacrifices to aggressively surrendering to the plan, purposes, and direction of God through the Holy Spirit. The effort lies not in the production of the hands and feet but in the alignment of the will to the heart of God. Take courage in this potential unknown season. You may be launched into places you have no business being on your own. You may experience wholeness to an extent you never thought possible. You may help facilitate restoration in situations that seemed irreparably broken. The level of your aggressive surrender is proportionate to the possibility of God’s work in you and through you. Will you join the fight for dependence?

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ISBN-13: 9780996853514
Publisher: Talking Donkey Press
Publication date: 12/20/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 200
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