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Paranormal Phenomena

Paranormal Phenomena

by Karen Miller

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ISBN-10: 0737740086

ISBN-13: 9780737740080

Pub. Date: 06/13/2008

Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing

Product Details

Greenhaven Publishing
Publication date:
Opposing Viewpoints Series
Edition description:
Library Edition
Product dimensions:
6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)
Age Range:
15 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

Why Consider Opposing Viewpoints?     11
Introduction     14
Why Do People Believe in Paranormal Phenomena?
Chapter Preface     19
Skeptics Ignore Evidence for Paranormal Phenomena   Robert Matthews     22
Evidence for Paranormal Phenomena Has Not Been Found   Susan Blackmore     32
Education Influences Belief in Paranormal Phenomena   Michael J. Dougherty     41
Brain Structure Influences Belief in Paranormal Phenomena   Dean Hamer     51
People Are Interconnected by a Collective Consciousness   Robert Kenny     59
People Appear to Be Interconnected Because of Coincidence   Martin Plimmer   Brian King     71
Periodicial Bibliography     82
Do Paranormal Phenomena Exist?
Chapter Preface     84
Observers Have Witnessed Psychokinesis   Doug Yurchey     86
Ghosts Are Incompatible with Scientific Principles   Lucian Dorneanu     93
Ghosts Are Compatible with Scientific Principles   Peter Novak     98
Psychics Are Frauds   Janet McDonald     105
Psychics Have Real Ability   Doug Moe     112
Periodical Bibliography     118
Are the Mind and BodySeparate Entities?
Chapter Preface     120
Near-Death Experiences Are Symptoms of a Dying Brain   Dr. G.M. Woerlee     122
Near-Death Experiences Are Symptoms of Consciousness Disconnecting from the Body   Pim van Lommel     129
Mediums Communicate with the Dead   Gary E. Schwartz   William L. Simon     138
Mediums Do Not Communicate with the Dead   Ray Hyman     145
Belief Is Sufficient to Cure Illness   Roger Dobson     153
The Biology of Hope     160
Periodical Bibliography   Jerome Groopman     167
Should Government Support the Paranormal?
Chapter Preface     169
Psychic Detectives Hamper Police Investigations   Bret Christian     171
The Study of Paranormal Phenomena Is Legitimate Science   Scott Flagg     179
The Study of Paranormal Phenomena Is Not Legitimate Science   Barry Karr     185
Periodical Bibliography     190
For Further Discussion     191
Organizations to Contact     195
Bibliography of Books     201
Index     205

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