Parties, Politics, and Public Policy in America

Parties, Politics, and Public Policy in America

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ISBN-13: 9781568026756
Publisher: Congressional Quarterly, Inc.
Publication date: 03/01/2003
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.65(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

Table of Contents

Tables and Figuresxi
1Political Parties and the Political System1
The Activities of Parties2
Recruitment and Selection of Leaders3
Representation and Integration of Group Interests4
Control and Direction of Government5
Parties as a "Dependent Variable"7
The Legal-Political System7
The Election System8
The Political Culture and the Parties11
A Heterogeneous Nation14
Party Organization15
The National Committee16
The National Chair19
Congressional and Senatorial Campaign Committees19
State Committees20
Local Party Organization20
The Changing Parties: "Old Style" and "New Style" Politics22
2American Parties: Characteristics and Competition29
Characteristics of Parties29
Dispersed Power30
The Power of Officeholders32
Coalitional in Nature33
Moderate and Inclusive35
Ideologically Heterogeneous36
An Interest Group39
Party Competition40
Presidential Elections40
Congressional Elections44
State-Level Competition46
Party Competition and Issue Positions49
The Persistent Two-Party System in America50
The Party Condition54
3Political Parties and the Electoral Process: Nominations59
Nominating Methods59
Party Conventions60
Direct Primary60
Types of Primaries61
Closed Primary61
Open Primary62
Blanket Primary63
Nonpartisan Primary64
Runoff Primary64
An Assessment of the Direct Primary65
Presidential Selection67
The National Convention67
Selection of Delegates69
Rules of Delegate Selection70
Evaluating Presidential Primary and Caucus-Convention Systems74
Front Loading75
Primaries and the End of Party-Boss Influence78
The Convention Delegates80
The Politics of the Convention81
The Convention Committees82
Selecting the Presidential Ticket84
The Media, the Presidential Nominating Process, and the Parties86
4Campaigns and Campaign Finance95
Campaign Organization96
Campaign Strategy97
Do Campaigns Matter?98
Issues and Campaigns101
Campaign Money103
The Regulation of Campaign Finance106
Soft Money110
Campaign Finance Reform: McCain-Feingold113
Sources of Campaign Financing under FECA114
Evaluating the Campaign Finance System120
5The Congressional Party and the Formation of Public Policy131
Congressional Elections132
Party Representation in Congress134
Party Organization in Congress137
Party Conferences137
The Speaker of the House138
The Floor Leaders139
The Whips143
The Policy Committees144
Informal Party Groups and Specialized Congressional Caucuses145
Factors Influencing the Success of Party Leaders145
National Party Agencies and the Congressional Parties147
Do the Parties Differ on Public Policies?148
The Parties and Liberal-Labor Legislation149
Weak Party Leadership but Strong Parties in Government153
The President and the Congressional Party154
Limits on Presidential Influence155
The President and Legislative Leaders158
The Role of the Minority Party in Congress159
The Party in Congress: Unfavorable Odds160
6Party Identification, Partisanship, and Elections169
The Origins of Party Identification170
The Effects of Party Identification170
The Distribution of Party Identification173
Party Identification and Voting Behavior175
Emerging Differences in Party Identification: Gender and Religion177
Evidence of the Growing Importance of Party179
Turnout: The Diminished Electorate181
Who Participates?182
Atrophy of the Electorate186
What Caused the Turnout Decline?187
Causes of the Early Twentieth-Century Decline188
Causes of the Contemporary Decline189
The Nation's Response to Declining Voter Turnout190
7The American Party System: Problems and Perspectives197
The Doctrine of Responsible Parties197
National Party Organization198
Party Platforms199
Congressional Party Organization200
Intraparty Democracy201
Nominations and Elections202
The Promise of Responsible Parties202
Responsible Parties and Party Reform203
Intraparty Democracy203
Strengthening the Congressional Parties205
Organization, Platforms, Nominations, and Elections206
Trends in American Politics207
The Loss of Power by Electoral Party Organizations and Their Adjustments207
The Growing Importance of Professional Campaign Management Firms and the Media in Politics209
A Growing Effort to Professionalize and Strengthen Party Organization212
An Era of Party and Governmental Reform214
The Escalation of Interest-Group Activity216
The Increasing Nationalization of Politics218
A Continuation of Party Competition Based on Meaningful Policy Differences between the Parties220
The Decline of Partisanship and Its Resurgence224
The Weakening of Group Attachments to the Democratic Party in Presidential Elections226
The Growth of Racial Polarization in Voting228
The Public's Declining Confidence in Political Institutions230
The Prospects233

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