Pasajes: Lengua / Edition 4

Pasajes: Lengua / Edition 4

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McGraw-Hill Companies, The

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Pasajes: Lengua / Edition 4

The Pasajes series is one of the most widely used and highly respected programs for intermediate Spanish courses in North America. As in previous editions, Pasajes is a multi-volume component program. Pasajes, Fourth Edition, now consists of three volumes — a review grammar, a cultural reader, and a literary reader — that are coordinated by theme and by language, chapter by chapter, across all three books. The result is a very flexible program that can be used in any combination and so is easily adapted to suit a wide variety of instructors and courses.The new edition of Pasajes retains the flexible format that works so well in the classroom but offers a new look and new features, along with refreshing new readings and streamlined grammar presentations. The Fourth Edition of Pasajes also includes an Instructor's Edition and a new authentic-footage video integrated with Lengua.

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ISBN-13: 9780070076976
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 01/01/1997
Edition description: Spanish Language Edition
Pages: 409
Product dimensions: 7.84(w) x 9.84(h) x 0.60(d)

Table of Contents

Capitulo 1: Tipos y estereotiposEstrategias para la comunicacion: What to do when you don't understand 1. Gender and number of nouns 2. Basic patterns of adjective agreement 3. Equivalents of to be: ser and estar 4. Subject pronouns and the present indicative 5. Direct objects �Ojo!: trabajar - funcionar, bajo - corto - breve, mirar - buscar - parecer Capitulo 2: La comunidad humana 6. Impersonal se and passive se 7. Indirect objects 8. Sequence of object pronouns 9. The imperfect indicative Estrategias para la comunicacion: �Y tu?: The difference between an interview and a conversation 10. Reflexive structures 11. Gustar and similar verbs �Ojo!: pensar - pensar en - pensar de - pensar que, consistir en - depender de, enamorarse de - casarse con - sonar con Capitulo 3: La muerte y el mundo del mas alla 12. Forms of the preterite Estrategias para la comunicacion: Es una cosa para... How to say what you don't know how to say 13. Hacer in expressions of time (and more...)

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