Paraprofessionals and Teachers Working Together: Highly Effective Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms

Paraprofessionals and Teachers Working Together: Highly Effective Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms

by Susan Fitzell



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Paraprofessionals and Teachers Working Together: Highly Effective Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms by Susan Fitzell

This book is a must read for all general and special education teachers and paraprofessionals, though anyone who works with children would benefit from reading it. Consider it a playbook for successful behavioral management and collaborative support of a child's educational advancement. Teachers and paraprofessionals are given communication strategies to consider when working together. With the help of the handbook, educators can avoid any confusion or contradictions of teaching methods. Managing behavior and providing academic support to students is also outlined. The book is packed with supplemental material for reuse, including a plethora of strategic checklists and chart templates for recording student data. The second edition provides more! Instructions on effective strategies are supplied with forms and charts to prepare educators. Personal checklists included in the book outline the steps necessary to achieve positive changes in behavior and information retention in students. Other forms and charts organize data to assist in making informed decisions about what techniques will have the best success. Paraprofessionals and teachers are encouraged to take full advantage of having the organizational tools already created for them.

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ISBN-13: 9781932995077
Publisher: Cogent Catalyst Publications
Publication date: 02/28/2007
Pages: 154
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.33(d)

About the Author

Susan Fitzell, M. Ed, is a dynamic, nationally recognized presenter and educational consultant specializing in special education topics, co-teaching, bullying prevention, adolescent anger management, and practical strategies to increase achievement of ALL students in ALL classrooms. Susan's motto is, "Good for all, critical for students who learn differently."
With years of experience co-teaching in the general education classroom, Susan possesses a unique understanding of the challenges facing co-teachers and paraprofessionals, and has spent her teaching life developing tools for both child and teacher success. Motherhood has helped her identify with the needs of parents and help them find the best ways to help their children with homework and other critical issues.
As a mother, teacher, and martial artist, Susan has over two decades of experience identifying and meeting the needs of youth, especially those with special needs, students with behavioral and anger management issues, and students who experience bullying. Susan's work focuses on building caring, inclusive school communities and helping students and teachers succeed in the inclusive classroom.
Susan's greatest satisfaction comes from helping teachers make a positive impact by using practical, doable strategies that fuel positive, measurable results. Whether she's presenting a one day workshop or delivering long-term consulting, Susan's straight forward, common sense approach always yields positive results.

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