Parthian Stranger 5: Belarus

Parthian Stranger 5: Belarus

by Stewart N. Johnson


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"Now Jack, we have one last present for you, come with us," said King John, leading them out. They entered the forest, Jack was thinking,

"No backup, where is Michelle?

He was looking at anytime to be ambushed, he was ready to pull his gun, being out numbered, hundred to one; the trumpeter blew, the door opened, he saw the writing on the sign, it meant execution, then he stepped in to see the guillotine. Jack was scared out of his life, waiting for them to rush him.

The King spoke, "These two women were plotting against you my son. One of them a so-called spy, stoled my ring, which she still wears now."

The King positioned Jack to come and pull the lever, "What a shame", he thought, a specimen of near flawless beauty, her pretty face, was slightly crushed in. The guards placed her hand on the block. In one swing, it popped off. The King got the hand and twisted his ring off. Jack was in position, he pulled the lever, all the time, forgiving her of all her misgivings and secret dealings. Her head was off and fell into the basket, her blood drained out of her body. Ivan the executioner carried out her lifeless body, all was quiet.....

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ISBN-13: 9781490741055
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 07/18/2014
Pages: 258
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.54(d)

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Parthian Stranger 5 Belarus

By Stewart N. Johnson

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2014 Stewart N. Johnson
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-4105-5


Reorder of wives

Jack awoke to the buzzing of noise from his open window, he reached up to close it, to silence, looking around at both Sara and on the other side was Tia, he was in the middle of this new trio, much to Sara's liking, the two girls were virtually inseparable.

Down in the kitchen, a new regime was in place, to the once out of place Maria Ingles is the new house mother, as she care for Samantha's baby Sam, and Chelsea, Sara's child, while she waits the fate of her four other children, which actually only affects one. The police are still trying to find her estrange husband. Maria cooks incredible meals and has lots of cooked foods available, all the time. She has organized the kitchen, her story to Jack was, if her sister could take her responsibility, then she was off the hook, and would see her husband once again, however, once Henry Troussant the monarch of the family found out that Enzo Bonn and Jack Cash were the same, his next goal was to unite his family with US's next great spy. Jack could marry as many women as he liked. Henry knew immediately, that one of them was going to be his eldest daughter, sparing no cost to her already sizable family, his actions, took her away, from the husband. Her husband has since not been seen or heard from, her children, are in hiding and have since panicked all because she chooses not to marry Jack. Maria was a disgrace; she was dumped in a dumpster as her Papa told her she was dead to him. For Jack, it meant for Maria a new husband and new demands, her and him did a good session together, she got through with it, in over three hours, and afterwards was ready for more, afterwards, she said, "It was the best lovemaking she ever received, and at forty she said, "I'll have four more children." That's why she is the happiest woman in the house, in the compound. Next up are the two tall long haired brunettes, both Christina and Cara, spent the weekend with Jack as he made love to them both a good twenty hours, afterwards they sat down with Jack to talk about their future, as Jack asked, "If you could be anything you want, as this life has to offer, what would it be and why?"

Cara spoke first, "Right here in your bed for the rest of my life, but if I had a chance to get a hobby while you're away, I'd like to attend Medical school?"

"Really, that's what Sara's family has been trying to get her to do."

"Well you can't force someone to go to school, No; I would do it, purely on saving your life."

"How so, what do you mean?" asked Jack.

"Take for instance, how many times have you been in the hospital?"

"Several, I guess?"

"Well that's not common, so I want to be by your bedside to serve you your final days."

"That's touching", said Jack.

"It's the truth, I was raised a Roman catholic school girl, and I was a virgin when you came along, but for all that time I spent learning and praying, the one factor for all of this was a man would come into my life and in one night completely change it forever as I know it now, and that guy is you Jack Cash, so you have me, as you will for the rest of my life, because I doubt an event like that will ever come along again, and besides I made a promise to myself, when that man who ever laid with me, then that was the man for me, regardless if you listen to Tia, yes it was our decision, to allow you to do what you did, but the sheer act was monumental in anything I was ever aware of." As she adds, "I knew I needed to be part of that, and that was like a pipe was pushed through, I took it easily and will so for the rest of my life, but it was all that and much more."

Jack thought about it and said,"Alright I want you to go back to school?"

She shook her head and said, "No, what for?"

"Well you said you wanted to go to medical school."

"New Orleans University has no medical school, I was going there for general studies, as it pertained to the church, and I was going to become a nun."

"Oh, I guess I did change your course."

"Yes, now it's on a path for you, so if you know a good medical school, see if you could get me there."

"Any preferences?"

"I have none; I'm at whatever you choose."

Jack checked his phone, and only one name was the best, John's Hopkins, it had a wait list and you had strict credentials, as Jack made a call to Lisa, who made a call to her boss, and at that very same night Jack had his answer, he told her, she was thrilled, and due to time constraints, and the fact she had no family, as she was an orphan, Jack and Cara, married at the garden in the courtyard, and that night, was all for her, they consummated it and then some. For the threesome, it was actually her sister Christina, who married Jack later that night, as she told him a similar story, of how they grew up in an orphanage, and that they were destined to become nun's, but after the encounter with Jack, she told him she wanted to be a researcher, scientist, and so it was set up for her to go to M.I.T., after Jack and Christina consummated their wedding and then some, the two were ready to embark on a new adventure. The next day they were off, to school. I drove them to the airport, and that was the last we have heard from them, although they both call Jack every night to tell him that they love him. Next up is Daphne Nicoletti, she and Enzo Bonn were an item for awhile, her family didn't like that he was a cop, that liked the mob life, and the mob life wanted more of him, but as anyone, he was expendable, and for that fact Daphne has fallen off the map, so much so she took a quick marriage, on December 6th, she was a troubled girl, but knew one thing, she had found the man she wanted to be with for the rest of her life, and for Jack that meant he had a sure thing anytime and anywhere, but she knew the mob life, and boundaries, she took up where Samantha left off, and took over the fishing business, and Mark works directly for her, it was a vacuum of cash, the fishing charters, she works with Tia, the two are passionate about the business, even considering building a second boat, life is good. Daphne has dedicated herself to Jack and the family, and even took the name of Enzo, for a last name. She is a regular at the table, She and Maria Ingles lay with Jack, one night and it flip flops back and forth, between Us and them, to share Jack, mixed in with the two nannies, Jen and Monica the six of Us equally.

Next up was baby Isabella, who just turned 19, she was the love creature Jack was longing for, a virgin, till Jack took her, and then it was over, she married Jack, in the morning of the 7th of December, and spent the rest of the day in bed and then a week to recover, she went back to NOLA, and is trying to calm the family down with a June wedding, Randy is her bodyguard, is at her side.

Next up was Lindsay Wagner, a young blonde hair, blue eyed, she had med sized breasts, her long hair touched them, she was a virgin, when Jack plowed her, into loving and easily consent to marriage, just because of that one act, she too professed her love, and she had advantages, the best schools, and no one she could connect with, she was technically rich, she came from a big family, on December 8th, she became number 12, or 11 who's counting, we also found out that once Jack decides to marry, he has six months to do it. For most of the girls that were well loved and respected, they chose a private agreement with Jack, and a big wedding later. Next up was Samantha White, another Blonde haired, Blue eyed, Model, same thing no solid prospects, and a superb girl, extreme athletic, super in the class, as a senior she was going to be an Attorney, after she graduates, it was on to LSU, which Jack signed off with it, she let alone took Jack all night, only one other girl was able to do that, it was Melanie, she and India stuck around to the very last day, India married, December 10th, and took Jack half a day, and hit the jackpot, she found out she was pregnant, as she rested the whole next week, to discover the changes were made, she went back to school with a body guard, Brad Thomas. Then last to leave was Melanie, she was the gopher, she went back and forth from the dock to the house, she loved the house on the hill, and like the others she came from money, but the money she grew up with wasn't this lavish house, a boat, jet skies, a helicopter, and all of her new found friends, all insatiable like her, she too was into the fish charter business, but was now a certified travel agent, and took an office in the boat house, in June after she graduates, it will become a full time occupation, she had a long drawn out ceremony, but after that it was three days straight, before they got it out of their systems. She just left yesterday, now it's the four of us, I mean the six of us. Sara stopped writing in her journal and put it away.

Jack was in Quantico this week, finishing up the new HQ for the spy academy.

Jack stood at the door it was Monday morning, the construction workers were still going at it, he closed the door, to silence, went by to see Erica Meyers hard at work, to plop down in a chair by her for Jack to say, "So how about after this meeting you and I fool around?"

"I'd love to honey, I have no time, I wish I could get Claire Montfork back, now look at what I need to go through today, I received a call from a woman, who is the wife of Florida State Senator, Jim Huggins, saying that their daughter Keisha was taken last night, from her dorm room, at Jacksonville state, and would like to know if you could find her and get her back?"

"Sure what's the urgency? Wait what about all I needed to do up here?" said Jack.

"Well it can wait, She, the mother is at the university now, and no one has last seen her since late last night, and no one is talking to her, here is some Intel for you," as she slid the folder over to him.

Jack opens the folder to see the lovely photo of Keisha, and the fact that she is a world class basketball player, she has missed her morning's practice, early CID reports indicate no foul play, and search of her room, revealed no sexual activity, also in the folder was a sheet that read, "Redneck bikers, is a criminal element that has terrorized Jacksonville for the last twenty years?"

"What's this?" said Jack fluttering the piece of paper in the air."

"I don't know I thought it would be a lead?" said Erica.

"Nice try, if it were them they would have made some noise and why do they need a coed, there are plenty of women available for that, this has a sole person behind this, either a classmate or ..."

They both look up at the time, to see it was past the time for the scheduled meeting, as she said, "Figure it out yourself, but be safe." And got up, and motioned for Jack to follow.

Jack followed her into the room, as everyone rose, for her to say, "Please sit down, I need to make this brief, for most of you know who I am, and what I do here, but in the next month all that will change, because the person we support, Jack Cash has been chosen to go to the United Nations, to be part of the International Spy program, working solely for the International council, what that means for you, is one the Strike team needs to be on the ready for the flight out in two weeks, then during that stay for three weeks, as for you, the admin group, we have another task at hand, were forging on with the academy, as approved by the President of the United States, as our budget has been approved and ratified, but allow me the honor to present to you our leader, Mister Jack Cash. Jack heard the applause, to see Lisa in the back ground, he smiled at her, to stand at the podium, to say, "Thank you for that warm reception, I know some of you and others I'd like to get to know as well, the future is a funny thing, just awhile back I was just a bounty hunter, to now the title of International Super Spy, the word has been tossed around a bit, but never stuck with me, I'd like to thank each of you for your dedication to helping me get better, to realize my own dreams and to help me accomplish them, the goal of the academy is to churn out more like me, both men and women, our first class is in two months, so keep up the good work and see you soon."

They all stood and clapped as Jack and Erica exited, back into her office, he sat while she faxed the form in, to turn to toss another pamphlet at him to say, "All you need to do is check the boxes, in addition, Brian and Jim have included one of their own. "I need this back as soon as possible, thanks" she said, as Lisa enters and closes the door, to say, "Alright where do you want all of your cases?"

"She is talking about the", he paused as Lisa looked at him, to say, "Let's go outside and talk". They leave, to see Tami, who greets them with a folder to say, "Some more requests, this time local, in Washington."

Lisa hands hers to Jack, who collects them both up, for Tami to say, "No, one is for you and the other is yours, as sent over by Ramon."

"Right I got you, Jack hands the other file to her, to say, "Coordinate the cases with Tami."

"Will do, see you soon", said a smiling Lisa.

Jack opens his folder to see it was a dead agent, shot in the back, he was an FBI agent and to go see Doctor Elizabeth Snyder, chief Medical officer, and coroner, in Washington D.C."

Jack folds it up, to go back, in to see Erica, to pick up his pamphlet, to hear her say, "Take a look at this budget forms, for twenty three base organizations, and their budgets, in addition is the salary forms for all personnel, it is based on time in your service and status, it equivalent to a rank in the officers corps, for some it's a promotion and for others it's a pay decrease."

"I don't want that, find out from Lisa what they make, and then pay them that" said Jack.

"That's what I did, and their gonna to be making a lot more, what I meant was the working pool of people, called floaters?"

"It's really nothing for you to worry about, pay them a flat fee "said Jack. He was ready to go.

"I'll do that, I sure wish Claire was here to help me" hinting at him, he had none of it, to say, "No worries, I'll go follow this lead up, then off to Florida, can you have the plane ready for me and the team assembled, except Mike he still is on a month's leave?"

"Yes, he is gone on leave, I'll send the strike team down there with you?" said Erica.

"What is the status on Dana and Julie or Blythe or Dylan or Roxy?"

"Well I don't know about any Dana or Julie, Blythe is still at training and will be ready for your trip to Geneva, and Dylan is working for Lisa, and Roxy was the floater that made it through, she is yours all yours" exclaimed Erica.

"Great, in addition to her what or how about you find me Bridgett Owens, and Tiffany Bordeaux, they mentioned to me that they were from Quantico and see if they could help out."

Jack leaves her office with his hands full; to see Tami for him to say, "Continuing collecting information and send it down to me, whose cart is that?" asked Jack, looking through the clear window, and pointing.

"It's yours if you want it?" said Tami, smiling at him.

"Have you seen Trixie?"

"Yeah, I think she is getting ready for this trip to Florida."

Jack was on the move, outside, he took off in the cart, past the obstacle course that was using cranes to set the logs in place. Jack continued up the hill to the hangers, to see someone motioning for him to park inside, as Brian was standing watching the prop plane trying to pick up his car, the Charger, it fluttered and was spinning as Jack stands next to him, to say, "Why don't you have wings that protrude out, and a tail, to give it a glide path, to say, "Hey Brian, can I use the Mercedes?"

"Yep, it's in the other hanger", Jack took to the outside, to the other hanger, went inside, found the car, got in, fired it up, and off he went, past Brian, and down the hill, left through the Marines part of the base, to slow to see female officers all over the place, to think, "How an bout we sponsor an event for those girls, call it Global Games", thinks Jack as he exited the base, and into the flow of traffic, he hit the N and the license plate showed, he hit the button till diplomatic ones came up, then off on to the freeway.

Jack took his exit, and doubled back, to the chief's medical officers office, and parked, he got out, to say, "Lock and secure." Jack went inside, to a door that had a metal and object detector, he walked right through, as the guard said, "Go ahead."

Jack went to the main offices to see a young lady, to say, "Can I see Doctor Snyder please?"

An old man appeared to say, "How can I help you son?"

"Sir, I was looking for Doctor Elizabeth Snyder."

"That's my daughter, she is room 1-B, I'd wear a mask it's pretty brutal, in there."

Jack takes it and puts it on, and enters, to hear a woman speaking so passionately about her autopsy, that mesmerized Jack, as he entered, to the table, that had blood everywhere, to a woman of good and petite size, with her face covered in a mask, goggles and a visor, he could see her eyes were alive and on fire, from her passions she displayed for her, to say, "So sir, can you step off to the right or left, your blocking my light."

"You mean move my head" said Jack.


Excerpted from Parthian Stranger 5 Belarus by Stewart N. Johnson. Copyright © 2014 Stewart N. Johnson. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Reorder of wives, 1,
Chapter 2 "Jack needs a helper, anyone?", 20,
Chapter 3 Let's find Keisha and make new friends, 43,
Chapter 4 Assembly to Belarus, 55,
Chapter 5 Special call for help, 78,
Chapter 6 Operation super cell blow up, 94,
Chapter 7 Rescue Victoria, Russian style, 107,
Chapter 8 King of Belarus and Spies, 131,
Chapter 9 A day out on the back 400, 145,
Chapter 10 Flash backs, 163,
Chapter 11 Midnight games, 187,
Chapter 12 King's Review, 213,
Chapter 13 Meeting of the Spies, 229,

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