Parenting: Raising Your Child in Ireland Today

Parenting: Raising Your Child in Ireland Today

by John Lonergan




Raising a child is not an easy task, and there is no simple rulebook to follow. The goal of any parent is to guide and nurture their child from babyhood to becoming a mature, capable, independent, responsible and self-sufficient adult, but how do you achieve this, especially during the tricky teenage years? In this thoughtful and compassionate book, John Lonergan shares his own parenting philosophy, developed over twenty years of talking to and with parents and teenagers. He emphasises the importance of communication and consensus, tackling subjects like: Developing your parenting objectives, The importance of self-esteem, Accepting your child for who they are, Bullying and suicide, Underage drinking and drug use, Sex education and sexuality Parenting: Raising Tour Child in Ireland Today will help you guide your child in their journey to adulthood. While it is primarily aimed at the parents of pre-teens and teens it is relevant to children of all ages. It will also prove inspirational to teachers, coaches, youth club leaders and other family members.

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ISBN-13: 9781909895027
Publisher: Orpen Press
Publication date: 03/20/2014
Pages: 218
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword vii

Acknowledgements x

Barnardos in Ireland xv

Barnardo's Northern Ireland xvii

1 Introduction 1

Parenting Objectives 2

The Complexity of Parenting 4

Our Relationship with Our Children 8

Communication Is Key 9

Parenting by Example 10

Parenting and the Home 13

Aims and Layout of this Book 15

2 Communication 17

Obstacles to Honest Communication 21

The Family China 21

The Value of Chatting 25

Keeping the Lines of Communication Open 29

More about Listening 32

When You Become an Embarrassment to Your Teenager 34

3 Nurturing Self-Confidence 37

Compliments, Criticism and Self-Confidence 38

Things Not to Say to Your Child 41

Two Approaches to Discipline 45

Losing Your Temper 48

4 Accepting Your Child and Choosing the Future 49

Accepting Your Child's Reality 49

Accepting Your Child's Ability 51

What if My Child Is Not Achieving Their Potential? 55

The Key Message 58

Choosing School Subjects 58

The CAO Application Form 60

5 Bullying 65

What Is Bullying? 66

Consequences of Bullying 69

Bullying v Teasing 69

Common Forms of Bullying 70

Cyberbullying 72

Bullying and Silence 76

Why Do Children Bully? 78

Bullying Traits to Watch Out For 80

What Type of Child Is Likely to Be Bullied? 81

Signs that Your Child Is Being Bullied 83

Proving a Case of Bullying 84

What Should You Do if You Suspect Your Child Is Being Bullied? 87

What if Your Child Is the Bully? 96

Conclusion 101

6 Underage Drinking 103

Underage Drinking in Ireland Today 103

Effects of Alcohol on Teenagers 105

What Do Teenagers Drink and Where Do They Get Their Alcohol From? 107

The 'Free Gaff' 108

Why Do Teenagers Drink? 109

How Should You Deal with Your Child's Underage Drinking? 112

Conclusion 114

7 Drugs - An Introduction 117

Ecstasy 119

Cannabis 120

Cocaine 122

Heroin 123

Amphetamine 126

LSD 128

Sedatives and Tranquillisers 129

Solvents 130

Magic Mushrooms 130

Drugs Terminology 131

8 Your Child and Drugs 133

What Is Addiction? 134

Drug Tolerance and Withdrawal 136

General Signs and Symptoms of Drug Use 137

Monitoring Your Children 139

What to Do if Your Child Is Taking Drugs 139

Conclusion 144

9 Suicide 147

Why Do Young People Decide to End Their Lives by Suicide? 148

Myths about Suicide 149

What Are the Signs of Suicidal Thought? 152

What Should You Do if You Think Your Child Is Suicidal? 154

Providing a Safe Listening Environment 157

Suicide - A Problem for Society? 158

10 Sexual Relationships and Sexuality 161

Laying the Foundation - Early Years 162

Puberty 166

Becoming Sexually Active 167

The Importance of Boundaries 169

Sex Abuse and Pornography 172

Pornography 173

Legal Issues 175

Religious Beliefs and Sex 175

Relationships 176

Sexuality 179

A Final Word 182

11 Sport and Recreational Activities 183

The Benefits of Playing Sport 184

Unwilling Participants 188

Competitiveness and Sportsmanship 188

Sport and Study 191

Other Recreational Activities 191

12 Fathers 195

The Role of Fathers 195

Spending Time with Your Child 196

Be There for Your Child 197

Discipline 198

Parental Love 202

Accepting Your Child for Who They Are 203

13 Measuring Parenting Success 205

A Reflection on Observation 208

The Perfect Parent 215

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