Parenting;: How to guide your children to the peak of their potential

Parenting;: How to guide your children to the peak of their potential

by Philip K. Perry


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Parenting;: How to guide your children to the peak of their potential by Philip K. Perry

The parenting; how to guide your children to the peak of their potential is a book for the enlightenment of the entire family and presents the view of a number of respected child care authorities as this kind may be useful and informative to parent. What do the children need from their parents?When and where do children need attention? Why is providing these needs are so important?How can the parents meet their responsibilities to their little ones?The answers to these questions are explained in detail in this book.The book begins with the origin of human from the conception to the full grown adult.This book will be a guide on ways to help any parent on how to support their children's journey to the peak of their potential.Helping to build the foundation of a child's ability to grow, learn and thrive.The first two years of life show rapid physical growth with an increase in body size as well as the formation and changes in the skeletal structure of infant.By the second birthday, the rapid brain development involving higher cognitive provide an essential skills a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for your children. It requires firmness and flexibility to meet that unique needs of individual children to set a limit and maturity which some time set aside the desire for the benefit of your children.
This book is enriched with a guiding principle by which parents acquires parenting skill. Parenting is not natural, but some people have a natural temperament that makes it easier some for them to parent. To avoid considerable trail and error, this book prevents some degree of difficulty. A parent who is open to learning how to improve their skill became better parent over the course of time.
The children require a role model parent, with parenting styles that are loveable, capable, and special in positive ways and children also needs the parent to provide and atmosphere that mentally and physically stable. On this book, you will learn a process that will aid your parenting ways to handle the stress of parenting
1. Parents should take time every day to make something to your children
2. You should keep your relationship strong with your spouse
3. Build a support system of friend and relative
4. You should experience the joy of seeing your children grow and develop
5. Remember that children can make mistake, but be consistency, act selflessly
The book contains the principle of management that requires the parents to success in parenting, for parent to success they should observe the following
Be a role model, communicate, delegate responsibility, discipline with love, encourage their social skill, and love them unconditionally. It's also imperative to make your home safe, show them affection, and you should spend the time with them regularly.
This book will teach you how to care your children learn more from watching how to deal situation than telling them, the mode to speak to them in simpler, direct, genuine manner. it will use the real-life opportunity that teaches children acceptable ways of interacting with other. Acknowledge the use of this skill when observing children. The book will psychologically, guide your ways to love all time not only when they do something that pleases will help you to make your home safe as well as free from physical hazard and guide you establish a routine so you can make it different to your children at the same time each day.

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ISBN-13: 9781548610463
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Publication date: 07/04/2017
Pages: 146
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About the Author

Philip K. Perry was born in Oxford in 1953.He graduated from the school of social science and mass communication at the University of Mississippi. He completed his bachelor's degree in psychology and his doctorate degree in Educational Psychology at the same academic institution. He spent 36 years teaching in both universities of Southern California and New York University. He authored several books and journals, In addition to writing scholarly publication, he coordinates a common sense parenting program that teaches practical skill to parent that address issue of communication, discipline, decision making, relationship, self-control and school success. He is a recipient of the collegiate teaching award and is currently the course director for Center psychoanalysis at the University.

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