Parenting with Heart and Mind

Parenting with Heart and Mind

by Wen-ying Chin


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Parents are example of life-learning, and Children are a mirror of Parents' characters. A child's development encompasses many aspects including the physical social, emotional and cognitive/mental. In order for children to develop in all aspects, they must be supported in all areas and the one person most often responsible for this encouragement is the mother. Mothers tend to be the primary caregiver in both traditional and single parent families and thus are with their children more than anyone else. Mothers, therefore, are in the unique position of influencing their children's growth is all areas of development, beginning with the bonding and attachments that they usually develop with their children.

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ISBN-13: 9781625032607
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Publication date: 01/01/2016
Pages: 118
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About the Author

Dr. Wen-yin Chin came from a traditional Chinese family. After graduation from National Taiwan University, she went to the United States for advanced study and obtained her Ph.D. of Physics at New York University. Dr. Chin has been teaching in National Taiwan University for over two decades. She conducts original research and commonly teaches undergraduate, graduate, and/or professional courses in departments of physics and geology. In universities with graduate schools, mentoring and supervising graduate students who are conducting research for a professional thesis or dissertation. Dr. Chin is also a bilingual translator with many works published.

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