Parallels of Infinite Torture

Parallels of Infinite Torture

by DisgorgeDisgorge

CD(Special Edition / Digi-Pak)

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First, the disclaimer: California's Disgorge -- the band heard on Parallels of Infinite Torture -- should not be confused with Mexico's Disgorge. Nor should the Californians be confused with Swedish and Norwegian bands that are also called Disgorge. But it isn't hard to understand why someone might confuse California's Disgorge with Mexico's Disgorge. Both were formed in the '90s -- California's Disgorge in 1992, Mexico's Disgorge in 1994 -- and both have been loyal to the grindcore style of death metal associated with Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, and Cancer. Further, California's Disgorge have had some Latino members. Play Parallels of Infinite Torture right after hearing Forensick (an album by Mexico's Disgorge), and it is clear that the two bands are quite similar -- which isn't to say that they're identical. There are subtle differences between them. For one thing, Mexico's Disgorge have favored sick, twisted song titles that mirror Carcass' medical themes; their list of song titles reads like a medical textbook, whereas on Parallels of Infinite Torture, California's Disgorge go for song titles that are very occult-minded. And while this 2005 release would no doubt offend a member of the Christian Coalition or Focus on the Family, those who aren't fundamentalist fanatics will take Parallels of Infinite Torture for what it is: an exercise in shock value and campy, over the top entertainment. While Slayer's albums can be genuinely disturbing because Tom Araya and his colleagues take their subject matter quite seriously, this CD comes across as more tongue-in-cheek than anything. Parallels of Infinite Torture is the first album by this band to feature their new lead singer, Levi Fuselier, who favors the type of deep, guttural, demonic-sounding growl that is one of death metal's trademarks. But having a new frontman hasn't changed the Californians stylistically -- and while Parallels of Infinite Torture isn't the least bit groundbreaking, it's a decent (if predictable) effort that will appeal to die-hard fans of early-'90s-style grindcore.

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