Parker's California Insurance Code

Parker's California Insurance Code

by Publisher's Editorial Staff

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LexisNexis is pleased to present the 2019 edition of Parker’s Insurance Code. This 2019 edition incorporates the legislation affecting the Insurance Code required by legislative enactments through the 2018 Regular Session of the 2017-2018 California Legislature.

Included in this edition is a Summary of Changes highlighting major topics of legislative activity extracted from the Legislative Counsel’s Digest. The unique Quick-Find Index allows you to find law "on point" instantly, while the Table of Sections Affected helps you to quickly locate the latest changes in the code.

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ISBN-13: 9781522166023
Publisher: LexisNexis
Publication date: 12/14/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
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Table of Contents

Part 1 The Contract
Chapter 1 Classes of Insurance
Chapter 1.5 Risk Retention
Chapter 2 Parties, Events, and Interests
Chapter 3 Negotiations Before Execution
Chapter 4 The Policy
Chapter 5 The Premium
Chapter 5.2 Renewal Notices
Chapter 5.3 Consumer Complaints
Chapter 5.4 Proof of Coverage Disclosure
Chapter 6 Loss
Chapter 7 Double Insurance
Chapter 8 Reinsurance
Chapter 9 Rescission
Chapter 9.5 Filing of Certificates
Chapter 9.6 Reasons for Denial of Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance
Chapter 10 Cancellation or Failure to Renew
Chapter 10.1 Certain Automobile Insurance
Chapter 10.2 Prohibited Cancellations
Chapter 10.25 Automobile Collision and Comprehensive Coverage
Chapter 10.27 Availability of Cost Estimates
Chapter 10.3 Cancellation of Policies When Premium Financed
Chapter 10.4 Prior Notice Concerning Cancellation or Nonrenewal
Chapter 11 Cancellation and Failure to Renew Certain Property Insurance
Chapter 11.5 Disclosure Requirements for Certain Property Insurance
Chapter 12 Prohibition of Discriminatory Practices by Certain Admitted Insurers
Part 2 The Business of Insurance
Chapter 1 General Regulations
Chapter 1.5 Interstate Life and Health Insurance Receivership Compact [Repealed]
Chapter 2 Incorporated Insurers
Chapter 3 Reciprocal Insurers
Chapter 4 Foreign Insurers
Chapter 5 Production Agencies
Chapter 5A Administrators
Chapter 6 Surplus Line Brokers
Chapter 6.1 Surplus Line Advisory Organization
Chapter 6.5 Reinsurance Intermediaries
Chapter 7 Bail Licenses
Chapter 8 Life and Disability Insurance Analysts
Chapter 9 Rates and Rating and Other Organizations
Chapter 10 Child Care Insurance Act
Chapter 10.5 Risk Retention
Chapter 11 Arson Investigations [Repealed]
Chapter 12 The Insurance Frauds Prevention Act
Part 1 Fire and Marine Insurance
Chapter 1 The Marine Contract
Chapter 2 The Fire Insurance Contract
Chapter 3 Incorporated Fire and Marine Insurers
Chapter 4 General Mutual Insurers
Chapter 4.5 California Residential Earthquake Recovery Fund [Repealed]
Chapter 5 County Mutual Fire Insurers
Chapter 6 County Mutual Fire Reinsurers
Chapter 7 Fraternal Fire Insurers
Chapter 8 Underwriters Fire Patrols
Chapter 8.5 Earthquake Insurance
Chapter 8.6 California Earthquake Authority
Chapter 8.9 Insurance Mediation
Chapter 9 Basic Property Insurance Inspection and Placement Plan
Chapter 10 California Residential Property Insurance Disclosure
Chapter 11 Small Business Guide To Commercial Insurance
Part 2 Life And Disability Insurance
Chapter 1 The Contract
Chapter 1.5 Health Coverage Contract Notification
Chapter 2 Group Life Policies
Chapter 2.5 Blanket Life Insurance
Chapter 2.6 Long–Term Care Insurance
Chapter 2.7 Standards For Long-Term Care Insurance [Repealed]
Chapter 3 Burial Contracts
Chapter 4 Standard Provisions in Disability Policies
Chapter 5 General Regulation of Life Insurers
Chapter 5.5 Life Insurance Policy Illustrations
Chapter 5.6 Life Insurance Cost Indexes
Chapter 6 Incorporated Life Insurers Issuing Policies on a Reserve Basis
Chapter 6.5 Risk-Based Capital for Life Insurers [Repealed]
Chapter 7 Disability Insurance Disclosure
Chapter 8 Small Employer Health Insurance
Chapter 8.01 Nongrandfathered Small Employer Health Insurance
Chapter 8.02 Grandfathered Small Employer Health Insurance
Chapter 8.1 Insurance Market Reform
Chapter 8.5 Coverage for Federally Eligible Defined Individuals
Chapter 9 The Private Health Care Voluntary Purchasing Alliance Act
Chapter 9.5 Individual Access to Contracts for Health Care Services
Chapter 9A Legal Reserve Capital Stock Company [Repealed]
Chapter 9.6 Consumer Operated And Oriented Plans
Chapter 9.7 (Inoperative; Operative date contingent) Child Access to Health Insurance
Chapter 9.9 Individual Access to Health Insurance
Chapter 10 Fraternal Benefit Societies 10970
Chapter 10A Firemen's, Policemen's, or Peace Officers' Benefit and Relief Associations
Chapter 11 Change by Assessment Plan Insurer to Reserve Plan
Chapter 11A Nonprofit Hospital Service Plans [Repealed]Chapter 12 Grants and Annuities Societies
Chapter 13 Voluntary Mutualization of Incorporated Life and Life and Disability
Insurers Having a Capital Stock and Issuing Nonassessable Policies on a Reserve Basis
Chapter 14 Conversion of an Incorporated Mutual Life or Life and Disability Insurer
into an Incorporated Stock Life Insurer Issuing Policies on a Reserve Basis
Part 3 Liability, Workers' Compensation, and Common Carrier Liability Insurance
Chapter 1 General Regulations
Chapter 2 Workers' Compensation Policies
Chapter 3 Regulation of Business of Workers' Compensation Insurance
Chapter 4 The State Compensation Insurance Fund
Chapter 5 Market Assistance Program for Long-Term Health Care Facility Liability Insurance
Part 4 Miscellaneous Casualty Insurances
Chapter 1 Surety Insurers on Reserve Basis; Capital Requirements and Permitted Insurances
Chapter 2 Other Casualty Insurers on Reserve Basis; Capital Requirements and Permitted Insurances
Chapter 3 Group and Individual Plans for Legal Insurance
Part 5 Motor Clubs
Chapter 1 Definitions and Exemptions
Chapter 2 Certificate of Authority
Chapter 3 The Service Contract
Chapter 4 Agents
Chapter 5 Penalties
Part 6 Insurance Covering Land
Chapter 1 Title Insurance
Chapter 2 Mortgage Insurance [Repealed]
Chapter 2A Mortgage Guaranty Insurance
Chapter 3 Land Value Insurance
Part 6.1 Health Disability Insurance Conversion
Part 6.2 Healthy Families
Chapter 1 Purpose
Chapter 2 Definitions
Chapter 3 Creation of Program and Powers of the Board
Chapter 4 Administration
Chapter 5 Health Benefits and Copayments
Chapter 6 Dental Benefits and Copayments
Chapter 7 Vision Benefits and Copayments
Chapter 8 Linkages with Public Programs
Chapter 9 Eligibility
Chapter 10 Fiscal Integrity
Chapter 11 Protection Against Substitution of Benefits
Chapter 12 Appeals
Chapter 13 Healthy Families Advisory Board [Repealed]
Chapter 14 Rural Demonstration Project
Chapter 15 Reports
Chapter 16 Funds
Chapter 16.1 Healthy Families Bridge Benefits Program
Chapter 16.2 Transition of Healthy Families Program Enrollees to Medi-Cal
Chapter 17 Repeal [Repealed]
Part 6.3 Access for Infants and Mothers [Repealed]
Chapter 1 General Provisions and Definitions [Repealed]
Chapter 2 Powers and Duties of the Board [Repealed]
Chapter 3 Participating Health Plans [Repealed]
Chapter 4 Subscriber Eligibility and Enrollment [Repealed]
Chapter 5 Perinatal Insurance Fund [Repealed]
Chapter 6 Operation of Program [Repealed]
Part 6.4 County Health Initiative Matching Fund [Repealed]
Part 6.5 California Major Risk Medical Insurance Program [Repealed]
Chapter 1 General [Repealed]
Chapter 2 Definitions [Repealed]
Chapter 3 Powers and Duties [Repealed]
Chapter 4 Policies Issued by the Board [Repealed]
Chapter 5 Participating Health Plans [Repealed]
Chapter 6 Subscriber Eligibility and Enrollment [Repealed]
Chapter 7 Plan Rates and Compensation from the Fund [Repealed]
Chapter 8 Major Risk Medical Insurance Fund [Repealed]
Part 6.6 (Repealed January 1, 2020) Qualified High Risk Pools
Part 6.7 (Repealed January 1, 2020) Federal Temporary High Risk Health Insurance Fund
Part 6.8 Program Transfers
Part 7 Home Protection
Chapter 1 Definitions and Licensing
Chapter 2 Fiscal Requirements
Chapter 3 Other Provisions
Part 8 Service Contracts
Part 9 Pet Insurance
Chapter 1 Appointment, Qualification, and Offices
Chapter 2 Powers and Duties
Chapter 3 Conciliation
Chapter 4 Holocaust Era Insurance Registry
Chapter 5 Slavery Era Insurance Policies
Chapter 1 Insurance Adjuster Act
Chapter 2 Public Insurance Adjusters Act
Chapter 3 Emergency Disaster Assessment

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