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American Institute of Physics
Particle Physics and Cosmology: First Tropical Workshop / High Energy Physics: Second Latin American Symposium / Edition 1

Particle Physics and Cosmology: First Tropical Workshop / High Energy Physics: Second Latin American Symposium / Edition 1

by Jose F. Nieves


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ISBN-13: 9781563967757
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Publication date: 11/06/1998
Series: AIP Conference Proceedings / Astronomy and Astrophysics Series , #444
Edition description: 1998
Pages: 605
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Dean's Message
Results from Super-Kamiokande on Atmospheric Neutrinos
J. Stone
Neutrino Oscillations
S. Pakvasa
Electroweak Measurements and Neutrino Oscillations: The NuTeV and BooNE Experiments
M. H. Shaevitz
Alternative Mechanisms for Neutrino Oscillations
A. Halprin
Invariant Box-Parameterization of Neutrino Oscillations
T. J. Weiler, D. J. Wagner
A New Cosmological Paradigm: The Cosmological Constant and Dark Matter
L. M. Krauss
The Search for Axion Dark Matter
P. Sikivie
Neutrino Mass and Dark Matter
D. O. Caldwell
The Pierre Auger Project: An Observatory for Measuring Extremely High-Energy Cosmic Rays
D. Zavrtanik
Connection Between Relic Neutrinos and Cosmic Rays at (actual symbol not reproducible)10(superscript 20) eV?
T. J. Weiler
Breaking Lorentz Invariance
S. L. Glashow
Gravity Couplings in the Standard Model: CPT Nonconservation
L. N. Chang, C. Soo
Experimental Tests of CP, T and CPT Symmetries using K(superscript 0) and (actual symbol not reproducible)
D. Zavrtanik
Lepton Flavour Violation Experiments - Some Recent Developments
K. P. Jungmann
Spontaneous CP Violation
P. H. Frampton
New Physics Models and CP Violation Experiments
D. Silverman
Pre-LHC SUSY Searches: An Overview
A. Masiero, L. Silvestrini
R-Symmetry in MSSM and Beyond
Q. Shafi
Searches for SUSY Particles at LEP2
S. Braibant
Searches for Leptoquarks at Fermilab
D. Hedin
Searches for SUSY at the Tevatron
A. Nomerotski
Higgs Boson Searches at LEP2
U. Schwickerath
Standard Model Tests at Very High Q(superscript 2) at HERA
G. Eckerlin
Standard Model Tests and New Physics at LEP
R. Faccini
The Measurement of the Mass of the W Boson from the Tevatron
R. Thurman-Keup
W Couplings Measurements at LEP
M. Verzocchi
Measurement of |V(subscript cs)| with the DELPHI Experiment
B. Golob
QCD at the Tevatron: W, Z, and Photon Production
D. P. Casey
High Precision Tests of QCD at LEP
J. Fuster Verdu
Jet Production at the Tevatron
F. Nang
N. H. Brook
Tau Physics from LEP
D. Y. Kim
Recent Tau Results from CLEO
R. G. Baker
b Physics
P. Perret
Tevatron Results on the Top Quark
N. Sotnikova
B Physics at the Tevatron Collider
J. F. de Troconiz
Chiral Symmetry Breaking in an External Field
C. N. Leung
Yukawa Interactions and Dynamical Generation of Mass in an External Magnetic Field
E. J. Ferrer, V. de la Incera
Magnetic Response in Anyon Fluid at High Temperature
E. J. Ferrer, V. de la Incera
CMS: Concept and Physics Potential
C.-E. Wulz
The BTeV Program at Fermilab
S. Stone
Muon Colliders: New Prospects for Precision Physics and the High Energy Frontier
B. J. King
B Physics Expected Performances with the Compact Muon Solenoid Detector
F. Charles
Upper Bound on the Neutrino Magnetic Moment from Collisions Induced by Landau Damping in Supernovae
A. Ayala
Asymmetry Studies in (Lambda(superscript 0))/(Lambda(actual symbol not reproducible)(superscript 0)), (Xi)(superscript - )/(Xi)(superscript +) and (Omega)(superscript -)/(Omega)(superscript +) Production
J. C. Anjos, J. Magnin, F. R. A. Simao (et al.)
(Lambda)(superscript 0) Polarization in Exclusive pp Reactions at 27.5 GeV/c
J. Felix, C. Avilez, D. C. Christian (et al.)
A Model for Baryon Structure and its Application to Magnetic Moments and Semileptonic Decays
V. Gupta, R. Huerta, G. Sanchez-Colon
The National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center's (NAIC) Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico
D. R. Altschuler
Radio Astronomy Highlights at Arecibo
C. J. Salter
List of Participants
Workshop and Symposium Schedule
Author Index

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