Parenting Plans for Families after Divorce

Parenting Plans for Families after Divorce

by Joan H. McWilliams


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Parenting Plans for Families after Divorce by Joan H. McWilliams

Parenting Plans For Families After Divorce presents a fresh, contemporary, and practical guide that shows divorcing parents how to create a healthy and vibrant Post-Divorce Family. It acknowledges that while the parties' original family will take on a different form after the divorce, their original family will still exist and need to be nourished. It discards the one size fits all approach to divorce and provides creative processes and solutions that strive to meet the needs of each family member. Using a step-by-step method, the author explains how to write a Parenting Plan in which the parents make the decisions, not the judge. It contains suggestions for monitoring children's use of social media, addressing the needs of non-traditional families, adopting child-inclusive provisions, and designing dispute resolution techniques. Using a Celtic Tree, a symbol of love, strength, connection, and renewal, Ms. McWilliams delivers a pragmatic and common sense approach for dealing with the variety of issues that families encounter in divorce.

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ISBN-13: 9780976866305
Publisher: McWilliams Mediation Group Ltd.
Publication date: 06/30/2011
Pages: 153
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

A pioneer in the field of mediation, Joan McWilliams has acted as a third-party neutral for more than twenty years. Before starting her mediation practice, she served as a law clerk for the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals and was a partner in a large Denver law firm. She is the recipient of the Alumni Professional Award from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law and the Family Law Icon Award from the Colorado Bar Association. She is listed in The Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers 5280, and U.S. News's Best Lawyers/Best Law Firms. She is the author of the award-winning book, The PeaceFinder: Riley McFee's Quest for World Peace, and Creating Parenting Plans That Work. She frequently speaks on the Post-Divorce Family Model and the ways in which families can draft plans to creatively resolve parenting and financial issues in their divorce.

Table of Contents

A Letter to Parents xvii

Introduction xxi

What Is This Book About? xxi

How Can We Avoid Hurting Our Children? xxii

Why Write This Book Now? What's Changed? xxvi

Can Anyone Use This Book? xxx

Part 1 Creating a Parenting Plan for Your Family 1

Chapter 1 Parenting Plan Q & A-Simple Questions/Simple Answers 3

What Are the Basic Parts of a Parenting Plan? 3

Can We Add Other Provisions to Our Parenting Plan? 5

Do We Need to Write a Parenting Plan? 7

When Should We Write a Parenting Plan? 8

What Is the Best Time to Write a Parenting Plan? 9

What Else Should We Know about the Law? 10

Anything Else? Yes! Remember the Five "Cs" 11

But What If ...? 15

Chapter 2 The Family Mission Statement-A Family Business Plan 17

What Is a Family Mission Statement? 17

Will It Help Our Children? 18

How Do We Write a Family Mission Statement? 20

Chapter 3 Decision-Making-No Waffling Allowed 23

What Is Decision-Making? 23

Health Decisions 24

Education Decisions 26

Religious Decisions 28

General Welfare Decisions 30

Chapter 4 Parenting Time (Visitation)-Making It Work for You and Your Children 33

How Will Our Children Spend Time with Each of Their Parents? 33

What Factors Should We Consider When Creating Our Parenting Time Schedule? 34

How Should We Deal with Special Problems? 36

How Do We Design a Parenting Time Schedule? 41

Monthly Parenting Time Schedule 42

Holiday Parenting Time Schedule 43

Vacation parenting Time Schedule 45

Clarifying Your Expectations 45

Things that Are Guaranteed to Make You Crazy! 49

Chapter 5 Communication-Yes, You Still Have to Communicate 53

Communicate with the Other Parent? Impossible! 53

So-How Do We Do It? 54

Are There Other Resources We Can Use? 57

Chapter 6 Technology-Get Online 61

Why Should We Worry about Technology? 61

Should We Include This Topic in Our Parenting Plan? 62

What Are Some Guidelines that We Might Consider? 63

Chapter 7 Nontraditional and Special Needs Families-Practical Considerations 67

Families with Special Needs Children 68

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender ("GLBT") Parents 70

Never Married Parents 73

Multiracial/Multicultural Parents 76

Non-Parents as Parents 78

Chapter 8 Finances-Sharing the Cost 81

Things to Consider 82

Things that Are Guaranteed to Make You Crazy! 85

Chapter 9 Change-It Happens 89

What Happens If We Need to Change Our Plan? 89

What Should We Anticipate? 90

Chapter 10 Disagreements-They Happen Too! 93

Get Ready-Disputes Happen! 93

What Are Some Peaceful Dispute Resolution Techniques? 94

Part 2 Listening to Your Children 99

Chapter 11 Child-Inclusive Parenting Plans-Are You Listening? 101

What Is a Child-Inclusive Parenting Plan? 101

Should Children's Ideas Always Be Included in the Parenting Plan? 102

What Factors Should We Consider Before We Try to Include Our Children 104

Is There More than One Way to Include Our Children in Our Plan? 107

How Should We Prepare the Children to Participate in the Process? 112

We're Still Not Sure ... 114

Part 3 Making Your Patenting Plan Work 117

Chapter 12 Guaranteeing Failure-Guaranteeing Success 119

What Are the Worst Things that You Can Do to Your Children (and Guarantee Failure in the Process)? 119

What Are the Best Things that You Can Do for Your Children (and Guarantee Success in the Process)? 122

Chapter 13 Divorce Etiquette 129

Are There Rules We Can Follow that Will Make Our Lives Easier? 129

Chapter 14 Parting Thoughts 137

The Truth from My Perspective 137

Part 4 Resources 141

Chapter 15 I Need Help! 143

Where Should I Go? 143

How about Other Resources? 144

Children's Books 144

Adult Books 145

Online Resources 146

Articles 147

Acknowledgments 149

About the Author 151

quick Order Form 153

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