Paradoxium: The Place That Cannot Be

Paradoxium: The Place That Cannot Be

by Gary Lewis


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Whether you're into poetry, occultism, spirituality, mystical sciences, theories regarding the law of attraction, metaphysics, art depicting the dark side of nature, unravelling reality, or just like to read poetic and original thoughts of why things are... There is something for everyone, in The Three Worlds series of poetry books, depicting my very unique view of life experience and the world itself and converting my specific views into universal truths.

This started as a side project of mine and over the years, I have written many works of my extremely original and unique theories, representations, and symbolisms. As it progressed, it developed into an ever-evolving belief system, for me, personally.

The 'Paradoxium' books are first, in the series 'Three Worlds', comprised of 'Paradoxium', 'Inevitum', and 'Relativium'.

Read, comprehend, and formulate, in your own way. Enjoy.

- Gary Lewis

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ISBN-13: 9781312622142
Publication date: 07/16/2015
Pages: 92
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.19(d)

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