Paremiology: " A Study & Anthology of The Proverb "

by Edited by Paul F. Kisak


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The study of proverbs has application in a number of fields. Clearly, those who study folklore and literature are interested in them, but scholars from a variety of fields have found ways to profitably incorporate the study proverbs.

For example, they have been used to study abstract reasoning of children, acculturation of immigrants, intelligence, the differing mental processes in mental illness, cultural themes, etc.

Proverbs have also been incorporated into the strategies of social workers, teachers, preachers, and even politicians.

This book investigates the study, anthology and functional decomposition of "The Proverb" and is designed to be a general overview of the topic and provide you with the structured knowledge to familiarize yourself with the topic at the most affordable price possible. The level of discussion is that of Wikipedia.

The accuracy and knowledge is of an international viewpoint as the edited articles represent the inputs of many knowledgeable individuals and some of the most currently available general knowledge on the topic based on the date of publication.

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