Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics, '92: Proceedings of the Conference on Parallel CFD '92 - Implementations and Results Using Parallel Computers, New Brunswick, NJ, 18-20 May, 1992

Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics, '92: Proceedings of the Conference on Parallel CFD '92 - Implementations and Results Using Parallel Computers, New Brunswick, NJ, 18-20 May, 1992



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ISBN-13: 9780444899866
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books
Publication date: 03/28/1993
Pages: 438

Table of Contents

Finite Element Simulation of Memory Fluids on Message Passing Parallel Computers (R. Aggarwal, R. Keunings). A Database Management System for Parallel Processing of CFD Algorithms (H.U. Akay et al.). A Multiblock Hypersonic Flow Solver for Massively Parallel Computer (S. Borelli et al.). Applications of a Parallel Pressure-Correction Algorithm to 3-D Turbomachinery Flows (M.E. Braaten). The Calculation of 3-D Compressible Flow through a Rectangular Nozzle using a Data Parallel Finite Element Model (F.P. Brueckner et al.). A Comparison of Lattice Gas Automata Implementations on the MasPar MP-1 (J. Butterworth, J.F. Prins). Solving CFD Methods Involving Global Communication on Distributed Memory MIMD (A. Chalmers, S.P. Fiddes). A Fast Vortex Method for the Simulation of 3-D Flows on Parallel Computers (K. Chua, T.R. Quackenbush). CFD on the 1-K Node nCUBE/2 (D.D. Cline). Multidomain Computations of Compressible Flows in a Parallel Scheduling Environment (F. Dellagiacoma et al.). CFD Experiences on a Range of Novel Architecture Systems (D.R. Emerson et al.). Programming Paradigms for Spectral Element Methods in DM-MIMD Architectures (N. Floros et al.). Application of a Parallel CFD Code to Large-Scale Practical Systems (E.R. Galea et al.). Sparse Grid Multilevel Methods, their Parallelization and their Application to CFD (M. Griebel). Unsteady Fluid Flow Calculations Using a Machine Independent Parallel Programming Environment (A. Gursoy et al.). Algorithm Modifications for Parallel Operation of a Multigrid Navier-Stokes Solver (C.S. Gwilliam, J.S. Rollett). Features of Architecture Independent Parallel CFD Software (J. Häuser et al.). Data Parallel Finite Element Techniques for CFD on theConnection Machine Systems (Z. Johan et al.). Mapping Unstructured Mesh CFD Codes onto Local Memory Parallel Architectures (B.W. Jones et al.). Parallel Adaptive Navier-Stokes Algorithm on the Cray Y-MP-8 (Y. Kallinderis, A. Vidwans). Challenges Posed for Parallel Processing on iPSC-860 by DNS Schemes for Supersonic Flows (F. Ladeinde). Block-Structured Multigrid for the Navier-Stokes Equations: Experiences and Scalabilty Questions (J. Linden et al.). Parallel Algorithms for Gas Dynamics (L.N. Long). Evaluation of Different Approaches to Parallel Processing for CFD (C. de Nicola et al.). Compressible Vortex Reconnection on the Connection Machine (R.B. Pelz et al.). Numerical Simulation of Complex Fluid Flows on MIMD Computers (M. Perić et al.). Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulence on the Connection Machine (J.B. Perot). Parallel CFD in a Networked Environment (G. Prisco et al.). Large Eddy Simulations of Turbulence on a Massively Parallel Computer (J.B. Robichaux et al.). Parallel CFD on Unstructured Meshes Using Algebraic Multigrid (G. Robinson). Order Finite Difference Scheme (C. Shu, B.E. Richards). Efficient Parallelisation of Implicit and Explicit Solvers on a MIMD Computer (D.M. Smith, S.P. Fiddes). The Uniform Boundary Algorithm for Supersonic and Hypersonic Flows (Y.S. Weber et al.). Parallelising Explicit and Fully Implicit Navier-Stokes Solutions for Compressible Flows (X. Xu et al.). Parallelization of KIVA-II on the iPSC-860 Supercomputer (O. Yasar, C.J. Rutland). On the Implementation Issues of Domain Decomposition Algorithms for Parallel Computers (J. Zhu).

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