Parenting with Gumption and Grit: 52 Must-Read Parenting Tips for Anyone Who Has Ever Loved a Child Enough toWant to Influence Their Future. . .

Parenting with Gumption and Grit: 52 Must-Read Parenting Tips for Anyone Who Has Ever Loved a Child Enough toWant to Influence Their Future. . .

by Judy McCarver


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Parenting is the greatest challenge any of us will ever face. This book cuts to the chase. It is not authored by someone with multiple degrees in child psychology or counseling or even in education. But neither does parenting require any of us to hold multiple degrees or certifications in order to parent kids to be confident, compassionate, and successful. The average parent certainly doesn't hold specialized credentials in parenting. Yet all parents are capable of raising world changers. We are all capable of taking a baby from that first stage of infancy to young adulthood with our sanity intact and with the assurance that our children are going to impact their world in a positive way, and lead fulfilling lives in the process. This book reminds us that we are capable as parents to do the most important job on earth: parent a child effectively while simultaneously (no kidding) enjoying the journey. How does it do this? By sharing authentic and real advice, from an authentic and mom-52 manageable and empowering tips for raising extraordinary children in a world that is often unforgiving and harsh. When things get tough or you need wise encouragement, this book offers straight forward, fearless advice that is grounded in scripture and common sense. It is practical. It is sensitive. It is truth.

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ISBN-13: 9781595559449
Publisher: Elm Hill
Publication date: 05/14/2019
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 888,746
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.30(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Judy McCarver has been married to Paul for 25 years. Together they have parented three lovely and capable daughters. She has a conviction and a passion for equipping parents with the tools necessary for raising world changers. Her favorite hobbies are traveling, reading, writing, and helping all people, regardless of their personal faith experience, to better understand how to apply timeless scriptural truths to parenting along with the practical application they hold for their lives.

Table of Contents

Foreword xiii

The Real and True Definition of Parenting and Mentoring xvii

The Principle of Connect the Dots xix

The Principle of Faith xxii

Smart Parenting Choices: Tips #1-13 1

#1 Don't Go at It Alone; Do Surround Yourself with Helpers 3

#2 Resist the Urge to Live Vicariously through Your Child 5

#3 Be Lifetime Learners, Always Open for Correction 7

#4 Quit Buying Them Everything 9

#5 Discipline Isn't Optional 11

#6 Apathy or Worry? Both Are Lethal Weapons to Effective Parenting 13

#7 Please Don't Lie to Your Kids 15

#8 Let Them Be Kids 17

#9 Don't Praise Them for their Good Looks 19

#10 Don't Bail Them Out 21

#11 Do Read with Your Child 23

#12 Do Choose Your Battles Wisely 25

#13 Do Be Mindful of Their Diets 29

Teach Them Life Skills: Tips #14-18 31

#14 Teach Them how to Ride a Bike 33

#15 Teach Them How to Swim 35

#16 Teach Them How to Drive a Stick Shift 37

#17 Teach Them How to Cook and Do Household Cleaning Chores 39

#18 Teach Them the Art of Handwritten Notes 43

The Parent Trap: Tips #19-20 45

#19 Don't Be a Child-Centered Family 47

#20 Parents, the World Doesn't Revolve Around Us Either 53

Letting Them Go: Tips #21-22 57

#21 "Fly Like an Eagle…" 59

#22 Vacate the Premises 67

Can We Talk? Tip #23 69

#23 Have Important, and Potentially Life-Saving, Age-Appropriate Conversations with Your Kids 71

On Volunteering: Tip #24 77

#24 Serve Together 79

The Sex Talk: Tip #25 83

#25 Make the Sex Talk a Two-Way Conversation 85

Dads and Dating: Tips #26-27 91

#26 Girls Need Their Dads, Period 93

#27 Don't Encourage (or Embrace) Dating 95

Death and Life: Tip #28 97

#28 Take Them to Funerals 99

Parenting Quarrels: Tip #29 101

#29 Let Them See You Argue Don't Let Them See You Wage War 103

Wishy-Washy Parenting: Tip #30 107

#30 Know the Difference Between Making a Suggestion and Giving Marching Orders 109

Chill: Tip #31 113

#31 Be Playful 115

Yes, You Can! Tip #32 119

#32 Say Yes as Often as Possible 121

Manage Their Media: Tips #33-35 123

#33 For Pete's Sake, Monitor Their Social Networking 125

#34 For Pete's Sake, Limit Their Screen Time 129

#35 For Pete's Sake, Keep Television Out of Your Kids' Rooms! 133

Character Counts: Tips #36-42 135

#36 Teach Your Kids More about Resilience and Less about Resistance 139

#37 Teach Them Kindness, Not Tolerance 143

#38 Teach Them Forgiveness, Not Bitterness 147

#39 Teach Them Hospitality, Not Exclusion 153

#40 Teach Them True Faith, Not Religion 157

#41 There Is Never an Excuse for Rude 163

#42 Teach Them Justice 165

Money Talks: Tip #43 167

#43 Teach Them about Money 169

I Messed Up: Tip #44 171

#44 Do the Next Right Thing: It's Never Too Late 173

On Being a Family: Tips #45-47 177

#45 Travel with Your Kids 179

#46 Encourage Sibling Relationships 183

#47 Do Eat Dinner around the Table 185

I Promise, They Aren't Going to Break: Tip #48 189

#48 Quit Treating Your Children Like Porcelain Dolls 191

Don't Drop the Parenting Ball: Tip #49 193

#49 Just Parent Your Child 195

Calling All Parents: Tip #50 205

#50 None of Us Gets a Free Pass 207

It's a Learning Curve: Tip #51 213

#51 Formal Expertise Not Required; Gumption and Grit Are a Must 215

Loosen Up, People: Tip #52 219

#52 Closing Thought: Have Fun with Your Kids 221

Endnotes 225

Biography 229

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