Pascal: Understanding Programming and Problem Solving

Pascal: Understanding Programming and Problem Solving

by Douglas W. Nance


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ISBN-13: 9780314043061
Publisher: West Group
Publication date: 11/28/1994
Pages: 733

Table of Contents

1. Computer Science: Architecture, Languages, Problem Solving, and Programs. 2. Arithmetic, Variables, Input, Constants, and Standard Functions. 3. Subprograms: Procedures and Functions for Problem Solving. 4. Selection Statements. 5. Repetition Statements. 6. Text Files and Enumerated Data Types. 7. One-Dimensional Arrays. 8. Arrays of More than One Dimension. 9. Records. 10. More About Files. 11. Recursion and Sorting. 12. Sets. 13. Dynamic Variables and Data Structures. Appendices. Glossary. Answers to Selected Exercises. Index.

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