Particles Physics at the Year of 250th Anniversary of Moscow University: Proceedings of the 12th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics

Particles Physics at the Year of 250th Anniversary of Moscow University: Proceedings of the 12th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics

by Alexander I Studenikin
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World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated


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Particles Physics at the Year of 250th Anniversary of Moscow University: Proceedings of the 12th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics

These proceedings are devoted to a wide variety of both theoretical and experimental, areas in particle physics. The topics include neutrino and astroparticle physics, tests of the Standard Model and beyond, heavy quark physics, non-perturbative QCD, quantum gravity effects and cosmology, and the physics in the accelerators of the future.

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ISBN-13: 9789812700674
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/28/2006
Pages: 464
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

Twelfth Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics - Sponsors and Committees     v
Sixth International Meeting on Problems of Intelligentsia - Presidium     vii
Foreword     ix
World Year of Physics 2005
The Concept of Mass in the Einstein Year   L.B.Okun     1
Neutrino Physics
Accelerator Neutrino Experiments   T. Kobayashi     16
Searching for Neutrino Oscillations with OPERA   N. Savvinov     24
Reactor Neutrinos and KamLAND   J. Shirai     29
Double Beta Decay Experiments   A. Barabash     37
Spontaneous and Induced Two-Beta Processes   S. Semenov   Yu. Gaponov   F. Simkovic   V. Khruschov     45
Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay in Theories Beyond the Standard Model: Electron Angular Distributions   A. Ali   A. Borisov   D. Zhuridov     50
Search for Phenomena Outside the Standard Model with Prototype of the Boreximo Detector   A. Derbin   O. Smirnov     54
Cross-Section Measurements in the NOMAD Experiment   R. Petti     59
Solar Neutrinos: Spin Flavour Precession and LMA   J. Pulido   R. Raghavan   B. Chauhan     64
Neutrino Spin-FlavorOscillations in Rapidly Varying Magnetic Fields   M. Dvornikov     69
Spin Light of Electron in Matter   A. Grigoriev   S. Shinkevich   A. Studenikin   A. Ternov   I. Trofimov     73
Neutrino Physics, BBN, LSS and CMBR   A. Dolgov     78
Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology
Dip in UHECR Spectrum as Signature of Proton Interactions with CMB   V. Berezinsky     87
The Science of PAMELA Space Mission   P. Picozza   A. Morselli     96
Current Status and Prospects of the AMS Experiment   D. Rapin     104
Astroparticle Physics with AMS-02: the Quest of Antimatter   C. Sbarra     112
Dark Matter Investigations   R. Bernabei   P. Belli   F. Montecchia   F. Nozzoli   F. Cappella   A. Incicchitti   D. Prosperi   R. Cerulli   C.J. Dai   H.L. He   H.H. Kuang   J.M. Ma   Z.P. Ye     120
Mirror Dark Matter   R. Volkas     130
Indirect Dark Matter Search   V. Zhukov     138
Dark Energy and Black Holes   E. Babichev   V. Dokuchaev   Yu. Eroshenko     143
Microlensing with the Radioastron Space Telescope   A. Zakharov     147
Search for Gravitational Waves by LIGO Scientific Collaboration   V. Mitrofanov     152
Quantum Gravity as Twistorial Unification of Quantum and Gravity   A. Burinskii     159
Quantum Cosmology and the Global Rotation Problem   M. Fil'chenkov     163
Self-Interaction of Charged Particles Outside Brane Topological Defects   Yu. Grats   V. Dmitriev     167
Physical Degrees of Freedom in a Stabilized Randall-Sundrum Model   E. Boos   Yu. Mikhailov   M.N. Smolyakov   I. Volobuev     171
Gravitational Energy-Momentum Tensors According to Belinfante and Rosenfeld   A. Nikishov     175
Stable Matter of 4th Generation: Hidden in the Universe and Close to Detection?   K. Belotsky   M. Khlopov   K. Shibaev     180
Small-Scale Fluctuations of Extensive Air Showers as the Origin of Energy Estimation Systematics   G. Rubtsov     185
CP Violation and Rare Decays
Status of E391a Experiment for the Rare Decay [Characters not reproducible]   T. Inagaki     189
On CP Effects Generated by Electroweak Penguin Diagrams in Non-Leptonic K Decays   E. Shabalin     197
CP Violation in K[superscript plusmn right arrow pi superscript 0 pi superscript 0 pi superscript plusmn]   G. Faldt     201
Study of K [right arrow pi superscript 0]ev[subscript e gamma] and K [right arrow pi superscript 0 mu]v[subscript mu gamma] Decay with ISTRA+ Setup   V. Bolotov   E. Guschin   V. Duk   S. Laptev   V. Lebedev   A. Mazurov   A. Polyarush   V. Postoev   S. Akimenko   G. Britvich   K. Datsko   A. Filin   A. Inyakin   V. Konstantinov   A. Konstantinov   I. Korolkov   V. Khmelnikov   V. Leontiev   V. Novikov   V. Obraztsov   V. Polyakov   V. Romanovsky   V. Shelikhov   O. Tchikilev   V. Uvarov   O. Yushchenko     206
Rare Semileptonic Meson Decays in R-Parity Violating MSSM   A. Ali   A. Borisov   M. Sidorova     215
Hadron Physics
Next to Leading Order in Semi-Inclusive Deep Inelastic Scattering Processes   A. Sissakian   O. Shevchenko   O. Ivanov     219
B[subscript d] (B[subscript d right arrow rho superscript plusmn pi superscript plusmn],[rho superscript + rho superscript -],[pi superscript + pi superscript -]: Hunting for Alpha   M. Vysotsky     224
Deep Inelastic Spin Structure Functions at Small x   B. Ermolaev   M. Greco   S. Troyan     232
B[superscript 0] - B[superscript 0] Mixing   A. Pivovarov     236
Mass Spectra of Radially and Orbitally Excited States of Mesons   V. Khruschov   V. Savrin   S. Semenov     240
Inclusive [theta][superscript +] and [Lambda](1520) Production in Hadron Collisions at High Energy   I. Narodetskii   M. Trusov     244
Testing the k[subscript T] Factorisation Approach at the LHC in Quarkonium Production Processes   S. Baranov     249
On the Relation Between x-Dependence of the Higher Twist Contribution to the Structure Functions F[subscript 3] and [Characters not reproducible]   A. Sidorov     253
Production of Heavy Baryons   S. Baranov   V. Slad     257
Self-Energy of Kaons in Pion Matter   M. Krivoruchenko     261
Structure Functions Result in CHORUS Experiment   M. Serin     266
New Relations Between the QCD Sum Rules for Meson - Baryon Couplings   T. Aliev   A. Ozpineci   S. Yakovlev   V. Zamiralov     270
Analytical Approach to Constructing Effective Hadron-Hadron Interaction Operators and its Application to Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering at Low and Intermediate Energies   A. Safronov     274
Physics at Accelerators and Studies in SM and Beyond
Top Quark Physics   E. Boos     278
Precision Measurement of the Top Quark Mass From M[subscript bl] Distribution in t[RightArrow]blv Decays   M. Nekrasov     286
Review of CKM Results from BaBar   E. Rosenberg     290
Lepton Flavor Violation in [tau] Decays at BaBar   S. Banerjee     298
ISR Physics at BaBar   V. Druzhinin     303
Semileptonic B Decays at BaBar   V. Azzolini     308
Dalitz Plot Analysis of D[superscript 0] [RightArrow] K[superscript 0]K[superscript +]K[superscript -] and D[subscript sJ] States at BaBar   M. Pappagallo     313
Rare Muonic B-Decays at Atlas   K. Toms   N. Nikitine   S. Sivoklokov   L. Smirnova   D. Tlisov     318
Z-Scaling and Strange High-p[subscript T] Particle Production in p-p Collisions at RHIC   M. Tokarev     326
Grid for Exploration of High Energy Physics: RDIG and the EGEE/LCG Projects   V. Ilyin   A. Kryukov   A. Demichev     330
New Developments in Quantum Field Theory
Predictions for the Muon g-2   M. Passera     338
The Comments on QED Contributions to (G-2)[subscript mu]   A. Kataev     345
Localization of Scalar and Fermionic Eigenmodes in SU(2) Lattice Gauge Theory   M. Polikarpov   F. Gubarev   S. Morozov   S. Syritsyn   V. Zakharov     350
Resummation of Large Logarithms within the Method of Effective Charges   C. Maxwell     358
Generalized Dual Symmetry of Nonabelian Theories, Monopoles and Dyons   C. Das   L. Laperashvili   H. Nielsen     363
Summation of Feynman Diagrams in N=1 Supersymmetric Electrodynamics   K. Stepanyantz     367
Spectrum of Higgs Particles in the Exceptional Supersymmetric Standard Model   S. King   S. Moretti   R. Nevzorov     371
Quantization of Nonlinear Fields on Classical Background   M. Chichikina     376
Collapse of Positronium and Vacuum Instability   A. Shabad     380
On Influence of Intensive Stationary Electromagnetic Field on the Behavior of Fermionic Systems   V. Rodionov   A. Mandel   E. Arbuzova     385
Radiative Effects in the Standard Model Extension   V. Zhukovsky   A. Lobanov   E. Murchikova     389
Two-Frequency Undulator and Harmonic Generation of an Ultrarelativistic Electron   V. Mikhailin    K. Zhukovsky     393
Influence of the Electron Spin on the Angular Distribution of the Photoelectrons   I. Andrievskiy   V. Tlyachev     398
From Radiation Theory to the Dynamics of Relativistic Charged Particles   V. Bordovitsyn   T. Pozdeeva     402
On the Wave Zone of Uniformly Accelerated Charge   V. Bordovitsyn   B. Bulenok   T. Pozdeeva     406
Dynamical Methods of Investigation in Application to Quantum Systems   Yu. Rylov     410
Some Aspects of Multitrace Matrix Models   A. Shishanin     414
Problems of Intelligentsia
Resisters and Pacifists, the Intelligentsia Fights Back   J. Bleimaier     418
Clinical Approach to Investigation and Solution of International Conflicts or Paranoia in the Age of Mass-Media   M. Reshetnikov     426
I was a Terrorist   M. Mockers     430
Conference Programme     435
List of Participants     441

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