Partners, Not Competitors: The Age of Teamwork and Technology

Partners, Not Competitors: The Age of Teamwork and Technology

by Oliva


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Partners, Not Competitors: The Age of Teamwork and Technology by Oliva

Partners Not Competitors is a book about how the power of people united for a common goal can be stronger as a team than as individuals. It is about learning new methods of motivation and coaching which encourages people to do their personal best as part of a group, and receive recognition for the group's activities. Teamwork is critical to many companies where technology has expanded the horizons of information beyond an individual's ability to learn and apply. Indeed, teamwork has become critical to success for many companies developing consumer products, medical equipment and complex assemblies requiring the combination of skills from many disciplines. Teamwork is more than a practice, however, it requires a different attitude toward success and dependence on other people. As members of a team, each individual becomes part of the team's identity and part of its soul. Success becomes shared between all members, as does failure. Starkly different from the "lone ranger" approach of American business and management training during the past 40 years, teamwork requires sharing common goals and knowledge, and benefits and blame. Teamwork, with flextime, home based workers, and employee empowerment, along with new technologies like electronic mail has become standard, basic innovative management practices.

Teamwork is not new to America, its businesses or workers. In fact, a great deal of the infrastructure we take for granted was designed and built by teams of workers working together to get a job done. As society becomes more complex, as technology outpaces the abilities of individuals to understand and apply it, and as world competition grows in strength, teamwork will become a critical concept for success. This book offers a new perspective of global markets by providing insight into how teamwork gives you the edge over your competition in this technology-based world.

Lawrence Oliva has spent his professional life studying and implementing teamwork approaches to business activity. With over 20 years experience in the aerospace, information systems and electronics industries, Mr. Oliva is currently with NCR Inc. On a daily basis, he uses most of the technology described in this book to communicate with his team members located both next door and miles away.

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ISBN-13: 9781878289094
Publisher: IGI Global
Publication date: 01/28/1992
Pages: 256

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