Parallel and Distributed Processing and Applications: International Symposium, ISPA 2003, Aizu, Japan, July 2-4, 2003, Proceedings

Parallel and Distributed Processing and Applications: International Symposium, ISPA 2003, Aizu, Japan, July 2-4, 2003, Proceedings


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ISBN-13: 9783540405238
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 08/13/2003
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #2745
Edition description: 2003
Pages: 453
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Keynote Speech.- Localized Algorithms and Their Applications in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks.- Towards a Single System Image for High-Performance Java.- The Earth Simulator.- Computing on the Restricted LARPBS Model.- Applications on Web-Based and Intranet Systems.- Reliability of a Distributed Search Engine for Fresh Information Retrieval in Large-Scale Intranet.- Self-Projecting Time Series Forecast — An Online Stock Trend Forecast System.- A Web-Based Graphical Interface for General-Purpose High-Performance Computing Clusters.- Compiler and Optimization Techniques.- A Compressed Diagonals Remapping Technique for Dynamic Data Redistribution on Banded Sparse Matrix.- Scheduling Parallel Tasks onto NUMA Multiprocessors with Inter-processor Communication Overhead.- An Efficient Algorithm for Irregular Redistributions in Parallelizing Compilers.- Network Routing.- Balancing Traffic in Meshes by Dynamic Channel Selection.- An Ad Hoc On-Demand Routing Protocol with Alternate Routes.- Design of a Viable Fault-Tolerant Routing Strategy for Optical-Based Grids.- Performance Evaluation of Parallel Systems.- Direct Execution Simulation of Mobile Agent Algorithms.- MPI-2 Support in Heterogeneous Computing Environment Using an SCore Cluster System.- Internet Traffic Congestion Modelling and Parallel Distributed Analysis.- Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing.- Hierarchical Grown Bluetrees (HGB) — An Effective Topology for Bluetooth Scatternets.- A Comparative Investigation into Optimum-Time Synchronization Protocols for a Large Scale of One-Dimensional Cellular Automata.- Impact from Mobile SPAM Mail on Mobile Internet Services.- Parallel Algorithms (I).- Solving the Set-Splitting Problem in Sticker-Based Model and the Lipton-Adelmann Model.- Parallel MCGLS and ICGLS Methods for Least Squares Problems on Distributed Memory Architectures.- Faster Sorting on a Linear Array with a Reconfigurable Pipelined Bus System.- Parallel Architecture and Network Topology.- An Extended Star Graph: A Proposal of a New Network Topology and Its Fundamental Properties.- Effective Admission Control for Real-Time Anycast Flow.- Synergy: A Comprehensive Software Distributed Shared Memory System.- On the Design of a Register Queue Based Processor Architecture (FaRM-rq).- Data Mining and Evolutionary Computing.- A Scheme of Interactive Data Mining Support System in Parallel and Distributed Environment.- Parallel Algorithms for Mining Association Rules in Time Series Data.- Theory of Coevolutionary Genetic Algorithms.- Predicting the Solutions of a Challenging NLP Problem with Asynchronous Parallel Evolutionary Modeling Algorithm.- Image Processing and Modelling.- Complete Image Partitioning on Spiral Architecture.- Automatic Remote-Sensing Images Registration by Matching Close-Regions.- Parallel HyperFun Polygonizer.- Parallel Algorithms (II).- A Parallel Solver Using Block Fourier Decompositions.- A Parallel Algorithm for Medial Axis Transformation.- A Vector-Parallel FFT with a User-Specifiable Data Distribution Scheme.- Network Security.- A Method for Sending Confidential Messages to a Group without Trusted Parties.- Key Agreement in Ad Hoc Networks.- Formalizing Active Networks Security with Seal-Calculus.- Research on Approaches of Iris Texture Feature Representation for Personal Identification.- Database and Multimedia Systems.- A Solution for Fault-Tolerance in Replicated Database Systems.- Information Hiding System StegoWaveK for Improving Capacity.- Multimedia Parallel Programming Tool for Cellular Automata Systems.

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