Parkinson's disease Trapped: it's a grey matter

Parkinson's disease Trapped: it's a grey matter

by Mr Christopher C Evans


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Parkinson's disease 'Trapped' it's a grey matter Christopher's modern day essay on the shaking palsy both questions and expands our understanding of Parkinson's disease. Accessible and meticulously researched, his observations illuminate the grey matter of brain science. Evans' 20 years of clinical expertise and research skilfully brings together the latest facts on Parkinson's disease research. He examines three regions of the brain and how these relate to symptoms of Parkinson's disease, highlighting insights that lead to the discovery of a unique potential cause. Exploring the effects of trauma and lack of blood supply to the brain, he finds missing pieces to the Parkinson's puzzle.

This book:
• Explains why people, who smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, have high cholesterol, and drink too much coffee are actually less likely to get Parkinson's disease.
• Introduces Evans' neurovascular hypothesis which explains new observations on vascular pathogenesis and brainstem primary involvement.
• Presents a controversial new three phase model of neurodegeneration which will challenge our current understanding of Parkinson's disease. It looks deep into the art and science surrounding this contentious medical mystery.
• Pushes boundaries of medical science and research in Parkinson's disease to a new level, aiming to untrap or show a way out for people suffering with Parkinson's disease.

Ambitious and thought provoking, this is a must-read for Parkinson's disease sufferers who wish for change and cure. Helping you find a way out!

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ISBN-13: 9781494442132
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/13/2013
Pages: 208
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About the Author

About the Author Christopher Evans has been a clinician for almost 20 years working from his private practice in Kent. He also runs a neuro-rehabilitation consultancy. Occasionally, he works as specialist provider for rehabilitation following road traffic injuries.

From 1994-1999, Christopher undertook a full-time UK University validated course, graduating with around 10,000 hours of study and over 1000 hours of clinical supervised practice.

Since then, he has worked tens of thousands of clinical hours. More recently, he completed post-graduate studies at University and in the last 10 years has run several practices locally in Kent but has also worked abroad. Christopher's patients are an eclectic mix of people including professional singers, musicians, dancers, athletes, and medical professionals including those suffering neurological symptoms.

He has been a member of several councils/associations and is currently a senior associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine London UK. His background training prepared him for the research needed for this book, which included 5 years of human anatomy, physiology, orthopaedics, neuroanatomy, clinical neurology and neural science etc. Also, a part of this training included writing a 10,000 word dissertation on the physiological mechanisms of stress and how this manifests in humans.

When investigating PD (in common with stress), he found most of the research dated back to the 1950's. He enjoyed studying the effects of stress on the brain and was influenced and intrigued by subjects such as post traumatic stress disorder. He worked with a number of PD patients and this was later to start his journey into PD research. Christopher committed himself to investigating PD in the hope of finding something that would alleviate the suffering from this terrible affliction.

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